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Entered as Second - Class Mail Matter in the PottotTice at Birmingham, Alabama 












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Great care has been taken to make the following records of 
alumni and non-graduates as accurate as possible. The list of 
graduates is fairly accurate. It should be understood, however, 
that this is the first attempt made to compile such a record 
of the non-graduates. Naturally this is far from accurate and 
is incomplete. 

During the past year lists of the former students have been 
sent to a number of the alumni of Southern University and 
Birmingham College with the request that they should make all 
possible corrections. Many corrections have been made in this 
way. Now the co-operation of all former students is asked in 
keeping the records as complete and accurate as possible. If 
any one is able to supply additional information in regard to 
any former student or correct an address or statement please 
use the last sheets in this bulletin as an address form and 
mail to 


Roster Secretary, 

Birmingham-Southern College Alumni Association. 

Birmingham, Alabama, 

July 27, 1923. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

Presidents of Faculty 

Southern University 

Accessus Exitus 

1858 Rev. WILLIAM M. WIGHTMAN, D. D. 1867 

1867 Rev. EDWARD WADSWORTH, D. D. (Acting) 1870 


1875 Rev. LUTHER SMITH, D. D 1879 

1879 Rev. JOSIAH LEWIS, D. D. 1881 
1881 Rev. FRANCIS MARION PETERSON (Acting) 1883 

1883 Rev. ALLEN SKEEN ANDREWS, D. D. 1894 

1994 Rev. JOHN ORMOND KEENER, D. D. 1899 

1899 Rev. SAMUEL MONROE HOSMER, D. D. 1910 

1910 Rev, ANDREW SLEDD, Ph. D., D. D. 1914 

1914 Rev. CHAS. ANDREW RUSH, D. D. 1917 

1917 Rev. CULLEN COLEMAN DANIEL, D. D. 1918 

Presidents of Birmingham College 

1898 Rev. Z. A. PARKER, D. D. 1899 

1899 Rev. E. M. GLENN, D. D. 1902 

1902 Rev. JOHN S. ROBERTSON, B. S. 1903 

1903 Rev. ANSON WEST, D. D. 1904 

1904 Rev. JOHN R. TURNER 1906 
1906 Rev. JAMES H. McCOY, A. M., D. D., LL.D. 1910 
1910 Rev. JOHN D. SLMPSON, D. D. 1916 

1916 THORNWELL HAYNES, A. B., A.M. 1917 

1917 EDWARD L. COLEBECK, A.B., A.M. (Acting) 1918 

Presidents of Birmingham-Southern College 



♦Marvin, Enoch M., D. D. St. Louis, Mo. 

nisliop, Methodist Church, South. 
♦Anderson, William II.. D. I).. Minister Little Rock, Vrk. 


♦Lee, Nathaniel II., I). I)., Minister Virginia 

♦Fitzgerald, Oscar I'., I). I). Nashville, Tenn. 

Bishop, Methodisl Church, South. 

*i deceased. 

6 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

J 868 

♦Campbell, C. D., D. D., Minister Mississippi 

♦Redford, A. H., D. D., Minister Nashville, Tenn 


♦Andrews, Allen Skeen, D. D., Minister Union Springs 

President, Southern University, 1870-1875, 1883-1894. 

♦Finney, Thomas Y., D. D., Minister St. Louis, Mo 

J. W. Dubose, A. M. 


♦Keener, John Christian, LL. D New Orleans, La. 

Bishop, Methodist Church, South 

♦Morgan, John Tyler, LL. D Selma 

United States Senator from Alabama. 

♦Blue, O. R., D. D., Minister Greensboro 

♦Moore, John S., D. D Oxford, Ga 

Professor in Emory College. 


♦Bounds, E. M., D. D., Minister Washington, Ga. 

Black, W. C, D. D., Minister Meridian, Miss. 

♦Seay, Thomas, LL. D Greensboro 


Bonnell, John F., Ph. D Oxford, Ga 

Professor in Emory College. 


♦Andrews, Allen Skeen, LL. D., Minister Union Springs 

President, Southern University, 1870-1875, 1883-1894. 

♦Cameron, J. D., D. D., Minister Mississippi 

♦Chapman, M. B., D. D., Minister, Author St. Louis, Mo. 

♦Phillips, . H., Ph. D., Superintendent City Schools -Birmingham 
♦Rankin, Charles Y., D. D., Minister California 


♦Gregory, John D., D. D., Minister Tuscaloosa 

♦Mason, James D., D. D., Minister Montgomery 

♦Newman, James W., D. D., Minister Decatur 


Birmingham-Southern College 7 


Allen, John R., D. D Georgetown, Texas 

Professor Philosophy, Southwestern University. 


♦Hawkins, V. O., D. D., Minister Trinity 

*Hosmer, Samuel Monroe, D. D., Minister Brundidge 

President, Southern University 1899-1910 

♦Keener, John Ormond, D, D., Minister Greensboro 

President, Southern University, 1894-1899. 


♦Moore, Warner, D. D., Minister Ripley, Tenn. 

Lamar, Andrew Jackson, D. D., Minister Nashville, Tenn. 

Publishing Agent, M. E. Church, South. 


♦Peterson, Francis Marion, D. D., Minister. ... Monte vallo 

President, Alabama Girls Industrial School. 

Dobbs, Samuel L., D. D., Minister North Alabama Conference 
Frazer, John Stanley, D. D., Minister Alabama Conference 

♦Andrews, Allen L., D. D. (S. U.) ... Fort Worth, Texas 

Glenn, Edgar Massillon, D. D. (B. C.) Birmingham 

Morris, Joseph T., D. D. (B. C.) Birmingham 

McGehee, Oliver Clarke, D. D. (S. U.) Montgomery 

Peterson, John Albert, D. D. (S. U.) Evergreen 

Simpson, John Dixon, D. D. (B. C.) - Birmingham 

Weber, John L., D. D. (S. U.) Memphis, Tenn. 

Winton, George B., D. I). (S. U.) Nashville, Tenn. 

X 905 
♦Coleman, A. A., LL. I). (S. U.), Jurist Birmingham 

Hobson, Richmond Pearson, LL. I). (S. U.) Lecturer Los Angles, 

Hurt, William Posey, D.D. (S.U.), Minister Alabama Conf< rence 
[saacs, Walter G., I). I). (S. U.) < haplain, I . S. N'avj 

* Deceased. 

fNote: All honoran degrees to 1902 were conferred bj Southern 
University. From 1902 through 1918. S I Indicates degrc< 
by Southern University, and (B. C) indicates degree conferred b 
mingham Coll< 

8 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

*McCoy, James Henry, D. D. (S. U.) Birmingham 

Bishop, Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 


Comer, Braxton Bragg, LL. D. (S. U.) Birmingham 

United States Senator. 

Dannelly, John Milton, D. D. (S. U.) Mohile 

Howard, Harry C, D. D. (S. U.) Atlanta, Ga. 

Professor in Emory University. 
McVoy, Edgar C, D. D. (S. U.) ......Neosho, Mo. 


Atkinson, Charles Prescott, D. D. (S. U.)....Alahama Conference 

Professor in Southern University, 1904-1918. 
McNeill, Hannibal, D. D. (S. U.) ... .. ... .Marianna, Fla 

Rush, Charles Andrew, D. D., (S. U.) Alabama Conference 


Chadwick, ohn Shelly, D. D. (B. C.) North Alabama Conference 

S. S. Field Secretry, North Ala. Conference. 

Jenkins, Charles Rush, D. D. (B. C.) Macon, Ga. 

*McCoy, James Henry, L.L.D. (B. C.) Birmingham 

Bishop, Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 
Stowe, Joseph Joel, D. D. (B. C.) Pulaski, Tenn. 


Cox, William M., D. D. (S. U.) Montgomery 

Dannelly, Edward A., D. D. (S. U.) Dothan 

Moore, Edward C, D. D. (S. U.) Mobile 

Williams, Robert L., LL. D. (S. U.) Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Judge United States Supreme Court. 


Dobbs, Hoyt M., D. D. (S. U.) Brazil 

Bishop Methodist Episcopal Church, South 

Griswold, J. Thomas, D. D. (S. U.) Sweetwater, Texas 

Johnson, James William, D. D. (B. C.) Louisville, Ky. 

Northcutt, John E., D. D. (S. U.) Mobile 

Chadwick, John Shelby, D. D. (S. U.) ..North Alabama Conference 


Birmingham-Southern College 9 

Dempsey, Elam Franklin, D. D. (S. U.) Atlanta 

James, John Caller, D. D. (S. U.) Opelika, Ala. 


Glasgow, Benjamin B., D. D. (B. C.) Athens 

President Athens College. 
Ross, B. B., LL. D Auburn 


Calhoun, Otis ., D. D. (S. U.) Selma 

Cowan, E. E., D. D. (S. U.) Alabama Conference 

Daniel, Culle Coleman, D. D. (S. U.) Troy 

President Birmingham-Southern College 1918-1921 
Moody, R. A., D. D. (S. U.) .. Dothan 


Echols, Robert, D. D., Minister North Ala. Conference 

*Harding, Warren G., LL. D. —President of the United States 

of America. Died Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal., Aug 3, 1923 

Shofner, J. M., D. D., Minister Alabama Conference 

Williams, S. W., D. D Dallas, Texas 

\ 922 

Stuart, George R., LL. D. Minister ....North Ala. Conference 

Dobbs, Hoyt M., LL. D., Bishop... M. E. Church, South. Brazil 

Frazer, John W., Litt.D., Minister Alabama Conference 

Price, William F., D. D., Minister ...North Ala. Conference 
Patterson, L. D., D. D., Evangelist... North /Via. Conference 
Smith, R. E. y D. D. (Centenary College) Shrieveport, La. 


Hawkins, Robert M., D. I) Winfield, Kan. 

Knickerbocker, Hubert 1)., D. I). Dallas, Texas 

Waite, Bennet T., Minister North Ala. Conference 

Tidwell, Robert E., LL. D Montgomery 

The following academic degrees were awarded by the South- 
ern University to those who entered the Confederate army di- 
rectly from the student ranks of the University from l s,, l to 
1865, and were hindered from earning sucb degrees in due 

course : 

♦Avery, Robert, A. B., Soldier 1 1 in in i, VI i. 

Christian, William Collier, \. B. Greensboro, Ala. 

Probate Judge, 1 [ale ( 'ountj 


10 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Crews, Melancthon, A. B., Planter Inwood, Ind. 

Harris, Gideon D., A. B., Business Columbus, Miss. 

Hutchinson, Edward., A. B., Business Greensboro, Ala. 

*Pickering, Richard, A. B., Soldier Dayton, Ala 

Powell, Smith, A. B., Business Waco, Texas 

Spivey, Reuben M., A. B., Business 

Walker, William A., A. B., Minister Columbia, Ala. 


Register of Students 

Names printed in larger type are graduates. 

Where no address is given, none is known. Where no state is given, 
Alabama is understood. 

If no degree is indicated the Bachelor of Arts degree was awarded. 
B. C. in parenthesis following the name indicates that the student 
was a graduate of Birmingham College, otherwise the degree was re- 
ceived from Southern University. Beginning with 1919 all graduates 
received degrees from Birmingham-Southern College. All former graduates 
of Birmingham College and Southrn University were granted degrees 
from Birmingham Southern College at that time. Degrees from other 
institutions are indicated in parenthesis, when known. 




*J. V. Glass, Building Material, Birmingham. 
*B. M. Huey, Attorney, Birmingham. 


Joseph Atkinson, A. B., Physician, Arcadia. Fla. 

* Joseph B. Little John, Chme., Fort Worth, Texas. 
William J. Spillman, 427 Cooper St., San Antonio, Texas. 
*Henry Urquhart, Latin, A. B., (1862), A. M., (1863), Minister 

and Editor, Birmingham. 


* James E. Drake, Attorney, Lake Harris, Fla. 
Rohert H. Jackson, (hem.. Planter, Greensboro. 


*J. W. Harlan. 
James I). Osborn, Chem., (M. 1).). Physician, Cleburne, Texas, 

Non -Graduates 

\. Vymey, Enen. 
K. W. Banks, Columbus, Miss. 
T. E. Cannon. Columbus, Miss. 
John K. Carson, Greensboro. 
K. C. Clopton, Hobson, Miss. 

12 Register or Alumni and Non-Graduates 

W. S. Colvin, Eutaw. 
Thomas Curry, Eutaw. 
George L. Dent, Mobile. 
*C. C. Ellis^ Old Spring Hill. 
L. A. Felden, Perry, Ga. 
William H. Forte, Macon, Miss. 

F. L. Glover, Demopolis. 
L. S. Godfrey, Sumterville. 
J. H. Hardy, Benton. 

J. W. Harris, Columbus, Miss. 
William H. Harrison, Summerfield. 
R. H. Henley, Demopolis. 
*A. M. Jones, Minister, Jonesboro. 
H. H. Kavanaugh, Falmouth, Ky. 
James B. Littlejohn, Thebadoux, La. 
W. H. Locke, Greensboro. 
Clarence C. Malone, Columbus, Miss. 
R. E. Mason Camden. 
J. W. Matthews. Fort Valley. Ga. 
S. M. May, Butler. 
A. M. Moon, Greensboro. 
J. W. Monette, Eutaw. 
T. D. McCaskey, Camden. 
L. T. Ormand. Sumterville. 
W. W. Peterson, Siloa, Miss. 
William R. Randle, Crawfordville. 
Albert Smith, Tuskegee. 
W. F. Starr, Summerfield. 
Foster B. Terrell, Dayton. 
S. B. Tropp, Macon, Ga. 
John C. Walker. Newbern. 

H. T. Waller, Greensboro, (Confederate Veteran). 
J. R. Windham, Fairfield. 



G. M. Bedford, Warrentown Miss. 
F, H. Bensler, Vilula. 

T. H. Bowman, Tensaw Parish, La. 
*W. A. Burpo, Died Kankakee, 111. 

Thomas C. Carlisle, Marion. 

Shelly C. Carson, Physician, Greensboro, (Confederate Veteran), 
*Henry R. Childres, Greensboro. 

W. L. Chiles, Eutaw. 

W. L. Colvin, Eutaw. 

George W. Cox, Columbus, Miss. 

W. H. Cox ,Columbus, Miss. 

Melanethon Crews, Greenville. (Confederate Veteran). 

Albert L. Crymes, Enon. 

John G. Dunkin, Havana. 

J. C. Glass Warrenton, Miss. 

Anthony Glass, Warrenton, Miss. 

Birmingham-Southern College 13 

James Gragg, Somerset, Ky. 
*J. D. Hamilton, Greensboro. (Confederate Veteran). 

John H. Howard, Linden. 

J. W. Houch, Greensboro. 

Edward T. Hutchinson, Greensboro. (Company D, Fifth Ala., C. S. A.). 
*H. B. Magruder, Baton Rouge, La. 

James A. Mauldin, Selma. 

H. S. McCune, Columbus, Miss. 

B. A. McKibben, Graniteville, S. C. 

John A. MeKinney, Danville Va. 
*Jabez Nelson, Greensboro. 

John C. Orrick, Texas. 

B. Perry, Centre, Miss. 
W. M. Petigrew, Eutaw. 
Ernest A. Portis, Suggsville. 
Smith Powell, Columbus, Miss. 
Daniel W. Rencher, Gainesville. 
J. R. Sampsy, Burnt Corn. 

E. Shapora, Shelbyville, Tenn. 
* James N. Sledge, Greensboro, (Confederate Veteran). 
H. C. Stone, Alpine. 
James 0. A. Strong, LaPlace. 
Ben D. Turner, Llima, La. 

R. B. Waller Greensboro. (Confederate Veteran). 
William P. Wilson, Haynesville, Mo. 
W. H. Zeigler, Huntington. 


R. W. Avery, Greensboro. 
*Charles G. Brown, Ex-Attorney General. Marion, Ala. 
E. H. Hutchinson. Greensboro. 
Jonas Oakes, Greensboro. 
Elbert S. Starr, Six Mile. 

C. W. Westmoreland, Pleasant Ridge. 

A. 0. Wright, (Commander Confederate Navy Veterans), Flora la. 

*J. Lane Borden, Latin, Teacher, .Meridian. Miss. 
Darby M. Callaway, Three Schools. A. M. (1867), Educator, 
*T. P. Crutcher, (hem.. Army \. Virginia. 

♦Thomas J. Happell, A. M., (M. D.), Physician, Trenton. Tenn. 
♦Elliotl \. Hutchinson, A. M.. Greensboro. 
Herman B. Magruder, Anc Lang., A. M. (1867), New Orleans, 

♦John W. Sampey, Chem., A. B. (1867), Teacher, Evergreen. 
♦Thomas J. Seay, Two Schools, A. M. (1867), LL. D. (18* 
Governor of Alabama, 1886 1890, Died 1896, Greensboro. 
♦T. (). Summers, .Jr., Anc. Lang., A. B, (1867), A. M., (1 S T">, 
Surgeon, St. Louis, Mo. 

14 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

♦William Walker, Chem., Editor and Teacher, A. M. (1868), 

Brandon, Miss. 
*W. S. Wightman, Crera., Minister, Charleston, S. C. 

*Henry Boardman, Greensboro. 
*J. W. Callaway, Greensboro. 

M. B. Chapman, St. Louis, Mo. 

William C. Christian, Judge of Probate (Confederate Veteran). 

Morgan S. Gilmer, Montgomery. 

Giddon D. Harris Columbus, Miss. 

S. T. Hardy, Columbus, Miss. 

Oscar R. Houghton, Wetumpka. 

William Shepherd, Danville, Va. 

Sam Shields, Columbus, Miss. 

George H. Watson, Forkland. 

Alfred H. Benners, Chem., A. B. (1868), Attorney, Chancellor, 
1414 Huntsville Ave., Birmingham. 
*M. B. Chapman, Chem., Minister, St. Louis, Mo. 

Thomas W. Dyer, A. M., Teacher, New Orleans, La. 
*D. G. Humphrey, Chem., Lawyer. 

♦William B. Inge, Two Schools, A. M. (1868), Planter, Greens- 
Junius Jordan, A. M., Superintendent of Schools, Pine Bluff, 
♦Christian Keener, Chem., A. M. (1869), Minister, New Orleans, 

♦James J. Peterson, Two Schools, A. M. (1868), Physician, 
I. D. Portis, Chem., Attorney, Suggsville. 
Thomas Y. Ramsey, Chem., Minister, Pine Bluff, Ark. 
Lucius DeYampert Webb, Chem., B. P. (1868), Greensboro. 
William D. Wills, Chem., A. B. (1886), A. M. (1869), Attorney. 

*William T. Atkins, Selma. 

♦H. B. Humphrey, Chem., Minister, Greensboro. 
A. G. Parrish, Chem., Banker., Selma. 

Charles Edward Waller, Chem., Judge Law and Equity Court, 

Clarence J. Nugent, A. M., Minister, Louisville, Ky. 
♦Henry L. Oliver, Three Schools, Teacher, Calera. 

Birmingham-Southern College 15 

Thomas H. Osborn, Chem., Two Schools (1870), Business, Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Edward F. Powell, A. M., Professor Texas Female College, 
Sherman, Texas. 

*J. H. Atkins, Greensboro. 

Frank Coleman, Atkins. 

Ruffin Coleman, Atkins. 

John F. Gilmer, Montgomery. 
*AIex A. Hafner, Eutaw. 
*Thomas J. Hafner, Greensboro. 

Sam C. Humphreys, Fort Gibson, Miss. 

M. T. Humphreys, Fort Gibson, Miss. 

D. M. Humphreys, Fort Gibson Miss. 

J. T. Jones, Jackson, Tenn. 

Logan P. Kennedy, Tuscaloosa. 

Ben W. Mason, Camden. 
*T. G. Moore, Newbern. (Confederate Veteran). 
*C. A. Ramsey, Greensboro. 

Reuben M. Spivey, Huntsville. 

H. L. Stone, Montgomery. 

T. M. Wallace, Marion. 

K. A. Walthall, Newbern. 

G. T. White, Uniontown. 

J. B. Williams, Mansfield. 

D. H. Williamson, Greensboro. 

\ 870 

*William H. Armstrong, Five Schools, Teacher, Mississippi. 
* James B. Coleman, Three Schools, B. P. (1871), Attorney, 
Nathan M. Jones, A. M., Attorney, Tocomo Building, Chicago, 

R. M. McGehee, Chem. 
George T. Nelson, Chem. 

John A. Peterson, A. B., A. M., (1871), Minister, Alabama Con- 
*Percy II. Waller, Chem., Planter, Greensboro. 
*Samuel S. Webb, Chem., Business, Greensboro. 


*Porter K. Carson. Greensboro. 
*James B. Coleman, Greensboro. 

Luther M. (<>\, Citronelle. 

George W. Goodwin, Wu Orleans, I. a. 
Ml. M. Harriss, Greensboro. 
'John K. Hill. Eutaw. 

T. I. Herndon Eutaw. 

16 Register of Alumni axd Non-Graduates 

Robert Herring Suggsville. 

Thomas W. Huey, Talledega. 

R. W. Millsaps, Pine Ridge, Miss. 

A. M. McKeithen, Prattville. 

Elbert J. Powell, Suggsville. 

Richard H. Session, Fort Gibson, Miss. 

William Snow, Boligee. 

James B. Smith, Prattville. 

Thomas P. Smith, Prattville. 

Thomas W. Brame, B. P., Attorney, Macon, Miss. 

C. T. Gordon, A. M., Camden, Ark. 

Archibald Lawson, Chem., A. B. (1873), A. M., M. D. (1874), 

President Peoples Bank, Greensboro. 
Edward L. McGehee, B. P. M. D.), Physician, Hammond, La. 
John P. Robertson, B. P., Minister, Montgomery. 

J. P. Florence, Glenville. 
S. J. Florence, Glenville. 
*R. Inge, Physician, Forkland. 
N. M. Jones, Wesson, Miss. 
W. J. Knox, Baton Rouge, La. 
P. M. Morris, Greensboro. 
W. M. Wynn, Laurenceville, Ga. 

*A. B. Culpepper, B. P. 

D. D. Garner, Chem. 

*N. R. Lindsay, A. M., Attorney and Judge, Commanche, Texas. 
*Robert Taylor Nabors, B. P., A. B. (1873), Minister, Chaplain 
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Term. 
A. Powe, B. P., Winchester, Miss. 
*David M. Rush, A. B., A. M. (1873), President Centenary Col- 
lege, Shreveport, La. 
T. R. Young, Chem. 


Walter L. Bransford, Nashville, Tenn. 
James H. Cameron, Handy. 
W. D. Dominick, Cahaba. 

C. C. Ewing, Aberdeen, Miss. 
W. S. Ewing, Aberdeen, Miss. 

*W. C. Garrett, Forkland. 
Charles F. Gordon, Lisbon, Ark. 
P. P. Hatch, Greensboro. 
F. C. Heard, Shubuta, Miss. 

D. S. Hearon, Columbus, Miss. 

J. R. Johnson, Macon Station, Miss. 

Birmingham-Southern College 17 

A. B. Johnson, Macon Station, Miss. 

E. D. King, Lower Peach Tree. 

I. W. King, Vicksburg, Miss. 

William J. Lane, Vicksburg, Miss. 

Robert M. McGehee, Nashville, Tenn. 

J. S. Parker, Marion. 

H. D. Rainey, New Orleans, La. 

W. D. L. Record, Louisberg. Tenn. 

J. H. Steel, Meridian, Miss. 
-Albert Steinhart, Greensboro. 

G. U. Walker, Greensboro. 

P. H. Walker, Greensboro. 

E. J. Willis, Vicksburg, Miss. 


John R. Allen, Professor of Philosophy, Southwestern L x niv., 
Georgetown, Texas. 

G. Waverly Briggs, Louisville, Ky. 
* James M. Crews, A. M. (1874), Minister, Dayton. 
*H. H. Happell, M. D., Physician. 

*Francis Marion Peterson, A. M., B. D. (1874), Minister, Pres- 
ident Alabama Girls Industrial School, 1899-1910, Mont- 
*Charles Y. Rankin, Minister, California. 


William A. Battle, Tuscaloosa. 

George H. Bradfield, Uniontown. 

W. A. Burriss. Baton Rouge, La. 

A. F. Dantzler, Macon, Miss. 

J. H. Hearon. Columbus. Miss. 

John L. Hunnicutt, Carrollton. 

N. R. Lindsey, Cherokee. 

W. C. Lawrence. Crawfordsville, Miss. 

A. C. McCollom, Havana. 

R. M. Pruitt, Macon. Miss. 

J. C. Richardson, Summerfield. 

T. B. Staffold, Montgomery. 

A. Stewart, Macon. Miss. 

('. Stolenwerck, Vice-President, First National Bank. Greensboro. 

I,. C. Webb, Mobile 

George L. Woolsey, Selma. 


James Pennington Borden, M. I)., Physician and Planter, Greens- 
♦Samuel Monroe Hosmer, Phil., B. P. (1884), Minister, President 
Southern University, 1899 1910, Alabama Conference. 

Charles L. Hoyle. M. I)., Physician. Warren. Ark. 
♦John Ormond Keener, A. M. (1895), Minister, 1'residrnt South 

rni University, 1894-99. Greensboro. 

18 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

♦Christopher H. Kelly, Phil., B. P. (1876), Minister, Alabama. 
♦Thomas D. Mitchell, A. M., Teacher, Birmingham. 
Augustus H. Moore, B. P., A. M., (1876), Minister, 110 Fourth 

St., Montgomery. 
Moses N. Morris, B. P., Minister, Trinity. 
William B. Murrah, Bishop, Methodist E. Church, S., Memphis, 

Thomas Y. Nelson, M. D., Physician. 

E. G. Benners, Greensboro. 

C. T. Blackshear, Opelasas. 
Thomas Bradford, Centre. 
M. A. Cochran, Sparta. La. 
Alonzo Culpepper, Lower Peachtree. 
J. E. Culpepper. Lower Peachtree. 
R. B. Gordan, Greensboro. 

Guy Jack, Scooba, Miss. 

J. A. Johnston, Lower Peachtree. 

J. D. Kirkpatrick, Kirks Grove. 

Charles E. Latimer, 2764 Hanover Circle, Birmingham. 

D. N. Lawrence. Crawfordsville, Miss. 
W. E. Martin. Tibee Station, Miss. 

R. B. Monette, Greensboro. 

A. B. Nance, Banker, Greenville, Miss. 

Demkin Nivien, Locust Cottage, Ark. 

A. J. Noble, Jr., Montgomery. 

James Norwood, Vernon, Miss. 

D. U. Patton, Coatupa. 

J. B. Patton, Coatupa. 

Alexander Pope, Winchester. 

S. R. Propst, Palmetto. 

J. D. Rush, Vernon. 

M. D. Thomason, Clifton. 

A. T. Tidwell, Madison Station, Miss. 

G. S. Vaughan, Summerfield. 

S. P. Webb, Scooba. Miss. 

W. F. Webb, College Grove, Tenn. 

J 575 
William H. Alien, Three Schools, Attorney, Carthage, Miss. 
L. M. Cox, B. P., Teacher, Mooresville. 

* James A. Gamble, B. P., Planter, Dallas, Texas. 

*Carl August Grote, A. M., Professor, Science and German, 
Southern University, Greensboro. 

*George W. Hill, A. M., Professor Latin, Hendrix College, Con- 
way, Ark. 

*Z. Montgomery P. linge, Attorney, Mobile. 

* Joshua Moss, A. M., Attorney, Mansfield, Pa. 

Birmingham-Southern College 19 

*B. F. Reed, A. B., M. D., Physician, Vernon. 


J. H. Cavaness, Montevallo, Ark, 

E. T. Comer, Cowikel. 

J. T. Comer, Cowikel. 

W. J. Cross, Eutaw. 

G. D. Elsworth, Mobile. 

H. B. Garner, Mobile. 

H. O. Haynie, Mobile, 

W. P. Hunter, Collegeville, Ark. 

C. T. Hearin, Gosport. 

R. W. Lumpkin, Startville, Miss, 

W. H. Merritt, Midway. 

T. E. Morris, Gulfport. 

Frank McGehee, Elba. 

Thomas B.. McGehee, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

J. C. Pope, Uniontown. 
*John Randolph, Physician, Greensboro. 

John T. Ralls, Mobile. 

J. W. Scales, Coatopa. 

L. B. She? ton, Fayetl i 
*M. Stein hart, Merchant, Greensboro. 

John T. Tompkins, Mobile. 

I n Ward, Mineral Springs, Ark. 

H. H. Watson, Magnolia, Ark. 

Thomas R. Young, Fort Gibson. 

T. A. Holloman, A. M., Merchant, Flora, Miss. 
* James L. Skinner, B. P., Planter and Merchant, Linden. 
Arthur W. Smith, A. M., Chairman Board, Birmingham Trust 
and Savings Co., Birmingham. 


Charles M. Baldwin, Nashville, Term. 
W. C. Beard, Providence, 
(i. S. Black, Decatur. 
C. R. Bolls, Vicksburg, Miss. 
R. F. Chew, Hiack Hawk. Miss. 
M. I). Cleurman, Vernon. 
J. F. Coleman, Whistler. 
Ja mes A. Cox, Ci1 ronelle. 
B. S. Camp. Mil 
J . . Camp, Munford. 
R. M. Dowdcll, Tuskeg 
'/,. A. Dowling, Minister, \. Via. Conference. 
■J. B. Dug ; G i eensboro. 
J. II. I' iin. < .! eensboro. 
I . I-.. Flow rs, Wi nona . Miss. 
I >. \ . Foose, Lexington, Miss. 
L. L. Frizzle, Durant, Miss. 

20 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

C. L. Graves, Center Point, Ark. 
George W. Haskew, Long View, Ark. 
R. H. Hawkins, Columbus, Miss. 
J. H. Jenkins, Camden. 
O. J. Joyner, Columbus, Miss. 
J. W. Jones, Friars Point, Miss. 
C. B. Johnson, Princeton, Ark. 
H. A. Law, Perote. 

B. R. Lawrence, Greensboro. 
R. W. Leigh, Humbolt, Tenn. 
J. M. Major, Fulton, Ky. 

C. L. Massengale, Macon, Miss. 
W. R. Motley, Jonesville, Texas. 
J. A. Moody, Bellville, Tenn. 

A. M. Moorehead, Durant, Miss. 

O. C. Morton, Columbus, Ky. 

W. K. McKraney, Clayton. 

S. D. Pearce, Sparta, La. 

W. L. Peebles, Memphis, Tenn. 

A. L. Phillips, Mobile. 
L. S. Phillips, Mobile. 
G. W. Pride, Tuscumbia. 

F. M. Prince, Jonesboro. 

B. S. Rayner, Lexington. 
L. W. Reid, Vernon, Miss. 
George W. Rush, Vernon, Miss. 

C. J. Ryland, Mobile. 
*G. T. Skinner, Mobile. 

D. T. Smith, Prattville. 
W. A. Smythe, Greenville. 

G. D. Stollenwreck, Banker, Uniontown. 
J. E. Thomas, Columbus, Miss. 

M. B. Thomas, Columbus, Miss. 

J. E. Tompkins, Mobile. 
John A. Trice, Okalona, Miss. 

W. H. Wetherley, Hillardsville. 

J. F. White, Pikeville. 

G. C. Williams, White Plains. 
*H. H. Winn, Newbern. 

J. M. Winston, Jonesville, Texas. 

J. T. Robertson, Camden, Ark. 

*F. A. Bissell, Texas. 

James E. McCann., A. M., Minister, Alabama Conference. 
*George T. Skinner, B. P., Merchant and Planter, Old Spring 

N. J. Vick, A. M., Planter, Anquilla, Miss. 

A. S. Avery, Scooba, Miss. 
I. M. Blanton, Rising Sun. 
R. J. Briggs, Summerfield. 

Birmingham-Southern College 21 

E. T. Brown, Coffeeville, Miss. 
D. H. Clark, Vernon, Miss. 
W. M. Clement, Macon, Miss. 
W. M. Cox, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
L. F. G. de Yampert, Poplar Bluff, Ark. 
*Green W. Duggar, Postmaster, Sheriff, Greensboro. 

B. F. Gray, Hickory, Miss. 

W. E. Goode, Little Rock, Ark. 
J. H. Gowin, Mobile. 
J. C. C. Harris, Greenville, N. C. 
W. G. Harris, Trenton, Tenn. 
J. H. Johnson, Carroll Station, Tenn. 
T. T. Jordon, Jonesboro. 
*C. M. Kelly, Minister, Grays Landing. 
J. W. Kennedy, Uniontown. 
G. S. Lazenby, Forest Home. 
Q. C. Leigh, Humbolt, Tenn. 

C. R. Leverett, West Point, Miss. 
C. B. Moore, Summerfield. 

*C. B. Pilley, Minister, Florala. 

H. O. Smith, Crawfrodsville, Miss. 

*A. Stollenwerck, Pharmacist, Greensboro. 

A. E. Stollenwerck, Uniontown. 

*D. W. Taylor, Merchant, Greensboro. 

A. B. Tierce, North Port. 
*T. K. Tierce, North Port. 

Fred F. Wilson, Columbiana. 

*Laban H. S. Chappelle, Three Schools, Minister, Alabama Con- 
♦John \V. DuBois, B. P., Teacher, Calera. 
Thomas Howard Jack, B. P., A. B. (1880), Minister, Blooming 

drove, Texas. 
John W. Moore, A. B., A. M. (1879), Business. Birmingham. 
Thomas A. Taylor, B. P., A. B. (1879), A. M. (1881), Principal 

Mobile Military Institute, Business, Mobile. 
♦John I). Yerby, B. P., A. B. (1879), Educator, Superintendent 
Schools, Mobile. 


B. Baldwin, Little Rock, Ark. 

I. F. Bilbro, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
E. II. c«»\\;ui. Headland. 
W. I.. Fletcher, Camden, Ark. 
Paul Foster, Ville Plate, La. 
W, ( '. ( rowl ii. Physician, A k ron. 
J, M. Gillespy, (•i<n Iris Park, Birmingham. 
P. II. Joyner, Gainesville. 
4 \v. o. Miller, Merchant, Greensboro. 
c. B. Moody, Isney. 

22 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

A. Moore, Three Creek, Ark. 

S. N. McDowell, Camden. 

T. L. Pope, Selma. 

J. W, Sanders, Pineville, 

F. W. Smith, Pineapple. 

J. C. Swafford, Vernon, Miss. 

A. C. Vail, Coalfire. 

William Posey Hurt, B. P., A. B. (1880), Minister, Alabama 
*Linton D. Landrum, B. P., Attorney, Columbus, Miss. 

E. Burton Ward, B. P., Physician, Selma. 

*R. Atkins, Greensboro. 
I. R. Brandon, Jr., Marietta, Ga. 
W. E. G 
John Irving, Greensb ro. 

F. M. Means, Perry. Ga. 

F. H. Moore, Mount Carmel. 
W. H. Moore. Scooba, Mi>s. 
M. S. Perryman, Buena Vista. 
Jeff Steinhart. Greensboro. 

P. J. Stollenwerck, Physician, Jacksonville, Fla. 

R. F Walton, Greensboro. 
*J. W. W >rkland. 

N. L. Whit . . Moundville. 
*W. Wood, Selma. 

\ 880 

*Edward deGraffenried, A. M., Attorney, Tuscaloosa. 

*James Adolphus Moore, A. B., A M. (1881), (Ph. D.), Profes- 
sor of Mathematics, Southern University; Millsaps Col- 
lege, Jackson, Miss. 

* James M. Spurlock, A. B., Attorney, Eufaula. 


Henry Atkins, Greensboro. 

Ben Beard, Orrville. .... G 

W. H. Benners, Business Manager, Dallas News, Dallas, Texas. 
Eugene D. Bondurant, Physician, Mobile. 
J. M. Brown, Havana. 

W. Bancroft, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
*A. A. Coleman, Greensboro. 

A. A. Curl, Work. 

J. H. Eppes, Old Spring Hill. 
W. H. Everett, Vernon, Fla. 

G. W. Forbes, Mobile. 

B. T. Garrett, Orrville. 

W. J. Hanna, Vernon, Fla. 

D. E. Hargrove, Columbus, Miss. 

Birmingham-Southern College 23 

George L. Hawkins, Dayton. 

T. S. Hubert. Warrington. Ga. 
*H. T. Inge, Physician, Mobile. 

W. G. Isaac, Champlain, U. S. Navy. 

K. D. S. King, Marianna, Fla. 

A. Leahman, Talladega. 
*W. M. Monette, Greensboro. 
*W. A. McCann, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

T. J. Peacock, Hawridge. 
*W. B. Randolph, Greensboro. 

Charles A. Sheldon, Atlanta, Ga. 
*Sid Taylor, Greensboro. 

J. W. Terry, Minister, Texas Conference. 
*W. W. Tucker, Greensboro. 

A. H. Tullis, Troy. 

T. R. Ward, Merchant, Greensboro. 

P. A. Webb. M. D., Calvert. 

S. J. Willis, Vicksburg, Miss. 

*Marcus H. Moore, B. P., A. B. (1882), Minister. Poplarville, 

Henry A. Young, Banker, Anniston. 

J. H. Bell, Whitman, Miss. 
J. S. B. Broadnox, Eutaw. 
J. C. Calhoun, King's Post Office. 
C. W. Carmichael, Haw Ridge. 

Y. Dent, Eufaula. 
W. W. DuBoise, Greensboro. 
J. W. Greene, Sehna. 
J. E. Green, Minister, Texas Conference. 
E. B. Godfrey, Sumterville. 
\S. P. Hand, Jr., M. D., Coatopa. 
J. M. Kendall, Eufaula. 
Joe F. Moore, Eufaula. 
J. H. Pei bles, Validen, Miss. 
\V. H. Phillips, Marianna, Fla. 
Thomas E. Price, Pineapple. 
L. W. Powell. Pleasanl Grove. 
■\V .!•;. Shores, Orrville. 
S. T. Stuckey, Greensboro. 
W. U. Tate, Browers, Station, Dallas County. 
.1 . A. 'I j son, I -<>w iK lesboi i >. 
II. S. Watkins, Selma. 
A. A. VVhitehurst, Bakerhill. 
.1. M. Wyatt, Baldwyn. 

Phares Coleman, Attorney, Senior Partner Coleman, Coleman 

and Spain, Birmingham. 
James II. Webb, Attorney, Mobile. 

24 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 


A. L. Brown, Taylor's Station. 
J. R. Coats, Belmont. 

J. B. dimming, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
A. B. Curtis, Lower Peachtree. 
*C. H. deYampert, Greensboro. 
*W. W. Downing, Brewton. 
John L. Gardner, Maplesville. 
L. L. Gould, Meridian, Miss. 
Archie Jones, Havana. 
Bob Moore, Greensboro. 
T. H. Motley, Autaugaville. 
J. O. Peebles, Greensboro. 
W. F. R. Rea, Gainesville. 
J. S. Robbins, Selma. 
J. U. Stanton, Gainesville. 
W. S. Stuckey, Clompton. 
W. G. Talley, Plantersville. 
C. W. Tarry, Marion. 
S. L. Tisdale, Sepulga. 

A. M. Timdale, Greensboro. 
G. B. Walker, Eufaula. 

F. M. White, Greensboro. 
C. L. Wilkinson, Greenville. 
H. Z. Wilkinson, Greenville. 



C. F. Allen, Springfield. 

N. W. Beverly, Shiloh. 

J. W. Branscomb, Morgansville. 

T. M. Byrne, Buffalo Springs, Fla. 

C. A. Elliott, Livingston. 

B. E. Feagin, Hendersonville, N. C. 
R. B. Fryer, Clayton. 

R. B. Husted, Eufaula. 

H. T. Johnson, Minister, Dothan. 

L. H. Jones, Sartartie, Miss. 

William Kinibrough, Choctow Corner. 

Z. P. Landrum, Attorney, Columbus, Miss. 

F. J. Milligan, Ozark. 

R. D. Moore, Forest, Miss. 

W. A. McCleod, Jackson. 

W. C. McDavid, Bogia Station, Fla. 

E. S. McMillan, Pollard. 

E. H. Patterson, Mount Carmel. 

Thomas H. Poole, Mount Carmel. 

W. T. Rencher, Fort Deposit. 

H. L. Scales, Coatopa. 

N. E. Scales, Coatopa. 

J. A. Scott, Forest Home. 

Birmingham-Southern College 25 


*George M. Sellers, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Amos L. Smith, Latin, B. S. (1885), Business, Prattville. 
*W. P. Stott, B. P., Teacher, Birmingham. 
♦David B. Williams, B. S. 
*P. G. Wood, Jr., A. B., A. M. (1895), Attorney, Selma. 

J. B. Burge, Greensboro. 

F. S. Canning, Selma. 

R. M. Compton, Jefferson. 

J. R. Connerly, Vienna. 

R. P. Cox, Citronelle. 

R. M. Culver, Union Springs. 

William C. Eppes, Old Spring Hill. 

R. A. Foster, Pine Hill. 

J. M. Glenn, Minister, South Georgia Conference. 

W. C. Glenn, Edison, Ga. 

G. W. Huey, Olustee Creek. 

J. E. Hutchinson, Dallas, Texas. 

L. C. Jones, Sartartia, Miss. 

W. P. Jones, Sartartia, Miss. 

W. H. Lowney, New Prospect. Miss. 

John R. Morris, Fort Worth, Texas. 

William H. Ormand, Sumterville. 

J. M. P. Otts, 908 S. 20th St., Birmingham. 

L. M. Otts, Postmaster, Attorney, Greensboro. 

W. W. Overstreet, Merchant. Greensboro. 

David W. Owen, Montgomery. 

J. J. Patterson, Demopolis. 

Oliver Skinner, Spring Hill. 

Lewis C. Branscomb, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Formerly Editor Alabama Christian Advocate. Trustee 
Birmingham-Southern College, Woman's College. 
G. S. Livingston, Attorney, .Judge, Prattville. 
*VY. M. Lowery, Orlando, Fla. 

♦Thomas R. McCarty, A. B., A. M., (1886), Heal Estate Dealer, 
Waldo Wooley Moore, A. M., Minister, Mississippi Conference. 
Edward L. Patton, B. I*.. Teacher, Birmingham. 
W. F. Scales, B. 1'., Physician, Mobile. 
Amos L. Smith, B. S., Business, Prattville. 

l). \v. Barnes, Haines Cross Roads. 
Claude B. Bryant, Barlow Bend. 
s. .i. Byrne, Bluff Springs, Fla. 

26 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

George W. Cousins. Wetumpka. 
W. M. Kidd, Eclectic. 
H. F. Laud, Greensboro. 
E. G. Moore, Mobile. 
Robert A. Poole, Orrville. 
Frank R. Pou, Pensacola. Fla. 
J. O. Sentell, Luverne. 
*E. W. Stolenwerck, Greensboro. 

*Allen L. Andrews, A. B., A. M. (1887), Minister, Fort Worth, 
William F. Andrews, A. M., Texas Conference. 
*George W. Burton, A. M., Teacher, Franklin, Ky. 
*G. C. Chapman, B. P., Physician, Birmingham. 
*M. B. Chapman, B. P., Minister, St. Louis, Mo. 
Stanley Hubert Dent, Attorney, Ex-Member Congress Second 

Alabama District, Montgomery. 
H. B. Farish, Business, Fort Valley, Ga. 
*Obadiah Clanton Hand, B. S., Teacher, Greensboro. 
Samuel Augustus Hobson, Mining Promoter, Fayette. 
James L. Moore, B. P., Merchant, Kansas City, Mo. 
Francis A. Rogers, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Charles Andrew Rush, Minister, Alabama Conference, President 

Southern University, 1914-1917. 
Felix M. Wood, Planter, Autaugaville. 


W. C. Barnes, Cambellton, Fla. 
*I. F. Betts, Minister. 

R. P. Hamilton, Bayou La Battre. 

E. S. Webb, Faunsdale. 
*George L. Young, Wetumpka. 

Robert V. Allgood, B. P., School Book Commission State of 

of Alabama, 124 S. 54th St., Birmingham. 
Alex H. Atkins, Minister, South Carolina Conference. 
H. Graham Benners, A. B., A. M., (1888), Teacher, Greensboro. 
*Daniel P. Christenberry, B. P., Professor English, Southern 
University, 1892-1911, Greensboro. 
Frank P. Culver, B. S., Minister, Central Texas Conference. 
Edward L. Edmondson, B. S., Cotton Buyer, New Orleans, La. 
*J. Dudley Ellis, A. M., Minister, North Ala. Conference. 
^Oliver C. Farish, B. S., Dentist, Birmingham. 
John F. Gillis, Attorney, Register in Chancery, Grove Hill. 


J. Thomas Griswold, B. P., Minister, Northwest Texas Con- 
Walter B. Hendrix, A. M. (M. D.), Physician, Hurtsboro. 
R. G. Hightower, B. P., Teacher, Troy, R. F. D. 
Thomas Edmund Knight, Attorney, Greensboro. 
R. Hugh Long, B. S., Planter, Gainesville. 
*William W. Mangum, B. S., (M. D.), Physician, Rome, Ga. 
Nathan A. Patillo, B. S.. Professor Mathematics, Dean Ran- 
dolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va. 
Felix E. Porter, B. P., Attorney, Panama, R. P. 
* Walter R. Porter, B. P., Druggist, Biloxi, Miss. 
John W. Radney, B. S., Merchant and Planter, Roanoke. 
*Solomon W. Roberts, Minister, Eutaw. 
John Solon Robertson, B. 3., Minister, North Ala. Conference. 
President, Birmingham College, 1902-1903. 
*John D. Simpson, B. P., A. B. (1896), D. D. (1902), Minister, 
North Alabama Conference, President Birmingham 
College 1910-1916 and in whose honor Simpson School 
was named. Died at Woodlawn charge Summer, 1921. 
Henry A. Smiley, B. P., Teacher, Gadsden. 
Havelin T. Strout, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
John H. Wilkerson, B. S., Attorney, Troy. 


*A. J. Briggs, Minister. Alabama Conference 

John Cain, Town (reek. 

Malcolm Connerly, Isney. 

E. M. Craig, Marion. 

I. W. Daniel. Midway. 
*C. P. Daughery, Opelika. 

H. G. Davis, Gordo. 

J. B. Devan, Clifton. 

Clarence i\ Dumas, Clifton. 
*B. T. Eppes, Old Spring Hill. 

H. S. Fan ior, Monroes ille. 

o. c. Farrish, Dentist, Camden. 

K. L. Griffin, Presidenl Bank of Moundville, Moundville. 

J. C. !I. Hill, Rasp Branch. 
*M. Jones, Greensboro. 

V . K nighl . ( >i <•< nsboi o. 

c. VV. Patterson, Pleasant Sight. 

Sam P. Stabler, Lower Peachtree. 

B. L. Stolenwerck, Greensboro. 

I.. K. Talley, Dayton. 

W. C. Tunstall, Lawyer, State Senator, \nniston. 

J, W, Tinnin, Monster. Alabama Conference. 

S. Wood. Selma. 

28 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Charles Prescott Atkinson, B. S., A. M. (1890), Minister, Ala- 
bama Conference, Professor Philosophy, Southern Uni- 
versity, 1904-1918. 
John R. Beavers, A. M., Attorney, Columbiana. 
*Edward L. Brown, B. P., Teacher, Birmingham. 
Charles H. Butler, B. S., Merchant, Childersburg. 
Charles W. Gavin, B. P., Minister, Central Texas Conference. 
Lucien Pinchard Giddens, Principal Allegheny Collegiate Insti- 
tute, Alderson, W. Va. 
James M. Glenn, A. B., A. M. (1891), Minister, Alabama Con- 
*John Russell Goodloe, Physician, Demopolis. 
Rufus J. Griffin, B. P., Physician, Moundville. 
*Eugene H. Hawkins, B. P., A. M. (1890), Minister, LaFayette. 
*George Luckie Jenkins, B. S., Minister Ensley. 
* James Henry McCoy, A. B., A. M. (1889), LL. D. (1911), D. D. 
(1906), President Birmingham College, 1907-1910, Bishop 
Methodist Church, South. Died 1918. 
James Rufus McGlaun, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference. 
♦Arthur DeV. McVoy, Minister. 
James M. Miller, B. P., Attorney, Gadsden. 
Edwin L. Phillips, B. P., Business, Columbus, Miss. 
*Lycurgus R. Poole, B. P., Attorney, Thomasville. 
Joseph Neely Powers, A. B., (LL. D.), Chancellor University 
Mississippi Degree received nunc pro tunc commence- 
ment 1923. 
Andrew Jenkins Scott, B. P., Promoter, Tiogo, Texas. 
*Geeorge M. Sellers, A. M., Minister, Clayton. 
*Luther Lane Smith, Minister, Marianna, Fla. 
John B. Tate, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference. 
*Edgar H. Trammel, B. P., Teacher, Opelika. 
*Henry Trawick, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference. 
William A. Wadsworth, B. S., Planter, Prattville. 
Joseph R. Watkins, B. P., Druggist, Alexander City. 

Mims R. Baker, Mobile. 
W. I. Braswell, Perote. 
H. B. Bush, Oateston. 

C. W. Carr, 1201 N. 32nd St., Birmingham. 
J. M. Drinkard, Choctaw Corner. 
T. W. Foote, Cotton Valley. 
J. C. Gilmer, Perote. 

Birmingham-Southern College 29 

J. W. Godfrey, Sumterville. 

J. H. Happel, Physician, Cleburne, Texas. 

P. E. Happelle, Texas. 

R. P. Hobson, Sunk Merrimac in Santiago Harbor, Spanish-American 
War; Congressman Sixth Alabama District 1907-1.5, Lecturer, 
Author, 501 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

W. B. Holcroft, Planter, Newbern. 

L. A. Holmes, Minister, North Ala. Conference. 

Fred Huey, Pratt Mines. 

Frank H. Jones, Physician, Phoenix, Miss., Yazoo County. 

N. F. Jones, Havana. 

S. Kirkpatrick, M. D. Specialist, Selma. 

Tommie Moore, Newbern. 
*W. H. Moore, Marion. 

W. W. Nutt, Marion. 

R. F. Otts, Insurance, Greensboro. 

B. D. Palmer, Eutaw. 

J. A. Rencher, Birmingham. 

L. W. Scales, Mobile. 

P. L. Sutton, Gadsden. 

W. C. Swanson, Lawyer, Montgomery. 

W. H. Terry, M. D., Red Level. 

G. A. Turner, Knoxville, Tenn. 
*J. P. Watkins, Died in Opelika. 

L. A. Wesley, Georgiana. 

W. H. Wesley, Georgiana. 

E. W. Williams, Greensboro. 

J 889 

George C. Ballard, Physician, Biloxi, Miss. 
*Edward I. Brown, B. S., Teacher, Birmingham. 

Pugh U. Brown, B. P., Physician, Troy. 

John Shelby Chadwick, A. B., A. M. (1890), Minister, Formerly 
Conference Sunday School Field Secretary, North Ala. 

Felix M. Drennen, B. P., Merchant, Birmingham. 

Edgar M. Klliott, B. S., Trustee College, Capitalist, 1214 Vir- 
ginia Ave., Birmingham. 
* James D. Freeman, B. P., Physician, Waggoner, Okla. 

T. A. Felton, B. P., Merchant, Little Rock, Ark. 
♦Obadiah Clanton Hand, A. M., Teacher, Greensboro. 

Ira F. Hawkins, A. 15.. A. M. (1890), Minister, North Alabama 

Worchester P. Holdridge, B. P., Teacher, Lineville. 

Harry C. Howard, B. S., D. D. (1908), Professor, School oi 
Theology, Emory University, Ga. 

Edwin Spencer Jack, Attorney, Greensboro. 
*. lames I). Lockhart, Minister, Santa IV. V M. 
*I). McLaurin, B. 1'.. Physician, Mississippi. 

30 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

♦James Whitfield Miller, B. P., Physician. 

James L. Morris, B. P., Merchant, Jasper. 
*Whitfield F. Nix, Attorney, Dothan. 
*Taddeus J. Pruett, Physician, Hurtsboro. 
*Luther Lane Smith, A. M., Minister, Marianna, Fla. 

Richard A. Wall, Physician, Forest Home. 
*Caleb H. Williams, Minister, Mississippi. 


R. L. Agee, Magnolia. 

Gray Allen, Member Alabama Legislature, Jefferson. 

P. A. Armstrong, Havana, Fla. 

A. H. Askew, Gordon. 

G. C. Ballard, Waynesboro. 

J. H. Braswell, Greensboro. 

J. B. Brock, Hudson. 

C. S. Brown, Havana. 

J. H. Burton, Coalburg. 

Mayo Cameron, Oak Ridge, Miss. 

W. A. Carrollton. Hysup. 

Ernest H. Cunningham, Mobile. 

S. R. Doveman, Marion. 

L. P. Dowell, Tuskegee. 

Walter H. Duran, Calera. 

W. S. Ferguson, Hartselle. 

J. D. Gerald, Bells Landing. 

C. E. Geisler, Greensboro. 
*J. D. Geisler, Greensboro. 
*W. J. Geisler, Greensboro. 

J. D. Griffin, Morgan Springs. 
L. Gulley, Boligee. 

E. C. Hannon, Montgomery. 

W. H. Holliday, Sand Mountain. 

F. J. Inge, Jr., Attorney, Mobile. 

D. B. H. Jeffcoat, Minister. 
L. R. Johnson, Rutledge. 

*Pride Jones, Greensboro. 

J. T. Kendall, Eufaula. 

W. B. Kendrick, Brundidge. 
*Hardee Lewis, Greensboro. 

J. H. Locke, Merchant, Tennessee. 

W. H. Long, Anthony, Fla. 
*C. H. Long, Physician, Gainesville. 
*J. B. Mallory, Harris. 

M. M. Manning, Lawyer, Talladega. 

H. McCanley, Mobile. 

J. M. McGiffert, Eutaw. 

E. H. McWhorter, Minister, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
John W. Millstead, Columbiana. 

W. T. Motley, Greenville. 
T. G. Nelson, Columbiana. 


E. W. Ormond, Sumterville. 
*J. E. Pasteur, Greensboro. 

M. P. Phillips, Buttston. 

J. T. Reynolds, Mt. Hillard. 

J. G. Rountree, Maysville. 

J. M. Scott, Sedan. 

W. D. Smith. Mobile. 

R. L. Stough, Dothan. 
*T. T. Syring, Greensboro. 

J. M. Thames, Marion. 

J. E. Timmons, Decatur. 

B. W. Walker, Morgansville. 

J. E. Watts, Sumterville. 

Lee West, Calera. 

A. E. Wild, Fort Deposit. 

P. Willingham, Gainesville. 

M. J. Wilson, Prattville. 

J. J. Wilson, Five Mile. 

W. C. Zeiglers. 

Augustus Benners, Attorney, 2762 Hanover Circle. 
William Wardlaw Benson, A. B., A. M., (1890), Superintendent 

Schools, Decotur. 
Lee C. Bradley, Attorney, Birmingham, Member Tillman, Brad- 
ley and Baldwin, Rec. B. R., L. and P. Co. 
J. L. Bynum, B. P., Teacher, Bynum. 
Llenry A. Dent, Treasurer, Office, Navy Department, W 

ington, D. C. 
W. Langston Haygood, B. P., Business, Montgomery. 
Joseph M. Hobson, Greensboro. 
James A. Huffstutler, B. P., Teacher, Birmingham. 
Emmei YV. Ledbetter, B. S., Banker, Anniston. 
E. S. Lewis, B. P., Minister, Mississippi Conference. 
Harvey C. Long, Attorney, Washington, I). C. 
*Reuben Fletcher Monette, B. S., Physician, Greensboro. 
W. Edward Morris, B. P., Minister. North Alabama Coi 

ence, Trustee Birmingham Southern College. 
Robert S. Pierce, B. P., Physician, Marianna, Fla, 
James W. Rutherford, B. P., Physician, Franklin. 
Samuel P. Stabler, Attorney, Merchant, Lower Peach Tree. 
I. -on M. Stevenson, B. P., Roanoke. 
Robert Strickland, B. S., Furniture, Birmingham. 
C. P. Striplin, B. P., Ashland. 
J. E. Thompson, B. I '., WedoM ee. 
Edward Kimbrough Turner, \. B. (A. M, Ph. D . I' 

I in. I )morj ( m\ ersit) , Ga 

32 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

*James P. Watkins, Physician, Opelika. 
Sidney T. Whitfield, M. D., Physician, Uniontown. 


B. S. Armstrong:, Auburn. 

W. F. Botts, Burnt Corn. 

W. J. Burne, Bluff Springs, Fla. 

S. H. Bell, Warrington, Fla. 

P. N. Booker, Uniontown. 
*J. B. Bancroft, M. D., Birmingham. 

E. G. Burchfiel, Pharmacist, East Lake. 
*E. H. Cobb, Tuskegee. 

H. S. Cobbs, Mobile. 

W. L. Cockrell, Livingston. 

J. E. Coleman, Alexander City. 

E. P. Craddock, Columbus, Miss. 

F. S. Cross, Oxmoor. 

J. H. Crumpler, Sylacauga. 

E. A. Dannelly, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
W. H. Davis, Randolph. 
T. deGraffenried, Greensboro. 

W. K. Dennis, Minister, South Georgia Conference. 
W. V. Dowdell, Tuskegee. 

W. E. Faust, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Neill M. Gillis, Ramer. 
E. C. Goodloe, Gainesville. 
W. B. Grumbling, Greenville. 
A. A. Green, Physician, Montgomery. 
Charles M. Green, 1216 N. 31st St., Birmingham. 
George R. Haas, Mobile. 
A. S. J. Hansleau, Opelika. 
W. M. Hamberger, Tromis. 
R. J. Harris, Rosser. 
M. Hatter, Bermuda. 
W. C. Hawkins, Enterprise. 
A. S. J. Haygood, Rose Hill. 
W. E. Henry, Springville. 
W. B. Hendrciks, Brundidge. 
A. H. Howard, Gastonburg. 
J. T. Huffstuttler, Little Warrior. 
W. T. Jack, Havana. 
S. P. Johnson, South Hill. 
H. B. Johnson, Selma. 

Charles A. Jones, Flour and Grain Company, Birmingham. 
*W. Jones, Greensboro. 
*J. M. Jones, Greensboro. 
R. S. Latimer, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
J. E. Lanford, Gainesville. 
W. G. Linn, Manasco. 
J. B. Mangum, Siluria. 
Louis V. Massey, Chicago. 


W. F. Melton, (Ph. D. Johns Hopkins, 1906) Bishop George F. Pierce 
Professor English Language and Literature, Emory University, 

J. M. Middleston, Simpkinsville. 

Z. W. Miller, Pratt City. 

H H. Motley, Tuskegee. 

Sam J. Mordecai, Fernbank. 

J. F. McGraw, Sylacauga. 

N. D. Otis, Mobile. 

E. H. Phillips, Columbus, Miss. 

G. W. Pierce, Columbus, Ga. 

S. R. Pierce, Columbus, Ga. 

S. R. Poole, Choctaw Corner. 

H. S. Powell, Brewersville. 
*C. R. Ragsdale, Meridian, Miss. 

J. L. Renfro, Opelika. 

James Robinson, Clayton. 

J. W. Rollins, Harpersville. 

J. A. Seal, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

J. T. Shepherd, Union town. 
*J. S. F. Stephens, Minister. 

W. E. Urquhart, Birmingham. 
*R. H. Vidmer, Citronelle. 

W. J. Williams, Jr.. Milton, Fla. 

J. B. Wood, Tuskegee. 

W. W. Wood, Selma. 

Jefferson B. Adams, Minister. Louisville. Kt. 
Hubert M. Ansley, A. M., Business, New Orleans, La. 
Edward P. Flowers, A. M., Manufacturer, Montgomery. 
Rosier S. Gavin, Minister, Huntsville. 
J. Thomas Griswold, Minister. Sweetwater, Texas. 
Edgar C. McVoy, Minister. Neosho, Mo. 
Joseph D. Patterson. !'. S., Teacher. Sloe. mb. 
Thomas M. Patterson, Attorney, Clayton. 
*Thaddeus J. Pruett, B. S., Physician, Hurtsboro. 
Samuel T. Sanders, Professor Louisiana State University, Baton 

Rouge, La. 
Prank P. Sledge, B. P., Business, Brevard, N. (\ 

E. E. Smithson, B. P., Teacher, Bessemer. 

F. E. Stokes, B. P., Louisiana. 
*George Stowers, Attorney, Montgomery. 

S. A. SI reet, B. P., Physician. 
•Henry Trawick, Minister, Opelika. 

J. Gilder Turner, Cotton Buyer, ( i reenshoro. 

Samuel Whitman, B. S., Attorney, Quitman, Miss. 

Robert L. Williams, Ex Governor Oklahoma, I . S. Judge 1 ast- 

crn District of Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, 

34* Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 


John W. Abercrombie, Montgomery, State Supt of Education. 

R. S. Adair, Lively, Lee County. 

Z. S. Agee, Jr., Magnolia. 

W. G. Allen, Jefferson. 

R. S. Andrews, Greensboro. 

Hugh Baird, Columbus, Ga. 

Stewart Banks, Decatur. 

F. L. Berry, Athens. 

H. A. Burnum, Viola. 

B. E. Catron, Caroll Co., Miss. 
J. M. Chambers, Montgomery. 
J. C. Chandler, Cropwell. 

J. M. Connell, Energy, Chilton County. 

L. M. Coate, Woods Bluff, Clarke County. 

M. Connerly, Pushmataha. 

Theo. Copeland, Evangelist. 

R. W. Curl, York. 

H. E. Dannon, Meridian. 

R. M. Dean, Carrollton, Miss. 

H. H. deBardelaben, Statesville. Autauga County. 

W. G. Dent, Pharmacist, Eufaula. 

Harvey Doss, Oregonia, Tuscaloosa County. 
*R. M. Douglass, Lawyer, Greensboro. 

A. B. Drake, Sumpterville. 

John C. Driver, Augustine, Perry County. 

Edward A. DuBoise, Tuskegee. 
*R. U. DuBoise, Jr., Birmingham. 

Robert L. Ely, Durant, Miss. 
*W. R. Flowers, Died in 1021 in Florida Home, Dothan. 

C. G. Fowlkes, Texas. 
W. R. Gaines, Corona. 

T. T. Gallion, Demopolis. 
*F. M. Gillespie, Village Springs. 
A. L. Guy, Cherokee. 
T. W. Hall, Jr., Selma. 
L. A. Hanson, Opelika. 
E. T. Harrison, Minister, Texas. 
Edward M. Harkins, Fayette. 
Hugh L. Hopper, Jr., Mobile. 
George Heidelberg, Jr., Shubuta, Miss. 
Joseph J. Henry, Fayette. 
W. B. Henagan, Epes. 

C. L. Herring, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
W. T. Hudgins, Raif Branch, Montgomery County. 
L. C. Hundley, Eufaula. 

D. H. Hunter, Brewton. 

A. S. Johnson, Cedar Springs. 

C. T. Johnson, South Hill. 

H. W. Gibbs, Grenada, Miss. 
*W. L. Kersh, Greensboro. 
*H. C. Kendrick, Florence. 


*J. W. Killough, Ackerman. CD^Tk tr^CTO 

Forest Lavender, Greensboro. LoUO » O/O 

W. A. Sindorf, Bagdad, Fla. 
George B. Love, Statesville, Autauga County. 
Jeptha Marchant, Columbus, Ga 
Edd Mason, Birmingham. 
G. W. Mason, Athens. 
J. M. Miller, Attorney, Gadsden. 
R. J. Moore, Summerfield. 
J. C. Moorer, Farmersville. 
I, C. McRay, Calvert. 
W. J. McReynolds, Millsport. 
*A. D. McVoy, Minister, Miss. 
M. G. Nicholson, Collinsville. 
James E. Norwood, Waynesboro. 
W. B. Oats, Mobile. 
J. S. Palmer, Remlap. 

J. W. Patterson, Baileyton, Cullman County. 
A. H. Peek, Fort Bluff, Morgan County. 
R. W. Phares, Belmont. 
W. W. Phares, Belmont. 
F. M. Prime, Greensboro. 
T. L. Rippey, Pratt Miness. 

W. L. Rosemand, M. D., Terrace Court Apartments, Birmingham. 
John M. Scott, Belle's Landing. 
H. J. Scale, Greenville. 
Austin Seymour, Fayette. 
*L. B. Sledge, Greensboro. Died 1922. 
Lundie Sloss, Birmingham. 
W. A. Siorf, Bagdad. 
W. S. Smyley, Meridian, Miss. 
J. C. W. Steeger, Gurley. 
J. D. Turner, Cotton Buyer, Greensboro. 

E. C. Tarrant, Chapel Hill, Texas. 

Felix I. Tarrant, Dentist, Birmingham. 

L. L. Thomas, Clayton. 

James Wright, Midway. 

R. I. Walston, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

E. B. Weedon, Eufaula. 

E. L. Willcoxcn, Turtsboro. 

H. J. Williams, Birmingham. 

Harwell Wilson, Lincoln. 

E. B. Wilson, Montevallo. 

T. A. Wilson. Birmingham. 


J. Leigh Andrews, Attorney, Sheffield. 
*David Janus Castleman, A. M., Physician, Greensboro. 
II. W. Coale, B. S. 
D. Benjamin Dismukes, B. P., Minister, Alabama Confr-rmcr. 

James Tunstall Inge, Physician, Mobile. 

36 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Houston Campbell Jack, B. S., Attorney, Real Estate, Ana- 

darko, Okla. 
W. S. McLeod, Principal, York High School, York. 
Robert O. Meek, Teacher, Ft. Meade, Fla. 

Joseph E. Morris, B. P., Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Charles Hearn Motley, A. B., A. M., (1893), Minister, Alabama 

J. E. Zinnamon Riley, B. S., Attorney, Ozark. 
W. Bryant Riley, B. S., Attorney, Tuskegee. 
H. Clayton Riley, B. S., Physician, Coffee Springs. 
S. H. Terrell, Jr., B. S., Attorney, Quitman, Miss. 
James D. Thames, Attorney, Vicksburg, Miss. 

D. L. Wilkerson, M. D., Physician, Birmingham. 

Waldron Abernathy, Leighton. 
F. L. H. Adams, Greenville. 
H. L. Anderson, Montgomery. 

R. M. Archibald, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
V. B. Askew, Dayton. 

H. O. Atkinson, Atkinson Station, Clark County. 
Caleb Bates, Autaugaville. 

A. Benners, Greensboro. 

B. F. Blair, Lounge. 

W. L. Bradley, Oakridge. 
J. A. Brown, Gaylesville. 
W. I. Brown, Gaylesville. 
*H. H. Byars, Blount Springs. 

A. S. Castleman, Greensboro. 
T. H. Cooper, Selma. 

R. L. Crouch, Kosh, Jackson County. 
J. M. Curtis, Lower Peachtree. 

C. F. Davis, Pine Hill. 
J. K. Dean, Camden. 

F. M. de Graffenried, Attorney, Seale 
T .W. Dendy, Petrey. 

B. L. Epps, Vaiden, Miss. 
W. E. Fontaine, Arlington. 

E. O. Gayle, Greensboro. 
W. C. Geisler, Greensboro. 
N. A. Gillis, Orion. 

*E. L. Harrison, Minister, Texas. 

Ottis Hobbins, Edwards, Miss. 

V. M. Hobbins, Edwards, Miss. 
*A. R. Hosmer, Huntsville. 

D. C. Hendley, Brewton. 

J. H. Jernigan, Partland, Fla. 
Albert H. Jernigan, Partland, Fla. 
P. R. Johnson, Winona, Miss. 
A. A. Johnson, Carrollton, Miss. 

Birmingham-Southern College 37 

N. F. Jones, Tuskegee. 
Amos W. Jones, Huntsville. 
W. C. Kersh, Greensboro. 
W. F. Largrowe, Aberdeen, Miss. 
I. M. Lipscomb, Minister, Misssissippi Conference. 
W. E. Lloyd, Pineapple. 
J. T. Logue, Pike Road. 
*J. W. Menefee, Minister, Greensboro. 
J. C. Mims, Houston, Chicasaw County. 

C. M. Mims, Oxford. 

Henry D. Moore, Montgomery. 
J. C. McRae, Calvert. 
T. F. Pierce, Columbus, Miss. 

H. P. Purnell, Chotorad, Miss, Asaqueena County. 
W. G. Redfields, Edwards, Miss., Hunds County. 

E. C. Rosemond, M. D., 2420 Thirty-fourth Avenue North, Birmingham. 
J. W. Roebuck, Birmingham. 
*T. R. Roulhac, Greensboro. 
J. P. Scales, Coatopa. 
R. F. Skipper, Newbern. 

Charles E. Smith, U. S. Postolfice. Greensboro. 
Henry A. Stley, Centre Point, Montgomery County. 

D. D. Stephens, Louisville. 
*W. S. Street, Minister, Dothan. 

J. E. Taylor, Greensboro. 

S. H. Terrell, Judge, Whitman, Miss. 

D. R. Thompson, Anniston. 
J. H. Treadwell, Magnolia. 
V. B. Turner, Lowndesboro. 
J. H. Wallace, Alamuchee. 

E. P. Westcott, Mt. Sterling. 

J. J. Wilson, Five Mile, Hale County. 


William Wardlaw Benson, A. M., High School Principal, De- 

Albert Bowen, A. M., Minister, Professor Soochow L'niver 
Soochow, China. 
*Levi A. Crumley, Dentist, Professor Birmingham Dental Col- 
lege, Birmingham, 

Frank M. de Graffenreid, A. ML, Attorney. Seale. 

James W. Eckford, Physician, Macon, Miss. 

George C. Ellis, B. S., Druggist, 1215 Fourth Avenue South, Bir 

James V. Feagin, A. M., Minister, Alabama Conference. 

.lames Stanley Freeman, B. S., M. D., Physician, Gamhle Mines, 

Percy J. Howard, M. I).. Physician, Mohile. 

Henry D. McCarty, Attorney, Vnniston. 

Charles Hearn Motley, A. M ., Minister, Vlabama Conference. 

38 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Thomas K. Roberts, A. B., A. M. (1894), Minister, Columbiana. 
Fred J. Sheppard, Lumber Dealer, 1324 Eleventh Avenue South, 

Walter Turner, Planter, Highlands, N. C. 

William E. Turnipseed, A. B., A. M. (1897), 1820 Jefferson Ave- 
nue, Ensley. 
Robert E. Tyler, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
John K. Watkins, Attorney, Opelika. 
W. D. Wall, B. P., Merchant, Sardis, Miss. 
Alfred P. Webb, M. D., Physician, Atmore. 


F. 0. Auxford, Hull. 

T. L. Adams, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

T. K. Barefleld, Barnette, Clark County, Miss. 

F. C. Brown, Decatur. 

J .D. Cameron, West Point, Miss. 
W. N. Chatfield, Montgomery. 

A. E. Chum, Tinella. 

E. W. Coleman, Greenwood, Fla. 

M. F. Cook, Carrollton, Miss. 

J. L. Cousins, Birmingham. 

L. W. Cox, Healton, Clark County. 

R. L. Crump, Attalla. 

W. L. Culver, Perote. 

George H. Dent, Jr., Eufaula. 

W. S. Dunn, Sepulga. 

W. W. Eads, Mobile. 

H. D. Estes, Henningway, Miss. 

Charles C. Fisher, Prattville. 

E. M. Fisher, Prattville. 

W. H. Flowers, Jr., Dothan. 

J. R. Gamble, Montgomery. 

H. W. Gibbs, Grenada, Miss. 

G. R. Graham, Rose Hill. 

G. W. Green, Henning Way. 

T. R. Griffin, Marion. 

C. J. Groves, Browns. 

J. C. Hagood, Montgomery. 

C. F. Hammiel, Evergreen. 

W. K. Harswell, Fort Payne. 

Thomas J. Heflin, United States Senator, LaFayette (Washington). 

J. C. Hart, Camden. 

J. A. Hendrick, Fail, Choctaw County. 

Percy Leonidas Howard,, Business, Ashland. 

W. J. Johnson, Aeona, Miss., Holmes County. 

W. A. Johnson, Rutledge. 

T. R. Jones, Birmingham. 

B. B. Jones, Cedar Star, Lauderdale County. 
John L. Jones, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Birmingham-Southern College 39 

G. K. Keady, Printing and Insurance, Birmingham. 

E. L. Kelly, Cluttersville, Madison County. 
W. P. Knight, Honoraville. 

R. E. Leech, Staunton, Miss., Louge County. 
J. R. Lewis. Lower Peach Tree. 
W. W. Luther, Brooksville, Miss. 

B. J. Marshall, Tuscaloosa. 
J. R. McCain, Lineville. 

H. D. McCarty, Annsiton. 
Hilton McClee, Bladen Springs. 

C. F. Moore, Scotts Station. 
P. J. Moore, Summerfield. 

F. B. Ormond, Sumterville. 
W. G. Ormond, Sumterville. 

J. B. Ormond, Meridian, Miss. 
^M. C. Otts, Physician, Greensboro. 
Marvin Pattillo, Druggist, Hartselle. 
J. E. Patton, Caotopa. 
W. E. Peck, Rose Hill, Miss. 

W. H. Pettus, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
T. S. Pickens, Shilo. 
Will H. Pope, Atlanta, Ga. 
H. A. Powe, Bladen Springs. 
A. H. Pruett, Guerryton. 
W. L. Rice, Vaiden, Miss. 
W. J. Robinson, LaFayette. 
William B. Segrest, Minister, Pinckard. 
A. J. Selden, Greensboro. 
V. D. Shirley, North Port. 
W. G. Simpson, Furman. 
F. M. Smith, Marion. 
A. J. Sneed, Brundidge. 
H. A. Sparkman, Decatur. 

D. D. Stephens, Louisville. 

W. W. Stephenson, M. D., Roanoke. 

J. E. Stewart, Phoenix. 

J. T. Stewart, Montgomery. 

W. L. Stewart, Munford. 

W. S. Taylor, Mem [this, Tenn. 

J. V. Trammell, Five Points. 

L. J. Trammell, Five Points. 

J. S. Truman, Jasper. 

E. B. Turner, Clayton. 

S. M. Waller, Physician, Hardouos. 
R. E. Watkins, At I. ilia. 
*W. R. Weedon, Eufaula. 
(i. \. Williams. Graceville ,Fla. 
W. M. Williams. Stockton. 

R. C. Williams, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Robert L. Winslett, Epps. 

.lames Holtzclaw Andrews, Mariana, Ark. 

40 Register of Alumni axd Non-Graduates 

Larry Key Benson, Associate Principal, Alabama Prep. School, 

James H. Bickerstaff, B. S., Physician, Pensacola, Fla. 
J. A. J. Brock, B. S., Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
James Jack Christian, B. S., Planter, Greensboro. 
*J. A. Davis, B. S., Teacher, Phoenix City. 
Curry S. Ellis, Attorney, Birmingham. 

B. M. Hall, B. P., Dentist, Eutaw. 
William Bullock Inge, Jr., Attorney, Mobile. 

*Benjamin II. Kittrell, B. S., Physician, Mississippi. 
E. S. Lewis, Minister, Mississippi Conference. 
Lewis Y. Masssey, Electrician, Chicago, 111. 
J. Alex Moore, B. P., Superintendent Education, Walker County. 

Asa E. Riley, B. S., Teacher, Hartford. 
H. Russell, Business, Ensley. 
Charles E. Shuptrine, B. P., Planter, Safford. 
J. R. Ward, Teacher, Chipley, Fla. 

E. Abney, Randolph. 
J. W. Avery, Texas. 
W. A. Bivin, Brookside. 
R. J. Blanton, Lawyer, Jasper. 

C. L. Brown, Birmingham. 

E. T. Breland, Leaksville, Miss. 

John 0. Buffington, Perry Pass, Escambia County. 

Albert K. Butler, Childersburg. 

A. L. Campbell, Blocton. 

C. N, Campbell, Blocton. 

A. L. Cardwell, Montgomery. 

C. A. Chappelle, Dilleugh, Pickens County. 

J. M. Clark, Jr., Nettleton, Lee County, Miss. 

Willie Clay, Elkmont. 

A. B. Coffman, Enterprise. 

H. C. Compton, Sweetwater. 

F. H. Cooper, Shelly Springs. 
H. W. Cox, Ozark. 

*R. B. Crawford, Jr., Eufaula. 
W. T. Davis, Enterprise, Miss. 
E. F. Dycess, Easonville. 

W. T. Ellisor, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
T. L. Felton, Echo. 
J. E. Fincher, Mobile. 
E. H. Fisher, Prattville. 
H. W. Gillis, Grenada, Miss. 

A. A. Gentry,^ Jasper. 

C. R. Goodfrey, Greensboro. 

B. F. Gregory, Jefferson, Marengo County. 

Birmingham-Southern College 41 

T. E. Green, Wetumpka. 
T. J. Hinton, Prattville. 
*George W. Hinton, Minister, Alabama Confereence. 
E. E. Howell, Merchant, Marion. 
J. A. Isaac, Coalburg. 
Anderson Jackson, Opelusan. 
H. I. Johnson, Brick, Laurens County, Miss. 
E. L. Lewis, Opelusan. 
T. F. Long, Gainesville. 

J. M. Mason, Jr., M. D., 1320 Niazuma Avenue, Birmingham. 
E. B. Merritt, James. Bullock County. 
L. B. Miller, Russellville. 
J. P. Miller, Russellville. 
W. T. Moore, Greeenfield, Bibb County. 
J. F. Moore, Jr., Estabuchee, Miss. 

E. P. McGehee, Leighton. 
Joe E. McGlathery. 

L. McRae, Eufaula. 

F. O. Newell, Camp Hill. 

E. H. Rencher, Mobile. 
N. J. Rhodes, Shell. 

G. W. Russell, Eufaula. 

W. B. Segrest, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
T. S. Session, Montevallo. 

F. M. Shields, Hampden, Marengo County. 

F. E. Smith, Jr., Birmingham. 

E. B. Smith, Pharmacist, Columbus, Ga. 

C. M. Smylie, Meridian, Miss. 

J. R. Sparkman. Macon, Miss. 

C. S. Talley, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

B. T. Taylor, Aquilla. 

II. A. Taylor, Mayor of City, Merchant, Greensboro. 

M. H. Thomason, Sunny South. 

L. M. Trawick, Opelika. 

R. W. Trice. Vernon, Miss. 

William M. Wade, Gaylesville. 

G. L. Wallace, [ronville, Perry County. 
W. H. Watkins, Newelton, I. a. 

J. T. Weaver, Collinsville. 

A. E. Wells. Furniture, 2413 Avenue E, Ensley. 

E. E. Wheat, Memphis, Tenn. 

F. F. Whittle DeKalb, Kemper County, Miss. 
w. c. Williams, Ensley. 

J. I). Williamson, [sney. 
I). I,. Williamson, Prattville. 
William H. Wittj . Winona, Miss. 
\. I,. I). Wright, Vimistead, La. 
]•'. M. Young, Luthers Store, Marengo County. 
Thomas B. Y^oung, Ragland. 

William H. Bickerstaff, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
I. I''. Bilbro, Minister, Vlabama Conference. 

42 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Isaac \V. Chalker, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference. 
W. H. Hawkins, Attorney, Camden. 
*John Ormond Keener, A. M., Minister, President Southern Uni- 
versity 1894-1899, Greensboro. 
Pope McFarland Long, B. S., Capitalist, Cordova. 
Robert Henry Mangum, Three Schools, Attorney, Selma. 
Benjamin F. Marshall, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Olin B. Newman, Business, 131 N. 77th St., Birmingham. 
H. Fletcher Tatum, Chem., Meridian, Miss. 
Thomas P. Taylor, B. S., Business, Montgomery. 
T. H. Watkins, Attorney, Dadeville. 


M. Andrews, Talladega. 

C. P. Alman, Moulton. 

D. D. Askew, Wetumpka. 
W. L. Bayles, Pelham. 

J. W. Belyen, Alexander City. 

D. Beville, Forkland. 

W. R. Bradley, Fayette. 

A. C. Brown, Ozark. 

F. C. Brown, Decatur. 

B. C. Bynum, Lineville. 

A. L. Carter, Hilliam's Store, Marshall County. 
J. M. Carter, Hilliam's Store. Marshall County. 
J. W. Cochran, Jr., New Market. 
W. E. Cooke, Danville. 
H. S. Crawford, Eufaula. 
S. R. Crum, Farmersville. 

G. H. Davis, Eufaula. 
J. H. Davis, Abbeville. 

H. J. Flowers, Kilmichael, Montgomery County. 
William W. Flourney, Argyle, Walton County, Fla. 
A. H. Gillis, Pineapple. 

E. J. Gilder, Pushmataha. 

0. J. Goodman, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
J.F. Golson, Independence, Autauga County. 
J. A. Groves, Browns. 

A. W. Gurley, Meridian, Miss. 
W. F. Hefner, Jasper. 

J. R. Haigler, Montgomery. 

E. P. Hardwick, McClanahan, Morgan County. 

Robert Edward Helsman, Ozark. 

J. W. Howard. 

L. A. Hudson, De Armanville. 

B. C. Hunter, Jr., Curl Station. 
T. A. Jackson, Opelusas. 

Sam Johnston, Forest, Miss. 
Benn F. Kerr,' Piedmont. 
M. C. Kersh, Greensboro. 


E. H. King, Snead, Fla. 
J. B. Knox, Toomsuba, Miss . 
J. P. Lavender, Birmingham. 
T. W. Laxson, Huntsville. 
W. C. Laxson, New Market. 
*James R. Lewis, Greensboro. 
J. G. Lilly, Chesterville. 
J. O. Long, Cordova. 

E. W. Long, Jasper, Probate Judge, Walker County. 
A. L. Mathison, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
J. N. McClain, Hope Hull. 

J. W. McGehee, Woodville, Miss. 
James A. McVoy, Mansfield. 
*H. P. Merritt, Judge Appellate Court, Montgomery. 
J. A. Mills, Pineapple. 

T. J. Middleston, Collirene, Lowndes County. 
Frank Miller, Highland, Shelby County. 
Daniel Mitchell, Nanniesville, Sumter County, Miss. 
M. E. Morehead, Pickens, Holems County, Miss. 
J. W. Neberry, Pratt Mines. 
S. B. Newman, Anniston. 
W. N. Nunn, Loachapoka. 
W. W. Quinn. McDavid, Fla. 

F. K. Rosemond, Jasper. 
Willie Shannon, Bessemer. 

*R. E. Shores, Prattville. 

J. F. Shumaker, Selma. 

L. D. Simmons, Hazel Green, Madison Couaty. 

H. J. Slaughter, Warrior Stand. 

T. P. Taylor, Huffman. 

A. A. Tyler. 

J. A. Wadsworth, Prattville. 

LeRoy Watts, Clanton. 

J. A. Watson, Jr., Watsonia, Green County. 

W. L. Wild, Eufaula. 
*L. E. Willingham, Akron. 

George H. Williams, Greensboro. 

M. H. Yearby, Mississippi. 

Ellis S. Allen, B. P., Physician, Louisville, Ky, 
Malcolm Smith Carmichael, Referee in Bankruptcy, Montgom- 
James D. Webb Cocke, Attorney, New York City. 
J. C. Craig, B. , P., Three Schools, Minister, North Alan 


William Marvette Curtis, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Henderson Looney Holmon, A. M., Physician, Ozark. 
I. W. Howard, B. P., Physician, Maysville. 

William Elejius Martm., A. M.. (Ph. D. 1901 Johns Hopkins 
University), President Sullins College, Bristol, Tenn, 

44 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

T. M. Morris, B. P., Merchant, Jasper. 
John E. Northcutt, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Francis R. Peterson, Secretary School Board, Mobile. 
Joseph Edgar Wilkinson, Attorney, Selma. 


Joe C. Acton, Trussville. 
Isham Agee, Magnolia. 
J. W. Allen, Jr., Gold Mill, Lee County. 
E. W. Anderson, Carrollton. 
W. C. Andrews, Bevell, Wilcox County. 
James V. Brown, Bevell. Wilcox County. 
W. L. Burt, Seale. 
Harry Calvin, Orrville. 
J. D. Webb Cocke, Newark, N. J. 
J. H. Collins, Decatur. 

C. A. Constantine, Anniston. 
R. V. Crenshaw, Anniston. 
T. C. Cross, Decatur. 

R. E. Duke, Carrollton. Miss. 

A. W. Dupay, Huffman, • Jefferson Colnty; Dentist, Birmingham. 

Leonidas Ellis. Washington, D. C. 

0. W. Elliott, W T omack Hill, Choctaw County. 

L. W. Ellis, Greensboro. 

Cad Erwin, Cashier First National Bank, Greensboro. 

W. E. Floyd. Dentist, Clayton. 

T. T. Green, Verbena. 

J. H. Hendrix, Fail, Choctaw County. 

P. J. Howard, Mobile. 

J. P. Jack, Civil Engineer, Virginia. 

L. S. Johnston, Jackson, La. 

E. C. Jones, Maplesville. 

J. L. Kennerd, Kennedy, Lamar County. 
*P. N. Knight, Greensboro. 

R. L. Lacy, M. D., Birmingham. 

J. L. Lacey, Powderly. 

Homer Lanier, Kymulga, Talladega County. 
*G. Claude Lazenby, Forest Home. 

J. A. Lazenby, Monroe ville. 
*R. H. Locke, Cedarville. 

George E. Mason, Columbiana. 

J. M. McClesky, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

D. L. McSwain, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. 
A. M. Meadows, Albertville. 

W. N. Montgomery, Birmingham. 

L. S. Murphey, Decatur. 

W. R. Murphey, Decatur. 

V. W. Newborn, Whistler. 

P. W. Norton, Enon. 

W. D. Parrish, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

H. H. Patton, Birmingham. 

F. E. Poole, Choctaw Corner. 


S. C. Randolph. Johns. Jefferson County. 

L. T. Reynolds, Minister,, Alabama Conference. 

C. E. Rich, State Line, Miss. 

Robert A. Shooks. 

L. S. Simmons, Hazel Green, Madison County. 

C. Y. Stalinwerk, Pharmacist, Greensboro. 

Lester Smith, Oxford. 

C. W. Vaughan, Sunny South. 

K. P. Vaughan, Sunny South. 

W. G. Whitaker, Columbus, Ga. 

W. V. Wilson, Birmingham. 

Ben D. Wittich, Pensacola, Fla. 

J. F. Yarbrough, Opelika. 

C. H. Young, Vernon. 

T. Penny Abernathy, B. P., Physician, Havana. 
James Angus Baxley, B. S., A. M. (1898), Principal City 

School, Talledega. 
J. H. Harlan, Three Schools, Physician, Bartlett, Texas. 
T. H. Henry, B. S., Physicin, Columbus, Miss. 
Benjamin M. Kendrick, B. S., Physician, Luverne. 
J. H. Leonard, Physician, Woodward. 
Charles P. Martin, B. S., Physician, Blocton 
Stephen C. Meigs, B. P., Phician, Centerville. 
Margaret Pickett (Mrs. H. T. Wright), Brooklyn Navy Yard. 
A. C. Smith, B. P., Minister, Central Texas Conference. 
Charles A. Williams, A. M., Minister, Alabama Conference. 

A. C. Bacon, Ozark. 
C. A. Beard, Verbena. 
K. K. Brooks, Sardis, Miss. 
F. K. Camp, Greenville. 
W. S. Cawthorn, Chipley, Fla. 
E. J. Chesnut, Gaylesville. 
W. C. Chisholm, Tuscumbia. 
*E. E. Cobbs, Minister, Montgomery. 
J. M. Cousins, Gainesville. 
Walter J. Dominick, Tuscaloosa. 
W. H. Donaldson, Pratt City. 
J. J. Garner, Hickory, Benton County, Miss. 
O. T. Gilbert, Gilbert, Scott County, Miss. 
T. A. Hanna, Hanna Motor ('<>.. Birmingham. 
W. W. Hinton, Prattville. 
LeRoy Inge, Corinth, Miss. 
*R. Inge, Jr., Dentist, Greensboro. 
John Jackson, Greensboro. 
K. A. Largrove, Aberdeen, Miss. 
C. 0. Looney, Atlanta. Ga. 
w. v. Montgomery, Greensboro. 

46 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

A. M. McConnell, Attalla. 

S. J. Parish, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Josephus Powell, Pelham. 

J. W. Reinhart, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

J. P. Roberts, Childersburg. 

J. R. Rutherford, 2436 G. St., San Diego, Cal. 

J. H. Steiner, Greenville. 

E. M. Trammell, Five Points. 

A. Urquhart, Selma. 

L. G. Waldrop, Trussville. 

E. C. Wall, Sardis, Miss. 
0. A. Wilkerson, Abbeville. 


Edward W. Berry, Banker, Camden. 
♦Charles Fletcher Bush, Physician, Montgomery. 

William H. Hawkins, A. M., Attorney, Camden. 

James H. Hightower, B. S., Teacher, High Ridge. 

James M. Hobson, War Department, Washington, D. C. 
*P. T. Kerr, Munford. 
*T. A. Kimbrough, Choctaw Corner. 
♦Marvin T. Ormond, Attorney, Circuit Colicitor, Tuscaloosa. 

Mack Marcus Pippin, B. S., Planter, Ozark. 

William Siddon, A. M., Teacher, Durant, Miss. 

John L. Sims, Attorney, 920 S. 12th St., Birmingham. 

George Stoves, Three Schools, Minister, Tennessee Conference. 

Randolph A. Tucker, Minister, Mississippi Conference. 


Frank Bryan, Greenwood, Fla. 
*W. A. Cannon, Selma. 
O. P. Curtis, Lower Peathtree. 
T. S. deGraffenried, Greensboro. 
L. H. Dorrah, Kennedy. 
W. Douglass, Greensboro. 
D. A. Echols, 1747 30th St, Pratt City. 
H. M. Finley, Tuscumbia. 
J. Henry Flowers, Dothan. 
S. C. Follkes, Lathem. 
Edd P. Gaines, North Port. 
Borden Gewin, Greensboro. 
G. N. Hall, Birmingham. 
Hugh F. Hamiel, Evergreen. 
Morris Henry, M. D„ Columbus, Miss. 
T. H. Henry, M. D., Columbus, Miss. 
William B. Hope, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Robert S. Latimer, Minister, South Carolina Conference. 
J. W. Mayer, Lower Peach Tree. 
K. E. Mayer, Lower Peach Tree. 

F. H. McCall, DeLatoville. 

Birmingham-Southern College 47 

Charles J. McCleod, Flora. 

John P. McCoy, Birmingham, Assistant Solicitor, Jefferson County. 

E. L. McGehee, Woodville, Miss. 
*J. W. McGehee, Physician, Woodville, Miss. 

E. S. Noble, Lower Peach Tree. 

James F. Ormond, Meridian, Miss. 

J. J. Peterson, Physician, Mobile. 

E. A. Pickett, California. 

C. A. Poellnitz, Physician, Greensboro. 

W. W. Powell, Pratt City. 

J. E. Powers, Jr., Menter. 

E. L. Powers, Greensboro. 

J. W. Pickett, Greensboro. 

L. E. Richardson, Kennedy. 

E. P. Rigsby, Jr., Shell. 

H. Roberts, Jacksonville, Fla, 

L. L. Scarborough, Choccolocco. 

J. V. Shirley, Tuscaloosa. 

B. D. Stabler, Lower Peach Tree. 

John Soythall, Culpepper, Wilcox County. 

N. T. Thompson, Sulligent. 

R. A. Tucker, Booneville, Printess County, Miss. 

T. A. Walthall, Merchant, Newbern. 

A. G. Williams, Benerola, Pickens County. 

M. J. Williams, Graceville, Fla. 

J. M. Yeager, Harrisburg, Bibb CCounty. 


L. R. Bailey, B. P., Business, Seattle, Wash. 

Frank Woodward Brandon, B. P., (B. C), Minister, North Ala- 
bama Conference. 

Otis V. Calhoun, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Hoyt McWhorter Dobbs, A. M., D. D. (1914), LL. I). (1922), 
Minister, North Alabama Conference, Later Dean Theo- 
logical Department, Southern Methodisl University, 
Bishop M. E. Church, South, Brazil. 

Frank Asbury Gamble, Attorney, Jasper. 

W. Chalmers Hamilton, Business, 1301 S. 19th St., Birmingham. 

Fontaine Maury Howard, B. S., Planter, Mulberry ( Autauga - 
ville lit. 1). 
*Ray Madding McConnell, Instructor Social Ethics, Harvard 
University, Cambridge, Mass. 

John W. Malone, Banker, Pensacola, Fla. 

Keener N Matthews, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Edgar Artie Peterson, Physician, Mobile. 

George W. Read, B. P., (B, C), Minister, North Alabama Con- 
•Frank Seay, A. M., Minister, Professor Southern Methodist 
University, Dallas, Texas. 

48 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Dow P. Slaughter, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
James E. Terry, B. P., Physician, Red Level. 


J. C. Adams, Ozark. 
W. W. Arberry, Jacksonville. 
J. Y. Avery, Greensboro. 
Clellie Bailey, Pleasant Grove. 
G. F. Bain, Bessemer. 
G. F. Bain, Bessemer. 
J. G. Britton, Cedarville. 
M. H. Brown, Heathman, Miss. 
R. E. Chadwick, Bank President, Ensley. 
O. H. Chapman, Troy. 
W. T. Cocke, Physician, Demopolis. 
S. H. Colvin, Eutaw. 
E. R. Copeland, Attorney, Birmingham. 
J. M. Crawford, Greensboro. 
O. L. Daniel, Leesburg, Clark County. 
W. J. deBardeleben, LaPlace. 
J. W. Faulkner, Mount Hillard, Bullock County. 
Albert Farish, Camden. 
E. W. Gosa, Knoxville. 

E. C. Golson, Bazemore, Autauga County. 
J. S. Goree, Wetumpka. 
R. F. Hall, Jr., Uniontown. 

George M. Hall, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
W. F. Hardin, Pearl, Pickens County. 
J. L. Henry, Guntersville. 
Hugh W. Hill, Carrollton. 
S. H. Hill, Jr., Carrollton. 
L. C. Johnson, Gaston, Sumter County. 
William M. Keady, Pharmacist, Georgia. 
James J. Lampley, Louisville. 
John B. Matthews, St. Louis, Mo. 
R. O. Moore, Newbern. 
Robert Morris, Fayette. 
J. R. Motley, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. 
E. L. McCafferty, Carrollton. 
A. W. McCleod, Birmingham. 
M. S. McCord, Birmingham. 
W. W. McGowen, Wilsonville, Shelby County. 
*J. W. Nabors, Greensboro. 
J. C. Newman, Satartia, Yazoo County, Miss. 
S. C. Newman, Satartia, Yazoo County, Miss. 
E. V. Otts, U. S. Internal Revenue, Washington, D. C. 
J. D. Pointer, Hillsboro. 

Walter Puckett, Roebuck Springs, Birmingham. 
A. K. Puckett, Birmingham. 
C. E. Reddock, Vernledge. 
Jasper J. Riley, Midland City. 
J. H. Seay, Scott, DeKalb County. 


James H. Self, Weldon, Shelby County. 
C. C. Shirley, Merchant, Gcrdo. 
LeMay Sledge, Demopolis. 
R. E. Smith, Newburgh, Franklin County. 
Milton Smith, Centre. 
*A. B. Taylor, Five Mile, Hale County. 
C. F. Taylor, Enterprise, Clark County, Miss. 
F. U. Taylor, Enterprise. Clark County, Miss. 
C. S. Thames, Aberdeen, Miss. 
J. S. Tucker, Greensboro. 
S. Y. Tutwiler, Oklahoma. 
J. M. Wallace, Tallassee. 
J. M. Ward, Prattville. 
M. J. Williams, White Plains, Calhoun County. 

\ 900 

Claudius Lysias Chilton, Jr., Advertising, 230 S. 5th Ave., Mt. 
Vernon, New York. 

James F. Clark, B. P., (B. C), Minister, Toler, Texas. 
Walter P. Dickinson, B. P., Physician, Nichols, Fla, 
William E. Dickson, (B. C), City Commissioner, Birmingham. 
Charles E. Fuller. 

Foster Kirk Gamble, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Now Missionary, Seoul, Korea. 

Waights G. Henry, Minister, Professor Sociology, Emory Uni- 
versity, Ga. 

James A. Mines, B. S., (B. C), Attorney, La Fayette. 

John C. James, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Albert F. Jackson, Teacher, Eutaw. 

Lewis Joshua Lawson, Jr., Banker, Greensboro. 

WilliamH. McNeal, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Marvin E. Moreland, B. S., Physician, 2528 34th Ave., N .. 

Thomas V. Ormond, Banker, Orn lie. 

Clarence A. Owen. B. P., Teacher, Peachburg. 

William Frank Price, Minister, North Alabama Confer 

Otis I>. Roper, 1'). P., I B. C), attorney, Gadsden. 
♦Henon T. Self, B. P.. (B. C), Teacher, J< n ( ounty. 

Peyton (). Thomas, Banker, Selma. 
♦Newton O. Tyler, B. I'., (B. C), Business, Died .Inn. 2(>, 1923, 

♦Alice (Coleman) Waller, Sawyerville. 

Charles Stovall Weems, IV S. Merchant, Shubuta, M 

John W. Wilson, B. IV. Physician, Orrville. 

50 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 


L. P. Bellah, Gates Wood, Baldwin County. 

E. P. Brown, Pratt City. 

R. C. Bullard, Floyd. 

B. F. Castleman, Jr., Greensboro. 

Herbert S. Chiles, Village Springs, Blount County. 

R. C. Clarke. Seville. 

W. W. Clarke, Jackson. 

H. T. Cocke, Greensboro. 

J. C. Crum, Arlington, 

J. U. Cureton, Dothan. 

J. W. Davis, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

E. Donaldson, Pratt City. 
J. I. Doak, Union Springs. 

M. B. DuBose, 1120 Fountain Ave., Birmingham. 
J. C. Eckford, Louisville. 
P. C. Gill, Birmingham. 
W. L. Graves, Greensboro. 
W. P. Hale, Woodlawn. 
♦Leslie Hall, Daphne. 
M. R. Hall, Merchant, Greensboro. 
R. E. Hall, Shelby. 
L. M. Hand, Coatopa. 
W. J. Harlan, Hackneyville. 
Joe H. Haskins, Allrich. 
W. C. Hicks, Talladega. 
John M. Holliway, Geneva. 
L. Jones, Physician, Selma. 
J. H. Larkin, Greensboro. 

B. M. Lavender, Greensboro. 
*L. Lawson, Banker, Greensboro. 

Dexter M. Lowery, Valley Head. 

F. Makin, Pratt City. 
George McCurdy, Lowndesboro. 
W. W. McFadden, Deatsville. 

*L. G. Noble. 
A. S. Patterson, Sullivan, Escambia County 
John C. Perry, 2304 Clarendon Ave., Bessemer. 
R. W. Poellinitz, Physician, Medford, Ore. 
Edd Powell, Pratt City. 
Charles M. Powell, Clintonville. 

C. B. Powers, Merchant, Greensboro. 
E. L. Ray, Plantersville. 

J. W. Sadler, Lawyer, Sheffield. 

C. S. Sellers, Randolph. 

W. H. Shark, Woodlawn. 

T. Clay Sherrell, Athens. 

Edd Strickland, Vineland, Marengo County. 

E. E. Taylor .Aquilla, Choctaw County. 

Z. 0. Taylor, Aquilla, Choctaw County. 

J. H. Taylor, Huffman. 

E. C. Totherow, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Birmingham-Southern College £1 

E. A. Tucker, Booneville, Prentiss County, Mis3. 

Henry A. Vaughan, Selma. 

J. H. Ward, Echo. 

John Watley, Greensboro. 

W. C. Watson, White Plains. 

J. A. Wheeler, Collinsville. 

E. Young, Jr., Professor, Normal College, Livingston. 


Eugene Callaway, Physician-Specialist, Selma. 

Marvin McCoy Davidson, B. P. (B. C), Minister, North Ala- 
bama Conference. 

Edgar Massillon Glenn, (B. C), Sometime President of Bir- 
mingham College and Athens College, Minister, North 
Alabama Conference. 

John Holcombe Holloway, Minister, Virginia. 

Thomas Leonidas Howard, A. B. (M. D.), Physician, Denver, 

Joseph Hopkins James, Jr., Attorney, Greensboro. 

Issac C. Jenkins, A. M., Sometime Professor Birmingham Col- 
lege, Minister, Florida Conference. 

Lee Jones, Physician, Selma. 

Baylis Nathaniel Lowery, Teacher, St. Francisvillc, La. 

Lovick Pierce Liles, Business, Louisville, Ky. 

William Marvin McDonald, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

Elra Bland Paul, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Marvin Hunter Pearson, Teacher, Montgomery. 

Pauline Pickett, Teacher, Maderia, Cal. 

David Ernest Shoaff, Los Angeles, Cal. 

David C. Turnipseed, Jr., A. M., Physician, Union Spring. 

Selman U. Turnipseed, B. P., Minister, Alabama Conference, 

Charles Edward Waller, Jr., [nsurance, Greensboro. 

James W. Watson, Teacher, ( 'en t erville. 

William LaFayette Ward, attorney, Mariana, Ark. 

W. P. Beggs, Butler. 
C. E. Brown, Pushmataha. 
E. B. Bynum, LaFayette. 
G. M. Chatfield, Montgomery, 
(i. M. Chesnut, Gaylesville. 
E. F. Childers, Evergreen. 
John W. Cocke, Birmingham, 
P, A. deBardeleben, Montgomery. 
J V. Folkea, Selma. 
Manning Freeman, Northport. 

52 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

A. Gewin, Greensboro. 

W. F. Gilder, Jr., Butler. 

W. N. Gilmer, Jr., Butler. 

Marvin Godfrey, Sumterville. 

C. L. Harrell, Browns, Dallas County. 

Theodare H. Jack, (A. B., A. M., Ph. D.) Dean of Graduate School of 

Emory University, Ga. 
Frazer L. Jeter, Geneva. 
Harold Jones. Officer, U. S. Navy. 
Ella Kenner, Greensboro. 
*R. E. Kynard, Five Mile, Hale County. 
R. E. Ledbetter. State Dept. Education, Montgomery. 
C. W. Lowery, Valley Head. 
G. M. Malone, Rutledge. 

R. E. Martin, Greensboro. 
J. W. Matheson. Minister, Alabama Conference. 
W. T. Mays. Cedarville. 

W. G. Miller, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
L. H. Moore, Newbern. 
Anne Motley, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. 
O. M. Otts, Mobile. 

C. N. Perry, Warrior Stand. 
S. S. Perryman, Fayettsville. 

D. D. Phillips, Uniontown. 
Israel Pickens, Mobile. 

T. W. Reed, Jones. 

H. M. Roberts, Easonville. 

F. H. Sadler, Sheffield. 

L. Sledge, Greensboro. 

Mac Simpson, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

E. R. Smith, Lowndesboro. 
C. M. Spencer, Goodwater. 
M. D. Still. Wetumpka. 

J. J. Strickland, Brookwood. 

C. W. Terry, County Commissioner, Greensboro. 

R. D. Threadgill, Hampden, Marengo County. 

W. B. Tucker, Greensboro. 

W. A. Tyner, Luverne. 

Walter Vinson, Huntsville. 

Rice Woodward, Talladega. 


David C. Batson, B. S. (B. C.), Physician, 520 Tuscaloosa Ave., 
♦William Pierce Chilton, President Paragon Press, Montgomery. 
♦Frank Elijah Chapman, Dean Gulfport Military Academy, 
Gulfport, Miss. 
Arthur S. Davidson, B. S. (B. C), Business, Browns. 
Albert Campbell Davis, Business, Montgomery. 
Robert Echols, A. B., D. D. (1921), Minister, North Alabama 

Birmingham-Southern College 53 

Robert Ross Ellison, A. B., A. M. (1903), Minister, Alabama 
*Louis Byron Elrod, B. P. (B. C). 

Joseph Brown Farrior, A. M., Physician, Tampa, Fla. 

Benjamin B. Glasgow, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama Con- 
ference, President Athens College, Athens, Ala. 

Lemuel Bailey Green, A. M., Minister, Alabama Conference, 
Child Welfare Department, State of Alabama, 528 S. 
Hull St., Montgomery. 

James O. Hanes, B. P. (B. C), Minister, North Alabama Con- 

Marvin R. Heflin, B. P. (B. C), Minister, South Georgia Con- 

John Holcombe Holloway, A. M., Minister, Virginia. 

William Reynolds Howell, Minister, North Alabama Confer- 

Herbert Vaughn Hudson, Planter, Lilita. 

Clarence E. Hutchinson, Physician, Pensacola, Fla. 
*John Wade Ledbetter, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Harry R. Morris, (B. C), Physician. 

Rhea Oscar Noojin, B. S. (B. C), Business, Attalla. 
*Lewis Fletcher Parrish, B. P. (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

Henry D. Perry, B. S. (B. C), Business, Bessemer. 

Amy Seay, (Mrs. L. J. Lawrence, Jr.), Grensboro. 

Robert Ernest Sessions, Business, 1514 N. 19th St., Birmingham. 

Zachariah P. Shepherd, B. S. (B. C), Attorney, Carbon Hill. 

Robert Gideon Slocumb, Attorney, Birmingham. 

Benjamin C. Threadgill, A. M., Business, Birmingham. 

Walter Felix Turnipseed, Dentist, Fufaula. 

Richard Thomas Tyler, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Eugene Ellis Vann, (B. C.), Insurance, 110 Morningside Drive, 
Apt. 65, New York City. 


J. I). Acton. Trussville. 
Harry L. Alexander, Greensboro. 
R. H. Alston. Clayton. 

S. W. Baker, Hi<k<>r> Flat, Chambers County. 
James Burgin, Attorney, Birmingham. 
Wilson Burgin, Merchant, Ensley, 1685 Pike \\'-. 
Forney W. Brandon, Chief Clerk, Criminal Division, Circuit Court. Hir 

Henry BroM n, ( rreensboi »>. 
F, A. Brown. Lowndesboro. 

64 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Sherrod Burford, Powderly. 
W. R. Bynum, Attorney, Oneonta. 
J. D. Carpenter, Jr., Washington, D. C. 
*M. Carpenter, Mills Springs, Polk County, N. C. 
Charles W. Clegg, Arnold. 
H. C. Cleveland, Trio, Bibb County. 
Herbert Collins, Birmingham. 
W. L. Cottingham, Six Mile, Bibb County. 
J. A. Crook, Enon. 
J. B. Cross, Gothita. 
Samuel Davis, Montgomery. 

George J. Dominick, Jr., Sherwin-Williams Co., Birmingham. 
Jessie Downey, Birmingham. 
Cochran Dupaty, Birmingham. 

C. B. Elliott, Trinity. 

Paul Ellison, Cheap Hill, Tenn. 
Lillie Edmundson, Birmingham. 
W. A. Gibson, Pratt City. 
J. S. Glasgow, Jr., Oneonta. 
George Glenn, Washington, D. C. 
Susie Glenn, Birmingham. 
Marvin Gray, Attalla. 
*C. S. Gregory, Decatur. 
A. B. Griffin, Moundville. 
Walter Hamilton, M. D., Birmingham. 
Simpson Hamilton, Birmingham. 
George Hamilton, Birmingham. 
Leslie M. Hand, Physician, Demopolis. 

J. O. Hanes, Evangelist, North Alabama Conference, Birmingham. 
M. R. Harrison, Bynum. 
R. H. Haygood, M. D., Elyton. 

D. B. Hawkins, Vernon. 
*Williams Hines, Athens. 

W. H. Hobson, Jr., Jerusalem, N. C. 

M. H. Howard, Autaugaville, Rt. 1. 

Leslie P. Howard, Mobile. 

R. C. Hockensmith, Lowndesboro. 

C. L. Johnson, River Ridge. 

B. R. Johnson, LaPine. 

M. C. Jones, Greensboro. 

Edgar W. Jones, Jr., Birmingham. 

Thomas O. Jordan, 800 1st Ave., Brimingham. 

Charles Kirkpatrick, Birmingham. 

H. R. King, Leighton. 

E. C. Kinney, Bramen. 
James M. Lane, Cherokee. 

A. Lawson, Jr., Dentist, Greensboro. 

Reid Lawson, Jeweler, 308 N. 20th St., Birmingham. 

Ben H. Lidden, Pensacola. 

Howard A. Milner, 806 Cotton Ave., Birmingham. 

J. K. Miller, Rockford. 

Willie Morrow, Birmingham. 

T. W. Morgan, Birmingham. 


*H. M. Moss, Woodlawn. 
E. L. Moos, 5201 3rd Ave., Birmingham. 
H. G. Nixon, East Lake. 
M. J. Ormond, Sumterville. 
John W. Ormond, Meridian, Miss. 
Robert F. Ormond, Meridian, Miss. 
C. H. Owen, Pratt City. 
J.E. Perdue, Birmingham. 
R. E. Peebles, Birmingham. 
Joe Pickett, California. 
Edwards Powell, Birmingham. 
Hattie Powell, Birmingham. 
J. C. Reynolds, Montevallo. 
R. E. Ryan, Cullman. 
I. J. Sandifer, Birmingham. 
Roscoe Scott, 1810 30th St., Ensley. 
Isaac Sellers, Johns. 
0. W. Sellers, Johns. 
W. G. Sledge, Merchant, Greensboro. 
E. W. Sledge, Greensboro. 
G. H. Smith, Erie, Cherokee County. 
A. C. Springfield, Guin. 
Joseph H. Strong, Woodlawn. 
W. L. Thaxton, Pratt City. 
Howard J. Thomas, Hargrove. 
J. C. Ussery, Sandusky. 
E. N. Vance, Ensley. 
M. C. Vance, Birmingham. 
S. E. Varner, Greensboro. 
John M. Mackay, Powderly. 
George M. March, Mobile. 
R. M. Marx, Birmingham. 
H. H. McGuire, Anniston. 
Paul E. Millsaps, Darlington. 

E. C. Yielding, Dentist. First National Bank Bldg., Birmingham. 
Nannie Zuber, Pratt City. 
Claude E. Zuber, First National Bank Bldg.. Birmingham. 

John Ellis Brown. B. S. (B. ('.), Attorney, Former City Com 

missioner, Birmingham. 
Marvin A. Dinsmore, B. P. (B. C), Attorney, Birmingham. 
Ernest Brindley Dunlap, Physician, Lawton, Okla. 
James Ira Goodwin, H. S. (B. C.)j Pharmacist, Ensley. 
William Wallace McGehee, A. M., Physician, Montgomery. 
Hoy Moon-, A. 15., A. M. (1906), Professor Centenarj College, 
Shreveport, La. 
Thomas Malcolm Purcell, Teacher, Georgia. 
Frances May Threcfot (Mrs. H. Walker), Mobile. 
* Kathleen Armstead Waller, Greensboro. 

56 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Leon Harlan Watkins, Physician, Birmingham. 
Stewart Henry Welch, Physician, Birmingham. 

W. E. Aldridge, Tarrant City. 
Bennett Allford, Childersburg. 
*Anna Babb. Birmingham. 
Mrs. George F. Baine, Birmingham. 
Rupert Barclif, Birmingham. 
Russell G. Bell, Hargrove. 
J. T. Bell, 1105 N. 14th St., Pratt City. 
Fletcher W. Beall. 
Margaret C. Blalock, Birmingham. 
Carrie L. Brandon. Gadsden. 
John Brandon, Birmingham. 
*J. L. Brake. Jr., Warrior. 
George J. Bregman. Ensley. 
A. N. Buckner, Compton. 
Wilbur Buchannan, Birmingham. 
J. B. Burgin, Birmingham. 
Ruth Burns, Birmingham. 
Theodore Burton, Birmingham. 
*Mrs. W. P. Chilton, (Minnie Pickett), Montgomery. 
Laura Christian. (Mrs. Walter P. Dickinson), Florida. 
Thomas Cochran. Birmingham. 
Walter J. Connell, Smythe. 
John B. Corley. Greensboro. 

F. W. Cox. Citronelle. 

H. F. Crim, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

G. M. Cox, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Walter H. Curlel, Birmingham. 

A. M. Dampier, Birmingham. 
Hanson Darlington, South Carolina. 
J. L. Dickerson. Greenwood. 

W. W. Downey, Adamsville. 

Claude Drake, Elyton. 

Mrs. E. B. Dunlap (Willie Walton), Lawton, Okla. 

Maggie East, Birmingham. 

Terrell East, Birmingham. 

Charles Eberley, Cullman. 

Manuel Vera Estanol, Mexico City. 

Wendell Fincher, 1005 Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 

John Finley, Jr., Moundville. 

B. J. Fitch, Bridgeport. 
Jewell Fiquett, Pratt City. 
W. E. Gaines, Attalla. 

L. D. Gallagher, Birmingham. 
F. A. Gallagher, Birmingham. 
Myrtle Gallagher, Birmingham. 
W. A. Gibson, Birmingham. 
J. W. Gibson, Pratt City. 
H. C. Gibson, Pratt City. 
Sid Gibson, Verbena. 


W. H. Glasgow, 304 Tuscaloosa Ave., Birmingham. 
Claude Glasgow, Birmingham. 
Albert Gledhill, Ensley. 
Willie Goodman, Ensley. 
Lawrence Gregory, Birmingham. 
John Hamilton, Birmingham. 
Leonard Hall, Birmingham. 
Edward Hardens, Jonesville. 
David Hardens, Jonesville. 
Charlie Harmon, Birmingham. 

Dan W. Haskew, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
L. D. Hawkins, Talladega. 
W. M. Hays, Helena. 
R. C. Helton, Bookkeeper, Greensboro. 
Henry L. Hentz, Birmingham. 
Will Henry, Jonesville. 

Linus P. Hosmer, N. Y. City, Cashier, 5th Ave. National Bank. 
''Irene Hosmer, Birmingham. 
L. V. Hosmer, Greensboro. 

Mrs. Eliza Howell (Miss Babb), Baton Rouge, La. 
Lawrence Hubbard, Talladega. 
Elliston Humphrey. Cullman. 
R. E. Johnson, East Lake. 
M. H. Johnston, Greensboro. 
Frank Jones, 6310 1st Ave., Birmingham. 
S. E. Jones, Elyton. 
Mary P. Jones, Greensboro. 
Annie Jordan, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 
G. Killough. 

J. W. Lane, Birmingham. 
Edd Lavette, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 
Ellien Lavette, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 
Eugene Latham, Birmingham. 
E. M. Lee, (Pratt City), Birmingham. 
Ben Love, (Thomas), Birmingham. 
Claude H. Love, (Thomas), Birmingham. 
O. S. Mackey, Ensley. 
Oscar Mansfield, (Elyton), Birmingham. 
J. E. Martin, Greensboro. 

Norman Marbut, Bessemer. 

H. C. Moreland, M. I)., Huntsville. 

E. Moore, Newbern. 

S. (!. Moore, Montevallo. 

S. S. Morton, Vernon. 

E. I). Morris. (Pratt City), Birmingham. 

John McDuffie, Congress L919-23, First Alabama District, Monroeville. 

S. S. McNeal, Marianna, Fla. 

Joe Nelson, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 

Oliver O'Birne, Cincinnati. 

Mrs. Gilbert Ozlej (Hattie Williams), 803 7th W., Birmingham. 

Richard Oliver. 1400 :h.i Ave., Birmingham. 

H. E. oiiv.-r. 1 12 n. 57th, Birmingham. 

L. B. Otts, Texas. 

58 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

E. W. Patton, Dentist, Selma. 

Arthur Perkins, Bessemer. 

J. S. Pill, Ishkooda. 

P. S. Pippin, Courtland. 

Hogo Plato, Cullman. 

Edwards Powell, Birmingham. 

Edward Quick, Birmingham. 

P. C. Quick, Birmingham. 

R. E. Rarden, 1713 Clarendon Ave., Bessemer. 

J. L. Rarden, Bessemer. 

Archie Ray, Tuscaloosa. 

R. J. Redden, Sulligent. 

Biggs Rogers, Pratt City. 

Oliver Rogers, Pratt City. 

S. O. Ryan, Cullman. 

W. M. Sadler, Bessemer. 

Irene Salmon, Bridgeville. 

Ernest Sanders, 531 13d St., Ensley. 

Carl Sanders, Ensley. 

Claude Sandefur, Birmingham. 

R. H. Sanders, Physician, Cedarville. 

E. H. Schuessler, Wadley. 

T. H. Seay, Attorney, New York City. 

M. W. Seed, Greensboro. 

C. C. Sellers, Forest Home. 

G. H. Smith, Exie, Cherokee County. 

John Smith, (Elyton), Birmingham. 

Hugh W. Smith, 5339 4th Ave., N., Birmingham. 

J. K. Smith, (Elyton), Birmingham. 

S. L. Smith, 1127 N. 28th St., Birmingham. 

A. W. Sorrell, Elyton), Birmingham. 

J. W. Sorrell, (Elyton), Birmingham. 

M. L. Stabler, Stabler, Wilcox County. 

L. C. Steel, Anniston. 

Osborne Stubbs, Brighton. 

Gillian Suite, Birmingham. 

T. T. Tollman, Birmingham. 

Porter Terrell, Ensley. 

Mrs. Lizzie Thompson, (Miss Williams), (Elyton), Birmingham. 

E. C. Torbert, Greensboro. 
T. W. Turner, East Lake. 
G. E. Tyler, Rye Cove, Va. 
T. G. Tyler, Birmingham. 
Paul D. Vann, Collinsville. 
*Joel Vann, Millport. 
Monroe Vann, Millport. 
Frederick Vann. 

Ruth Vann. 

Ross Vest, (Woodlawn), Birmingham. 
Charley Vincent, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 
Claude Vincent, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 
Netty Vincent, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 

Birmingham-Souther:* College 59 

B. B. Walker, Anniston. 
R. W. Walker, Greensboro. 
A. J. Walker, Pratt City. 

A. B. Waller, Greensboro. 

*R. B. Waller, Jr., Greensboro. 
M. M. Watkins, New Lexington. 
Bessie Wamock, Thomas. 

Robert A. White, M. D., 4318 de Bardeleben Ave., Fairfield. 
Hossmer White, Detroit. 
Carl White, Birmingham. 

Amy Wildsmith, 716 Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 
Ida Wildsmith, 76 Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 
H. H. Williams, Cullman. 
James A. Williams, (Elyton), Birmingham. 
Charles Winfield, Compton. 

C. C. Wood, Dolomite. 

Charles Worthington, Birmingham. 
Hezzikiah Wright, Birmingham. 
Mattie Wright, Birmingham. 
Edd Yesseck, Warrior. 


Ferdinand Harvey Bryant, Business, 416 S. 54th St., Birming- 

George H. Bumgardner, B. S. (B. C), Attorney, Bessemer. 

John Dantzler Chappell, Attorney, Guthrie, Okla. 

Minna Teresa Grote, Professor Chemistry, Grenada College, 
Grenada, Miss. 

Thaddeus L. McDonald, B. P., B. S. (1905), (B. C), Minister, 
North Alabama Conference. 

Daniel Houston McNeal, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
^William Yancey Peteet, B. S. (B. C), Birmingham. 
*Annie Seay, Greensboro. 

Harvey Penn Vaughn, New York. 

Lucy Ora Walton, (Mrs. W. O. Turnipsced), Union Springs. 

Charles Herbert Webster, Insurance, Birmingham. 


B. F. Adams, Jr., Thomasville. 
T. II. Baker, Newbern. 

C. B. Borden, Greensboro. 
H. C. Bullard, Floyd. 

E. P. Brown, Dolomite. 

0. D. Cannon, Greensboro. 
H. W. Cassady, Midland City. 
John T. Chilton, Montgomery. 
E. (i. Chonteau, Greensboro. 
James Clench nen. Sweet water. 
'Justin Cocke, Birmingham. 

C. W. CraiK. Vaiden. 

60 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

W. V. Craig, Uniontown. 

H. S. Davis, Trinity. 

Mrs. M. Dowdell, (Miss Hosmer), Greensboro. 

E. E. Emerson, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
C. B. Etheridge, Brown's. 

A. A. Findley, Oneonta. 

A. G. Fitch, Bridgeport. 

Zule Gallagher, Birmingham. 

Emma Gayle, Curbville. 

W. D. Gayle, Marion. 

J. I. Goodman, Tuxedo. 

J. W. Green, Selma. 

T. Y. Grest, Gadsden. 

H. H. Griffith, Village Springs. 

L. M. Harris, Ministers, North Alabama Conference. 

I. A. Heidleberg, Heidleberg, Miss. 

J. E. Heidleberg, Heidleberg, Miss. 

S. C. Heidleberg, Heidleberg, Miss. 

A. A. Hernden, 920 Ella St., Birmingham. 

W. H. Holliway, Tuskegee. 

W. H. Hood, Lowndesboro. 

J. C. Hope, Pine Hill. 

William Hosmer, Bay Minette. 

F. T. James, M. D., Uniontown. 
Mary Johnston, Sumterville. 
Henry M. Jones, Bessemer Rt. 4. 

T. G. Jones, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Fountain Kirkland, Birmingham. 

Edwin J. Lane, Sylacauga. 

J. V. Lisle, Jr., Alexander City. 

F. M. Long, Jasper. 

U. E. Menefee, Plantersville. 

W. E. Miller, Greensboro. 

C. H. Moore, Mount Carmel. 

W. W. Moore, Mount Carmel. 

Hugh C. McCafferty, Carrollton. 

W. R. McCafferty, Carrollton. 

R. H. McFadden, Selma. 

J. A. Neville, 2422 4th Ave., N., Birmingham. 

G. N. Neville, Trinity. 
George C. Nixon, Uniontown. 
Henry D. Perry, Bessemer. 
J. A. Peterson, Jr., Geneva. 
Clarence E. Proctor, Dillburgh. 
A. J. Powers, Greensboro. 

R. S. Scarborough, Evans. 

W. J. Simmons. 

Henry Sindorf, Pensacola, Fla. 

G. B. Skinner, Old Spring Hill. 

L. G. Smith, Dothan. 

T. N. Smith, Smithsonia. 

W. C. Stough, LaPine. 

G. M. Tate, Summerfield. 


D. A. Thomas, Margrove. 

M. D. Thomason, Jr., Pine Hill. 

G. U. Thompson, Washington, D. C. 

W. O. Turner, Vinegar Bend. 

D. W. Turnipseed, Flora. 

P. T. Vaughn, Selma. 

Willie Vaughn, Pratt City. 

W. L. Weems, Jr., Shubuta, Miss. 

J. H. Wiggins, M. D„ Flint. 

D. G. Wilkinson, County Engr., Gastonberg. 

A. P. Williams, Mobile. 

W. B. Wilson, Buffalo. 


Bret Beale Bradley, Planter, Columbia, Miss. 

William Hilliard Cryer, Physician, Columbus, Miss. 

Cullen Coleman Daniel, Sometime President of Southern Uni- 
versity and Birmingham-Southern College, Minister Ala- 
bama Conference. 

John William Frazer, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Martha Elizabeth Littleton (Mrs. B. B. Bradley), Columbia, 

Hugh A. Locke, B. S. (B. C), Attorney. Sometime Chancery 
Judge, Dean Birmingham Law School, Birmingham. 

Robert Bruce McGehee, Principal Gulf Coast Military Academy, 
Gulfport, Miss. 

Wesley Adolphus Moore, A. B., (M. A. U. of Chicago), Profes- 
sor Mathematics, Birmingham-Southern College, Bir- 

Slaughter Norton, B. S. (B. C), 2606 38th Ave. N., Physician, 

Thomas Silas Norwood, Journalist, Oklahoma. 

Wellington M. Owen, B. S. (B. C), Business, Albany. 

Lorenzo Dow Patterson, ( H. C), Minister, North Vlabama con- 

Wilbur Dow Perry, A. B., (A. M. Vanderbilt, Graduate Work. 
U. of Chicago), Professor English, Birmingham-Southern 
College, Birmingham. 

Hugh Wiley Pudkett, Instructor, Columbia University, New 


Charles Edgar Rice, B. S., (B.C.), Member Tillman, Bradley and 

Baldwin, Attorney, Birmingham. 
John Carlisle Shepherd, B. S. (I'.. C), Cit) attorney, Jasper. 
Leon Harlan Watkins, A . M., Physician, Birmingham. 

62 Register of Alumni a»d Non-Graduates 

R. K. Acuff, Ensley. 
P. H. Avery, Gold Hill. 

James Barton, Attorney, 1502 15th Ave., N., Birmingham. 
J. A. Bradford, Montgomery. 
Mrs. E. L. Brown, Gaylesville. 
E. L. Brown, Gaylesville. 
W. Brown, Birmingham. 
K. C. Bullard, Pensacola, Fla. 
J. A. Carmichael, Enterprise. 
Webb Chesnut, Gaylesville. 
P. W. Christian, Northport. 
H. L. Cleveland, Trio. 
W. A. Cosper, Hackneyville. 
R. L. Crawford, Warrior. 
W. H. Crawford, Hurtsboro. 
C. C. Culpepper, 2009 Park Ave., Ensley. 
W. L. DeSears, Old Spring Hill. 
L. C. Dorserf, (Woodlawn), Birmingham. 
Jule Edward, Birmingham. 

0. C. Evans, (Avondale), Birmingham. 
Hugh Farrior, Chipley, Fla. 

J. F. Favor, Greensboro. 
Fred Fletcher, 320 S. 59th St., Birmingham. 
J. E. Fields, Pharmacist, 1715 11th Ave., S., Birmingham. 
*B. W. Garner, Montevallo. 

1. G. Gayden, Gayden, Ala. 
Herbert Gosa, Knoxville. 
Felix Guthrie, Adamsville. 

C. K. Hanna, Scott's Station. 

H. P. Hanna, M. D., Age-Herald Bldg., Birmingham. 

J. G. Hickman, 2102 9th Ave., S., Birmingham. 

Oscar Hill, Pratt City. 

G. W. Houston, Bessemer. 

May Howard, Teacher, Florence, S. C. 

R. R. Jones, D. D., Montgomery. 
*L. K. Knowles, Minister, Montevallo. 

S. E. Knox, Gordo. 

C. E. Lent, Waner. 

W. H. Lent, Waner. 

E. G. Lester, Birmingham. 

Haley Lisenby, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Claude Mackey, 3991 8th Court S., Birmingham. 

L. Martin, Birmingham. 

T. L. Matthews, Matthewsville, Wayne County, Miss. 

J. A. Miller, Physician, 4409 9th Ave., Wylam. 

J 6 W. Millsaps, Beasley, Miss. 

J. W. Moreland, 130 Halstead, Birmingham. 

Byrd L. Moore, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

W. F. Moore, White Plains. 

G. E. Moslonder, Mobile. 

J. W. McCann, M. D„ Seale. 

P. O. McGlathery, 5231 6th Ave., S., Birmingham. 

Birmingham-Southern College 63 

E. W. McNeal, Hartford. 

A. B. McWhorter, Haynieville. 

Harry Neill, Dolomite. 

Jesse Nelson, Stockston. 

Hugh O'Brien, 2004 Hibernian Ave., Pratt City. 

R. R. Pattillo, Rollins. 

Tom Perkins, Bessemer. 

Mabel Powers, (Mrs. Mable Powers Taylor), Montevallo. 

R. Eo Powers, Moundville. 

S. W. Quinn, (East Lake), Birmingham. 

J. H. Ray, Madison, Miss. 
A. C. Ricks, Ricks Real Estate and Ins. Co., Ensley. 

Craig S. Robbins, Selma. 

G. E. Rogers, Morris. 

Tilden Ryland, Geneva. 

George Shaw, Jonesboro. 

J. P. Simpson, Healing Springs. 

H. F. Skinner, Old Spring Hill. 

J. W. Snow, 2819 Ave. E, Ensley. 

S. L. Smith, (Elyton), Birmingham. 

G. H. Thaxton, 826 Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 

J. C. Tidmore, Moundville. 

L. T. Turner, Vasburg, Miss. 

E. 0. Vann, Trussville. 

W. B. Vines, Earnestville. 

T. Bestor Ward, Merchant. Greensboro. 

J. O. Wheeler, Adamsville. 

W. C. Wikle, Village Springs. 

L. Womble, Bessemer. 

Mrs. Claudia H. Wood, 130 McLendon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Marion Young, Tuxedo. 

C. H. Zula, Tuxedo. 


Charles Denson Daniel, Educational Supervisor, U. S. \riny. 

Frank McCoy Dominick, President Alumni Association, B. S. 
C, Stokely, Scrivncr Dominick and Smith, Attor 

Herndon D. Dowling, B. P. (B. C), Secretary Alabama Educa- 
tion Association, Cullman. 

Carl C. Gregory, B. P. (B. CM, Minister, Owensboro, Ky. 

Robert B. Hayes, B. P. (B. C), Physician, Helena. 

Vergil ('. Herndon, B. S. (B. C.)> Minister, North Alabama 

James D. Hunter, B. P. (B. C.)> Minister, Alabama Conferei 

Jesse Talbol Littleton, Jr., Physician, Corning, \. > , 

Isaac Pierce Mason, Teacher, Sloekton. 

Paul Duncan McGeree, M. I)., Physician, Mobile. 
David C. McNutt, B. P. (B. C.)i Minister, North Vlabama Con- 

64 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Ethelbert M. Norton, B. S., (B. C), Physician, Birmingham. 

David Magruder Pearson, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

William Sanford Perry, Instructor in Physics, U. of Fla., 
Gainesville, Fla. 

Arthur Gaines Ray, Traveling Salesman, San Marcos, Texas. 

Herbert William Rice, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

H. Ditz, Birmingham. 

William Huggins Sadler, Attorney, 3803 Glenn Wood Ave., Bir- 

Columbus L. Summer, B. S. (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

William Owen Turnipseed, Attorney, Union Springs. 

Rosalie Tutwiler, Teacher, Greensboro. 

Clyde Harold Vann, (B. C), Attorney, Roanoke. 

A. B. Wilcoxon, Minister, Arkansas. 

Arthur E. Wilkes, B. S., (B. C), Physician, Powderly. 

J. R. Archie, Dayton. 
Ashburn, Zaneville. 
T. F. Buchanan. Riverton. 

E. M. Boyd, Birmingham. 
T. W. Bradford, Center. 
V. E. Bradley, Blackshear. 

A. B. Bryers, Bay Minette. 

Warner Carmichael, (Sandusky), Rratt City, R. F. D. 

Willie Cook, Pineapple. 

Joe N. Cordon, Center. 

J. Noble Cary, Birmingham. 

J. M. Crews, Dayton. 

G. G. Cunningham, Dayton. 

Andrew Darby, Reserve. 

J. C. Davenport, Kirk's Grove. 

Sam Davis, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 

W. B. Davis, Tuscumbia. 

O. Ditz, Birmingham. 

Gordon Doyle, Birmingham. 

William C. Dozier, Marion. 

Folrence Duggar (Mrs. Crietzberg), Greensboro. 

B. W. DuBose, Birmingham. 
Frank F. Earl, Blackshear. 

Fritz East, 2317 20th St, Ensley. 
Edgar Garner, Montevallo. 
W. F. Goodman, Birmingham. 
H. A. Harden, 528 S. 47th St., Birmingham. 

F. G. Hasting, Notasulga. 
O. C. Hill, Oxmoor. 

E. E. Holmes, Blossberg. 

F. C. Horn, Uniontown. 
Chilton C. Howard, Selma. 

Birmingham-Southern College 65 

James T. Jones, Leeds. 
A. S. Keith, Bessemer. 
L. A. Kilpatrick, Smithfield. 
Annie Lawson, Greensboro. 
F. L. Lester, Hillman. 
W. S. Lewis, Sweetwater. 
J. A. Love, Forkville. 
George A. Lowry, Valley Head. 

C. F. Martin, Madrid. 

Joel K. Mathis, Memphis, Tenn. 

J. E. McCann, Jr. 

A. C. McFadden, Greensboro. 

W. P. McGlawn, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Rupert McGinty, Lannett. 

S. G. McElreath, Birmingham. 

Milton Moncriel, Pine Flat. 

D. H. Morris, Jr., Geneva. 
William Morrow, Birmingham. 
Ira Nabors, Five Mile. 

B. L. Noojin, Attalla. 
Fred Owen, Birmingham. 
Leslie Patterson, Falkville. 
J. E. Pattillo, Ensley. 

W. W. Peagler, Greenville: 

J. D. Pointer, Decatur. 

J. B. Powers, Merchant, Greensboro. 

S. B. Ragsdale, McCalla. 

Frank Reynolds, Montevallo. 

Thomas Riggan, (Sandusky). Pratt City. R. F. D. 

E. M. Rooke, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
*T. G. Scarborough, Flora. 

James N. Sledge, Jr., Dentist, Attalla. 

Julius R. Smith, Pine Flat. 

S. 0. Snow, Enshy. 

A. D. Stollenwerck, M. D., Jacksonville, Fla. 

S. P. Stone, Suiligent. 

J. H. Summers, Barnesville, Ga. 

I. I. Tatum, Geneva. 

W. T. Tillman, Tuscumbia. 

Ulmon Vincent, Vinesdale. 

Bascom Vines, Bessemer . 

C. H. Welch, M. I)., Birmingham. 
William T. White. Chemist, Troy. 

J. H. Wilkes. Merchant. Wilkes Station. 
C. C. Wilkerson, Florala. 
P. (;. Williams. 825 Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 
C. A. Williams. Birmingham. 
Bishop Wright, Bessemer. J907 

Omar Ruskin Burns, B. S. (B. C.)» Minister, North Alal 


Arthur M. Freeman, (B. C.)i Minister, Trustee Birmingham- 
Southern College, North Alabama Conference. 


66 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

John Hosmer Howell, B. S. (B. C), Business, 730 8th Court, W., 

Oscar Clifford Lloyd, Minister, Arkansas. 

Marion Elias Lazenby, Minister, Alabama Conference, Editor 
Alabama Christian Advocate, Birmingham. 

Robert Jacob Mills, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Dow Levi Perry, Cotton Buyer, Macon, Ga. 

Robert Herbert Shepherd, B. S. (B. C), Physician, Townley. 

William Homer Spencer, B. S. (B. C), Asst. Prof, of Business 
Law, U. of Chicago. 

Fletcher Tally Turnipseed, Business, Union Springs. 

William T. Tiller, Teacher, Hartford. 

S. W. H. Williams, Attorney, Greensboro. 

John Henry Williams, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Herbert H. Wilkinson, Merchant, Gastonberg. 

James A. Wood, A. B. (M. D. Johns Hopkins), Sometime Phy- 
sician Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; Captain 
U. S. Army Medical Corps, now Specialist, 130 McLen- 
don Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles H. Wood, Insurance, Atlanta, Ga. 

William Marvin Woodall, (B. C), Assistant City Attorney, Bir- 

William Walter Wheeler, Teacher, Russellville. 

Charles Adams, Pensacola, Fla. 
Edgar Bagley, Republic. 
Lee Roy Battle, Thomas. 
H. D. Bennett, Virginia. 

0. W. Bennett, Virginia. 
J. M. Bergen, Birmingham. 

J. F. Bilbro, Cottondale, Fla. 
Howard Bilbro, Eutaw. 
Dunbar Boger, Hartselle. 
Dorman Bruster, Butler. 

E. M. Brittain, 1203 11th Court, N. Birmingham. 
Elmore Brooks, Birmingham. 
T. S. Brown, Owenton. 
William Brust, Ensley. 

1. Bull, Cordelia, Ga. 

J. F. Burford, Birmingham. 

W. A. Burgin, Ensley. 

Frank G. Cain, Glenn. 

C. C. Calhoun, Jackson. 

Tom Callaway. 

George Canterbery, Montevallo. 

J. H. S. Chappelle, Jr., Midway. 

Victor P. Cherry, Opelika. 

Birmingham-Southern College 67 

W. B. Christenberry, Selma. 

Noah A. Copeland, 304 Tuscaloosa Ave., Birmingham. 
J. R. Crossley, Stockton. 
Hubert Crumley, Pratt City. 
Grover Davis, Dora. 
W. L. Dinsmore. 
Fred B. Faust, Pecas, Texas. 
William Fuller, Montgomery. 
Rome Fergerson : Birmingham. 
William Garner, Birmingham. 
Hattie Garner, Birmingham. 
W. G. Gaston, Corinth, Miss. 
J. L. Gilmer, Verbena. 
Harry Goodloe, Gainesville. 

John Hardin, Ashville. 

Charlie Hill, Pratt City. 

Walter H. Howell, Blount Springs. 

B. R. Houston, Bessemer. 

J. L. Jernigen, Jr., Pine Barren, Fla. 

S. B. Butler, Butler. 

Paul Jones, Selma. 

J. C. Jones, Athens. 

Robert C. Jones, Woodstock. 

F. C. Jones, Woodstock. 

Frank M. Jones, Patsburg. 

Huey Lee, Clyde. 

F. F. Lester, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Dan Littlepage, Pushmataha. 

E. P. Loyd, Creek Stand. 
Ernest Lockwood, Birmingham. 
M. L. Lyder, Bridgeport. 
W. L. Lyon, Cherokee. 
N. J. Lyder, Bridgeport. 

G. W. Maddox, 2908 Ave. F, Ensley. 
M. B. Malone, Business, Mulga. 
Irma R. Mark, Birmingham. 

S. A. May, Hildersberg. 
J. 0. Marley, Local Preacher, Samson. 
Willie Mason, Decatur. 
Andrew A. Means, Decatur. 
E. W. Menefee, Lufkin. 
Fred Miller, Fairview. 
W. T. Minor, Albany, 
Z. E. Morgan, Honoraville. 
V. T. McCaffery, Chandler Springs. 
A. McDaniel, Okolona, Miss. 
Walter McDonald, Bessemer. 
Charles A. McWilliams, Tuxedo Park. 
Dan N'abors, Goodwater. 
J. Thomas Nichols. Wylarn. 
Frank Ogden, Sulligent. 
Gordon Otwell, Ensley. 
H. S. Patterson, Birmingham. 

68 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Willie H. Perkinson, 408 8th Ave., N., Birmingham. 
J. Simpson Penny, Merry Cross, Etowah County. 
H. Gather Perry, Insurance, Montgomery. 
*J. P. Roberts, Jr., Pensacola, Fla. 
William A. Roberts, New York City. 
William Rowe, Triana. 
S. E. Scarborough, Goodwater. 
Terry W. Sellers, Birmingham. 

F. W. Shirley, Gordo. 
L. A. Sims, Collinsville. 

Sidney Singley, Langsdale, Miss. 
Bert Staggers, 924 Fulton Ave., Birmingham. 
Corley Stewart, Jackson. 
*S. T. Stough, LaPine. 
H. S. Sutton, 1517 33rd Ave., N., Birmingham. 
Frank E. Swartz, Birmingham. 
Davis A. Thomas, Birmingham. 
Roy E. Torbert, Opelika. 
Erskine W. Tutwiler, Birmingham. 
Guy T. Tutwiler, Adamsville. 
A. J. Walker, East Thomas. 
W. Weathers, Birmingham. 
Orbrey E. Weissenger, Talmage. 
E. C. Wilcox, Fifer. 
N. L. Woolcy, Montevallo. 
W. G. Wooley, Maplesville. 
John D. Wright, Pine Flat. 
William E. Yarbrough, Petrey. 

G. Young, Bedford. 


♦Bonnie E. Berry, A. M., Teacher, Gadsden. 

Durant L. Bevill, Business, Jackson. 

William Montgomery Buchanan, (B. C), Pres. Buchannon Con- 
struction Co., McAlister, Okla. 

Robert Haston Bumgardner, B. S. (B. C), Attorney, Bessemer. 

Norphlet G. Cammack, Jr., Business, Selma. 
♦William J. Cannon, Jr., Teacher, Goodwater. 

H. H. Slaton DuBois, Minister, Missouri. 

Arthur Graham Esslinger, B. S. (B. C), Attorney, Fairfield. 

Carl August Grote, County Health Officer, South Carolina. 

Alfred Porter Hamilton, Professor in Millsaps College, Jackson, 

Roscoe McDaniel Howell, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

Robert McDonald Lester, (B. C), Teacher, Columbia Univer- 
sity, 502 W. 122 St., New York City. 

Irving Goff McCann, Minister, Alton, 111. 

William McClain Nance, B. S. (B. C), Planter, Gurley. 

Birmingham-Southern College 69 

Edgar Palmer Self, B. S. (B. C), Business, McAlister, Okla. 
Walter M. Sellars, Government Demonstrator, Eutaw. 
Agnes M. Tutwiler, Teacher, Plantersville. 
George M. Watson, A. B., A. M., Teacher, Fulton. 

G. L. Adams, Pensacola, Fla. 

H. L. Aldridge, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Charles L. Allen, Birmingham. 
F, M. Atchinson, Grand Bay. 
E. 0. Baldwin, Opp. 
V. F. Brooks, Fprt Deposit. 
W. E. Bryant, East Tallassee. 

E. L. Caldwell, Lanier. 

D. W. Campbell, Tallassee. 
J. B. Cannon, Greensboro. 

C. C. Carmichael, Sunny South. 
Lillian Carnathan, Greensboro. 
Minnie Carnathan, Greensboro. 
Leonard H. Cook, Fort Payne. 
Grover C. Cowden, Village Springs. 
0. H. Cowden, Remlap. 
Mrs. E. L. Crawford, Greensboro. 

F. B. Custred, Republic. 

E. C. Davenport, Kirksgrove. 

Fulton Delworth. Abernant, Tuscaloosa. 
Marvin P. Dominick, Dominick Shoe Co., Birmingham. 
S. W. Dupay, (East Lake), Birmingham. 
Will Elrod, Floy. 
George T. Fletcher, Ware. 
E. H. Gavin, Westville, Fla. 
C. A. Gavin, Westville, Fla. 
0. L. Gentry, Society Hill. 
R. J. Gillispie, Putnam, Marengo County. 
B. C. Glenn, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Ernestine Grote, Greensboro. 
Luther Grote, Selma. 
David I. Guthrie, Adamsville. 
Ernest S. Hansberger, Birmingham. 
E. C. Hogan, Smith Station. 
Chris Holt a, Wylam. 
Emma Howard, North Street, Talladega. 
* Lou la Hurt. 

Willie P. Hurt, Pensfacola, Fla. 
M. Ingram, Tuscaloosa. 

Albert W. Joost, Dentist. 2718 «'tli We., S., Birmingham. 
Rred B. Jones, Lawyer, Hamilton. 
Ross t. Kifer, Shelly. 
I.. Price Kimbrough, New Orleans. 
Mrs. L. Lawson, Greensboro. 

Louise Lawson. (Hrs. Robert H. Smith'. Greensboro, 
S. Porter Lee, Troj 

70 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

David Lloyd, Merchant, Selma. 
*Edith Locke, Greensboro. 
W. H. Lumley. Brighton. 
G. F. Martin, Hurtsboro. 
F. H. Martin, Pleasant Grove. 
McCaskill, Pensacola, Fla. 
Charles C. McKeley, Baileyton. 
James N. McNutt, Merchant, Hanceville. 
John Merrill, Sandusky. 
William L. Moore, 

D. H. Moore, Mobile. 

*W. W. Nabors, Greensboro. 
Clarence C. Newell, Gold Hill. 
W. G. Newell, Dadeville. 
H. R. Park, Greensboro. 
B. H. Perry, Demopolis. 
U. E. Phillips, Smiths Station. 
Henry W. Poellnitz, Druggist, Greensboro. 
S. B. Price, St. Stephens. 

Orion S. Perry, Jr., City Hardware Co., Greensboro. 
W. T. Reese, Remlap. 
J. R. Rountree, Birmingham. 
J. N. Seale, Ackerman, Miss. 
Harrison W. Seed, Central America. 
Morgan Smaw, Colorado Springs, Col. 
T. G. Smith, St. Stephens. 

E. Kirby Smith, Gadsden. 
Charles E. Stabler, Suggsville. 
James Stickney, Greensboro. 
W. A. Suttle, Meridian, Miss. 
J. W. Thigpen, Greensboro. 

J. R. Thurman, McMinnville, Tenn. 

Bessie Turner, Owenton. 

Rowena Varnor, (Mrs. J. W. Cranford), Greensboro. 

Alva C. Wade, Clanton. 

James H. Ward, Tuscaloosa. 

Cornelius Watford, Dothan. 

Forest White, Clinton, La. 

L. M. Wilson, St. Stephens. 

D. A. Wilson, Birmingham. 

H. M. Willis, Chelsea. 

D. H. Williams, Oak Bowery. 

Lee Winn, Oklahoma. 

John A. Wallace, Mobile. 

Alonzo Abrams, Banker, Talladega. 

Alfred Schrieber Balsam, B. S. (B. C), Major, U. S. Army. 
Nathaniel McWhorter Banks, (B. C), Business, 922 9th Ave., 

S., Birmingham. 
Lyman Coy Brannon, Missionary, Choon Chun, Korea. 
Robert T. Cochran, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Birmingham-Southern College 71 

George Frederick Cooper, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

Thaddeus H. Crenshaw, Planter, Forest Home. 
♦William Perry Crump, (B. C). 

Mattie Cordelia Dominick, (Mrs. T. H. Crenshaw), Forest Home. 

Willis Timmons Howard, (B. C), Chaplain, U. S. Army, Camp 

Robert Edgar Ledbetter, (B. C), Minister, Central Texas Con- 

Benjamin Franklin Miller, B. S. (B. C), Minister, North Ala- 
bama Conference. 

John Milton Malone, B. S. (B. C), A. M. (1923), Principal, 
The Simpson School, Birmingham. 

Augustus H. Moore, Jr., Missionary, Cuba. 

Charles Joseph Nail, B. S. (B. C), Business, Drennen Motor Co., 

Samuel Lee Prickett, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama Con- 

Roy Edward Perkins, (B. C), Attorney, Birmingham. 

Charles Wesley Price, B. S. (B. C.), Physician, Norwich, Kas. 

Richard Cox Rush, Physician, Fairfield. 

Victor M. Shamburger, Business, Birmingham. 

Rufus E. Thompson, Teacher, Tuscumbia. 

Oliver C. W T eaver, County Superintendent Education, Wilcox 
County, Camden. 

Lewis John Weber, Attorney, Clayton, Mo. 
♦Claude Tillman White, \). S. 15. CJ, Minister, West T 


Nathan H. Abernathy, Minister. North Alabama C< 

Perry O. Barnes, Milltown. 

William T. Black, Dothan. 

Oscar A. Bonner, Minister, N'orth Via . r a Conference. 

W. C. Boyd. Columbus, Miss. 

Frank Bowling, Leroy, Washington County. 

J. T. Box, Vernon. 

William I,. Bridges, Insura ice, 2210 \\e. H. Ensley. 

E. M. Brook, 2100 9th Vve. S., Birmingham. 

E. M. Burks, Decatur. 

E. G. Burwell, i Easl I ,ake . Bii i 

E. L. Bush, Butler. 

Curry M. Carmichael, Sunny South. 

.Jesse ( '. ( iia pma n. Grove Hill. 

Walter Coleman, Josie, Pike County. 

.John P, Cornelias, Berry. 

72 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

R. M. Cousins, Ozark. 
Bruce Cowan, Blocton. 

0. G. Cowan, Blocton. 

Thomas J. Crawford. Greensboro. 
Marcus W. Crenshaw, Hardaway. 

Arthur D. Daniel, Insurance, 1931 McMillian Ave., Pratt City. 
H. H. Davis, Chancellor. 
M. L. Dood, Whistler. 
Noel L. Dowling, Ozark. 
J. A. Edwards, Jr., Pollard. 
*Thomas G. Faust. 
James Pollard Felton, Highland Home. 
Olive M. Fincher, Birmingham. 
Arthur W. Findley, Oneonta. 

1. Louise Fitzpatrick, (Mrs. Jernigan), Brewton. 
Sam L. Flipping. Hickman, Tenn. 

Jake S. Fortner, Dothan. 

George Stanley Frazer, (LL. B., Litt. D.;, Minister, Macon, Ga. 
Nolen B. Gibson, Corona. 
George J. Grace, Graceville, Fla. 
H. L. Grace, Graceville, Fla. 
John H. Gunn, Thomasville. 
Herman B. Hanner, Eclectric. 
Alfred C. Harrison, Opelika. 

Virgil H. Hawkins, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
John R. Hill, Dothan. 
William M. Hill, Springville. 
Anie Hobson, Teacher, North Carolina. 
Simpson Hood, Abbeville. 
Hays Howell, Gordo. 
Charles W. Howell, Smith Station. 
C. P. Johnston, Postmaster, Summerville. 
J. Paul Jones, Mulberry (Autaugaville Rt. 1). 
Theo K. Jones, Leighton. 
Jane Jordan, Forest Home. 
W. O. King, Jr., Leighton. 
W T alter Kyle, Birmingham. 
Grover C. Lee, Glenn Allen. 
Helen Martin, Greensboro. 
James G. Mathis, Dothan. 
John T. Mays, Sawyerville. 
Dennis H. Missildine, Farmer, Billingsley. 
Arnold Mixon, Stallings. 

J. F. McCleod, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
E. E. McConnell, Merchant, Townley. 
J. T. McDonald, Cullman. 

W. A. Norton, Dentist, 22 Canal St., Birmingham. 
Oscar Phillips, Republic. 
Alto L. Reynolds, Newton. 
Wilford Rigden, Geneva. 
Amanda W. Seed, Greensboro. 
A. M. Shirley, Gordo. 
Kyle B. Shropshire, V-Pres., Shropshire-David Grocery Co., Birmingham. 

Birmingham-Southern 1 College 73 

Herbert L. Shuptrine, Planter, Safford. 
Thomas H. Simpson, Furman. 
William A. Sizemore, Valley Head. 
I. L. Smith, Jr., Greensboro. 
Rose R. Snow, Pratt City. 
William H. Snow, 2330 Birch Ave,, Ensley. 
Lee Street, Refuge. 
T. A. Swanberg, Anniston. 

Claud C. Swindle, 1124 N. 16th St., Birmingham. 
R. F. Symer, Gaysville. 
G. E. Thomas, Greensboro. 
Joseph K. Trotter, Bessemer. 
John F. Vaught, Stevenson. 
F. Eugene Wilkinson, Teacher, Orrville. 
W. E. Wilson, Notasulga. 
Dan H. Williams, 9 Clifford St., Atlanta, Ga. 

J. F. T. Brown, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Isaac T. Carlton, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Crawford H. Cleveland, Jr., Physician, Nashville, Tenn. 
Walter Cleveland Cowart, Minister, Mexico, Mo. 
Freeman Bozeman Daniel, (B. C), Business, Birmingham. 
Charles A. DeBardeleben, Attorney, Tuskcgee. 
Joseph A. Elliott, Jr., Physician, Charlotte, N. C. 
Benjamin E. Feagin, Jr., Selma. 

Robert Jessie Ilaskew, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Ernest Percy Miles, B. S., (B. C), Business, 936 Ella St., Bir- 
John Buell Owen, B. S. (B. C), Principal School, Bessie Mines. 
Howard Robertson Park, Teacher, Soceora, X. Mex. 
Jesse Marvin Pennington, Attorney, Jasper. 
Albert Earle Shafer, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Frank Edward Spain, Attorney, Coleman, Coleman, Spain, Bir- 
Sanford Byron Strout, Minister, North Georgia Conference, 
Quitman U. Thompson, I'. S. Consul, (iota Rhodes Scholar, 

589 Gordon St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Milton White, Professor English, Austin College, Herman, Tex, 
Lizzie Clyde Whit mire, Teacher, Milton, Fla. 
Wilburn Clarence Wilburn, County Supt. Education, Tallassee. 
Leister Earl Williams, Professor Mathematics and Dean, Wo 

man's College, Montgomery, 
Clara Young (Mrs. T. .1. Towers, Jr.). Moundville. 

John S. Abernathy, Havana. 
F. M. Arnold, Century, Fla. 

74 Register of Alumni and Nox-Graduates 

H. L. Atchinson, St. Stephens. 

Olin W. Barber, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
E. M. Barnes. Minister. North Alabama Conference. 
George W. Bickley, 1816 McMillian Ave., Birmingham. 
Lewis A. Braswell, Heath, Wilcox County. 
Bascom E. Braswell, Albany. 
♦Hugh D. Brown, Merchant, Sylacauga, Died Aug. 19, 1923, Pensacola 
John L. Burruss, 1503 S. 13th St., Birmingham. 
Augustus B. Byrd, Tallahassee, Fla. 
James C. Carr, Greensboro. 
Oliver B. Christian, Naheola, Choctaw County. 
Mrs. E. L. Coleback. (Mary Withers), Greensboro. 
James A. Coleman, Walker Springs. 
J. T. Couliette, Daleville. 
G. P. Cousins. 
Albert T. Cowan, Blocton. 
William A. Crumley, Pratt City. 

N. S. Davenport, President N. S. Davenport, Inc., Valleyhead. 
J. L. Davis, Moundville. 
Dan V. Davis, (Smithfield), Birmingham. 
R. F. deBardeleben, Greensboro. 
Allen W. DeLane, Lannison, Wilcox County. 
W. G. Edgar, Silas, Choctaw County. 
William J. Etheridge, Browns, Dallas County. 
W. H. Fagan, Waynesboro. 
Harry C. Flourney, Clayton. 
John L. Furgeson, Professor Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss. 

Ernest C. Gaines, Birmingham. 

Charles H. Gayle, Flora. 

Lee M. Griffin, Banker, Moundville. 

Wallace W. Griffin, Tuscaloosa. 

W. E. Grimes. Tuscaloosa. 

Eugene Gonzales. Birmingham. 

Alexander Gunn, Thomasville. 

LaFayette R. Hanna, Lawyer, 628 N. 29th St, Birmingham. 

Edgar Hayes, Meridianville, Madison County. 
John H. Hayes, Helena. 
Olive L. Haynes, (Avondale), Birmingham. 
Robert C. Hemphill, Jr., 1028 S. 28th St., Birmingham, 
*J. Marvin Hickey, Birmingham. 
G. H. Howell, Gordo. 
Henry M. Houston, Porterville. 
M. F. Houston, M. D., Decatur. 
Carlton King, 3417 Sixth Ave., S, Birmingham. 
John L. Lambert, Lawyer. 108 1st, Pratt City. 
Raleigh Lavender, Ethelville. 
James H. Lewis, Birmingham. 
John L. Liles, Albertville. 

Robert G. Lovelady, M. D., 5632 6th Ave., S., Birmingham. 
Jeff Martin, Greensboro. 
E. L. Marley, Enterprise. 

Birmingham-Southern College 75 

Paul P. Mathews, Opehka. 

Richard E. Meigs, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Charles C. Middleton, Collirene, Lowndes County. 
Otho Miles, 936 Ella St.. Birmingham. 
Ira L. Miles, 937 Ella St., Birmingham. 
Samuel L. Moore, Birmingham. 

William A. Morton, 937 Alabama Ave., Birmingham. 

H. H. Moreland, Special Officer, Sou. R. R., 3812 N. 28th St., Birming- 
Marvin W. McCain, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Hubert A. McClure, Carland. 

Thomas B. Norris, 4404 S. 15th Place, S. W M Birmingham. 
*John W. Norton, Elyton. 
David W. Nowlin, Collinsville. 
Alberta Overstreet (Mrs. J. Powers), Tuscaloosa. 
Joseph H. Pass, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

A. S. Patterson, Bowling Green, Ky. 
M. Paulk, Union Springs. 

L. D. Powers, Gillad. 
J. D. Price, Albany. 

J. L. Rumph, Perote. 

James B. McF. Rice, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Wiley S. Russell, Minnieville, Ensley. 

Zack Schuessler, LeFayette. 

Edd W. Seay, Brookhaven, Miss. 

George B. Sellers, Pensacola, Fla. 

B. R. Shamberber, Cuba. 

Paul Forest W. Shugant, Birmingham. 

Norwood Sledge, New York City. 

William A. Sloan, Riverton. 

George H. Smith, Cuba. 

Robert T. Smith, Ozark. 

William A. Smith, Riverton. 

William D. Smith, Elyton. 

Thomas W. Smyley, Yineland, Marengo Co. 

S. E. Spencer. Greensboro. 

Havelin T. Strout. Jr.. Mobile. 

Lewis G. Sturdivant, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

C. M. Sullivan, Fastonia, Lowndes County. 
J. L. Swain, Jr., Cuba. 

George W. Tate, Selma. 

George R. Thacker, England. 

Frank l". Tucker. Shiloh. 

Fred L. Vaim, Greenville. 

Heard Washington, Columbus, Miss. 

Luther W. Westbrook, Birmingham. 

May Withers, (Mrs. E.L. Coleback . Greensboro. 

il. E. Wilson, Notasulga. 

John ('. Williams, Bessemer. 

Winston K. Withers, Cotton Buyer, Greensboro. 

R. E. Woodruff, Fostonia, Lowndes County, 

Dupgcr Young, Greensboro. 

76 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

WileyJunius Carnathan, Professor, Southwestern College, 
Georgetown, Texas. 

Carl Syfan Cox, Sometime Professor Mathematics, Birmingham- 
Southern College, Business, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

George Montraville Davenport, (B. C), Minister, North Ala- 
bama Conference. 

Capitola DeBardeleden (Mrs. Carl Creer), Tallassee. 

William Mercer Franklin, (B. C), Internal Revenue, Birming- 

Thomas Cannon Propst, B. S. (B. C), Business, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

Benjamin Franklin Ray, Attorney, Title Guarantee Bldg., For- 
mer President Birmingham-Southern Alumni Associa- 
tion, Birmingham. 

David Young Register, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Claude Peavy Roberts, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Robert Hilliard Smith, Government Service, Washington, D.'C. 

Annie Elizabeth Tutwiler, (Mrs. J. M. Pennington), Jasper. 

Josic Annette Walker, Teacher, Sunny South. 

Fannie Gladys Walker, (Mrs. Martin), Greensboro. 

Marion Edward Ward, Attorney, Edna. 

James R. Abernathy, McCalla. 
Woodie Alston, Octagon. 
C. H. Aubry, Centerville. 
William A. Barnes, Saginaw. 

George R. Barnard, Mech. Eng., 700 S. 46th St., Birmingham. 
Frank W. Bassett, Jackson. 
S. W. Berry, Gadsden. 
Henry E. Betts, McCalla. 
Elmer J. Blythe, Jackson. 
Alfred Borden, Ensley. 
Lyman C. Brannon, Newville. 
C. P. Brown, Birmingham. 
J. A. Bullock, Jr., Montgomery. 

Clarence H. Bumgardner, 1904 Clarendon Ave., Bessemer. 
Henry Cannon, Merchant, Berry. 
0. B. Christopher, Naheola, Choctaw County. 
J. W. Cleveland, Centerville. 
Jessie Cole, Roanoke. 
Arthur W. Connerly, Salem. 
Henry P. Coor, 1262 S. Franklin St., Mobile. 
William E. Corley, Vincent. 
L. C. Cowart, Wilmer, Mobile County. 
J. S. Crawford, Hamburg. 
Will L. Dandridge, Brookside. 

Birmingham-Southern College 77 

J. P. Daughtry, Greensboro. 
William S. Dill, (East Thomas), Birmingham. 
A. B. Dillard, Matthews Station. 
Bessie Dominick. 
Edwin W. Duncan, Birmingham. 
J. E. Davenport, Merchant, Valley Head. 
W. L. Davenport, Valley Head. 
Louis M. Finley, Pollard. 
J. R. Flowers, Belmont. 
Thomas 0. Gamble, Jasper. 
Carter E. Geibel, Montgomery. 
Luther S. Gilmer. Minister, Alabama Conference. 
William T. Godbold, Coy. 
Flossie C. Grote, Greensboro. 
Lyman J. Hall, Jr., Ganby. 
Earl Hall, Ganby. 
Robert W. Hamilton, Rockford. 
W. P. Harris, Camden. 
Clarence Harvey, Midland. 
O. R. Harper, Okolona, Miss. 
0. E. Hightower, Brundidge. 

Mrs. J. M. Howard, (Miss Gera Owens), Huffman. 
P. B. Jarman, Livingston. 
C. H. Johnson, Greensboro. 
Richard A. Jones, Slocomb. 
Fidelia Sledge Jones, Teacher, Greensboro. 
*George Lazenby, Monroeville. 
William W. Levie, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Tom B. Locke, Captain, U. S. Army. 

A. E. Littleton, Ft. Pierce, Fla. 
C. D. Logan, Centerville. 
Angus Mason, Luverne. 
Jefferson Mcrritt, Greenville. 
Sam W. McClenton, Coffeeville. 
Cuyler P. McMillan, Pensacola, Fla. 
John P. Nash, Livingston. 

Vink Neville, Albany. 

Franklin B. Nicholson, 1136 Sunnyside Ave.. Chicago. 111. 

Harrison B. Oliver, Jackson. 

John W. Owen, Marian na, Fla. 

Miss Gera Owens (Mrs J. M. Howard), Huff man. 

Marion D. Palmer, Birmingham. 

Leola T. Park, Fort Payne. 

B. R. Patton, Greensboro. 

Frank E. Perry. Dentist, Montgomery. 

Carl Preer, Minister. Alabama Conference. 

Frank L. Pringle, Whistler. 

Hugh Pringle. Whistler. 

Robert Pugh, Granby. 

Thomas V. Raines, Lamison. 

Lottie A. Ratley, Pine Grove. 

J. c. Reddock, Lurerne, 

Arthur T. Kiee. Birmingham. 

78 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

John M. Rice, Birmingham. 
John B. Robinson, Albany. 
Rivers Rush, Tuskegee. 
Lewis F. Schussler, LaFayette. 
Noble Seay, Sheffield. 
Sydney C. Sims, Mobile. 
William B. Sims, Dolomite. 
Milton C. Smith, Marianna, Fla. 
Robert T. Smith, Athens, Ga. 
William J. Simmons, Silas. 

R. L. Stallings, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
*Jack Stollenwerck, Montgomery. 
Mary Stranton (Mrs. Zac Schuessler), LaFayette. 
H. G. Vann, Dothan. 
J. F. Vann, Dothan. 
Felix M. Vann, Brookside. 
Marion E. Ward, Bevill, Choctaw County. 
Thomas E. Ward, Cuba. 
F. S. Watley, Havana. 
Marvin W. Williams, Pope. 
Archie E. Wilkinson, Pensacola, Fla. 
W. R. Withers, Greensboro. 
R. E. Wright, Midland City. 


Eric Chesley Allen, Ashland. 

Steven Leroy Allgood, B. S. (B. C), President Tung Wen Insti- 
tute, Amoy, China. 

Morgan Smith Belser, Attorney, Montgomery. 

Winston Edward Brown, Newbern. 

Robert Bryant Carr, Attorney, Anniston. 

Thomas Jefferson Cross, Minister, Oklahoma. 

Clarence Moore Dannelly, S. S. Field Secretary, Alabama Con- 
ference, Montgomery. 

James Howell Hewlett, (B. C.) Teacher, Olivet, Mich. 

Margaret King Jones (Mrs. Winston E. Brown), Newbern. 

Luther Clifford Kersh, Teacher, Thomasville. 

Spencer Octavius Kimbrough, B. S. (B. C), Minister North 
Alabama Conference. 

Herbert James Lewis, B. S. (B. C), Physician 2400 19th Ave., 
N., Birmingham. 

Eugene Ernest McCarty, (B. C), Teacher, Miami, Fla. 

Curtis Matthews, (B. C), Principal Coosa County High School, 

John Fletcher Sturdivant. (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

Joel Fletcher Sturdivant, (B. C), Attorney, San Francisco, Cal. 

Mabel Whitehead, (B. C), Missionary, Oita, Japan. 





















Birmingham-Southern College 79 



Adams, Clio. 

T. Allen, Cromwell. 

Avery, Centerville. 

Bagley, Republic. 
S. Barclift, Birmingham, 
Batson, Bessemer. 

Blythe, Birmingham. 

Bradley, LaPine. 

Briggs, Greenville. 

Brown, Sylacauga. 
George Canfield, Birmingham. 
A. B. Carlton, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
William Claud, Jr., Tuskegee. 
John P. Cumming, De Funiak Springs, Fla. 
J. A. Deavers, Cleveland, Blount County. 
James Didlake, Birmingham. 
Harry Edmundson, Woodward. 
Margaret Erwin (Mrs. Somerville), Selma. 
James Albert Finney, Bonifay, Fla. 
D. L. Folsom, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
S. E. Foscue, Demopolis. 
Jame3 E. Foster, Jonesboro. 
L. C. Gaston, Repton. 
W. L. Gammon, Marianna, Fla. 
J. S. Gilmer, Bluff Springs. 
Hugh Glasgow, Pratt City. 
J. M. Gordon, Alexander City. 
Earl P. Guy. 
J. F. Jackson, Oak Hill. 
C. B. Jackson, Jr., Cordova. 
H. C. Jernigan, Jr., Opelika. 
T. B. Jones, Birmingham. 
W. H. Kelling, Birmingham. 
C. B. G. Killough. 
R. S. Kinnett, Brighton. 

Mrs. J. L. Lambert (Bessie Stout), 108 1st St.. Pratt City. 
Wade Lathan, Marianna, Fla. 

Mary Lawson (Mrs. Watt Brooks), Meridian. Miss. 
*T. A. Leslie, Camp Hill. Killed in World War. 
George Lieser, Magazine Editor, New York City. 
Oscar E. Littleton, Ft. Pierce. Ida. 
Lulie Littleton, Ft. Pierce, Ida. 

W. F. Littleton, Ft. Pierce, Fin. 

J. S. Martin, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

L. D. Mitchell, Hope Hull. 

W. L. Moore, Montgomery. 

A. C. Moore. Tuianc University, La. 

Arthur Mullins, Newton. 
Margaret McCarty, Quitman, Oa. 
J. (). Parker, Blocton. 

George W. Parson, Birmingham. 

80 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

W. I. Powers, Principal Walker County High School, Jasper. 
Crawford L. Ricks, Vick. 
Lewis Rosser, Cordele, Ga. 
Walter Strother, Dadeville. 
Thomas H. Sanson, Okolona, Miss. 

A. H. Sellers, Hurtsboro. 
Robert H. Smith, Autaugaville. 
Lee Smith, Montevallo. 

Pat Starkins, Pratt City. 

Bessie Stout, (Mrs. J. L. Lambert), 108 1st St., Pratt City. 
Mart Straiton, Greensboro. 
•Crawford A. Tatum, Died in Attalla, Spring 1923; Minister, North Ala- 
bama Conference. 
Harry W. Thompson, Bagdad, Fls. 
Terry S. Thompson, Bagdad, Fla. 
J. M. Truett, Newton. 

B. H. Tucker, Montgomery. 

W. D. Vasser, Jr., Montevallo. 

B. W. Waldrop, Goodwater. 

W. A. Walton, Greensboro. 

John W. Webster, LaPine. 

Collins Williams, Brundidge. 

John Williams. Greensboro. 

John H. Yoe, Teacher, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Robert A. Young, Bevile. 

Culver Batson, (B. C), Consolidated Textile Corp, Lynchburg, 

William Monroe Bryant, A. B., A. M., Teacher, Camden. 
Mabry Frazier Dozier, Attorney, Tuscaloosa. 
Samuel McPherson Mims, (B. C), Minister, Texas. 
William Leslie Moore, Business, Montgomery. 
*Moses Nelson Morris, Jr., (B. C), Business. Died Dec, 1921, 

S. J. Nolen, Jr., B. S., (B. C), Business Alexander City. 
Edward Lee Norton, B. S., (B. C), Business 236 2nd, S. W., Bir- 
Lila Andrews Oversteret, Teacher, Sidney Lanier High School 

Ernest C. Adkins, Bessemer. 
Ruth Allen, Jackson. 
J. W. Anderson, Newbern. 
Annie T. Anderson, Greensboro. 
W. E. Barbour, Lapine, Clark County. 
J. H. Beall, Luverne. 
W. E. Brown, Attorney, Selraa. 
J. L. Brown, Gadsden. 
M. F. 0. Bryan, Greensboro. 

Birmingham-Southern College 81 

*E. A. Campbell, Died 1918, Selfville. 
Marlon Carroll, Ozark. 

E. A. Coleman, Walker Springs. 
M. E. Davenport, Valley Head. 
Grady F. Davenport, Valley Head. 
Claude Davis, Eufaula. 

J. Marvin Davis, Fairfield. 

Mrs. Zoe Davis (Miss Maud Lathrum), Tuscaloosa. 

Rupert E. Deese, Brundidge. 

W. B. Easterling, Clio. 

Vann S. Elliott, Birmingham. 

C. 0. Ellis, Hilton, Fla. 

George S. Foster, (5417 Georgia Road, Birmingham. 

J. W. Griggs, Okolona, Miss. 

S. V. Harrel, Leeds. 

G. T. Harris, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

B. N. Headley, Jemison. 

F. G. Hollinger, Camden. 
James R. Hudgins, Luverne. 

Elmer Jacob, Stockham Pipe and Fittings Co., Birmingham. 

Taylor Jones, Dayton. 

Iradelle Jones (Mrs. Thomas B. Locke), Greensboro. 

Burd Kelly, Midland City. 

Maud Lathrum (Mrs. Zoe Davis), Tuscaloosa. 

R. E. LeFavor, Wetumpka. 

James H. Leslie, 923 Ella St., Birmingham. 

L. L. Llles, Albertville. 

M. S. Odom, Luverne. 

J. W. Oswalt, Tuskegee. 

Lucy Powers, Greensboro. 

Leon Pruitt, Magnolia. 

F. R. Roberts, Turkestan, Monroe County. 

R. A. Rogers, Brundidge. 

L. N. Shannon, ISO I N. 29th St.. Birmingham. 

Will M. Shannon, 1500 N 30th St., Birmingham. 

Reynolds Smart Brundidge. 

Winnie Smith, Birmingham. 

H. W. Snell, Ozark. 

Jame* Spencer, Birmingham. 

L. S. Stephens, Louisville. 

Dorsey Tatum, Banker, LaFayette. 

A. B. Tool, Clio. 

Frank Timberlake, Business, Stevenson. 

J. E. Wadsworth, Wadsworth. 

Lawrence White, Planter, Newbern. 

W. M. Williams, Piedmont. 

Dolly young, Bedford. 


Fustnrr Andrew Allen, Physician, Canal Zone, I 
Bennett Harvey Branscomb, (B, C), Profe 

Southern Methodist University, Daila . i 
Ellis Blake Calhoun, Grove Hill. 

82 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Elijah Vaughn Chapman, B. S., Grove Hill. 
Frank Hamil Chappell, A. B., A. M., Principal School, Birming- 
* Julia Maude Dew, Greensboro. 
Joseph Appelton Gray, (B. C), Minister, Georgia. 
Claude Massillon Glenn, (B. C), Business, Birmingham. 
Caled Archibald Haskew, Teacher, Morris ville, Mo. 
William Shafer Hinton, Teacher, Ethelville. 
Thomas Malcolm Johnson. 

Henri McMillan Malone, (B. C), Business, 930 Adams St., Bir- 
Clark McKerrall Osborn, Business, Greensboro. 
Robert J. Owen, 328 N. 51st St., Birmingham. 
David King Pcgues, (B. C), Minister, Kentucky Conference. 
Francis Marion Peterson, Teacher, Montevallo. 
William Marshall Pickard, Teacher, Letahatchie. 
Archie R. Rucks, (B. C), Insurance, Chicago, 111. 
Charles Wesley Rush, Business, Decatur. 
James Edward Tate, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
William Ora Walton, (B. C), Business, Waverly. 
Mabel Helen Williams, Teacher, Greensboro. 
James Edna Williams, Milton, Fla. 


David G. Alien, LaFayette. 
Lillie R. Andrews, Jackson. 
Ethel Andrews, Jackson. 
W. M. Beacley, Jr., Montgomery. 
Walter F. Bowden, Nero. 
*Lewis M. Branscomb. 
George M. Carmichael, Sunny South. 
William G. Carnathan, Greensboro. 
Farris K. Cook, 408 Princeton Ave., Birmingham. 
Frank B. Culver, Jr., Dothan. 
William H. Dickinson, Hurtsboro. 

E. H. Discher, Jr., Mobile. 
Alfred A. Dunn, Linden. 
Robert A. Edwards, Ozark. 
James W. Fincher, Montevallo. 

F. F. Feagin, Evergreen. 
Robert M. Foster. 
Henry G. Gilder, Linden. 
Hunter Grant, Comer. 
Arthur Haley Faunsdale. 

O. L. Haynes, 7208 1st Ave., Birmingham. 
C. H. Hawkin, Midland City. 
R e R. Hightower, Brundidge. 


Roy O. Hill, Dothan. 

Clifton D. Hillman, Epes. 

Claude H. Hope, Sunny South. 

James R. Hudgins, Luverne. 

W. C. Jernigan, Wallace. 

J. W. Jernigan, Wallace. 

L. R. Jones, Castleberry. 

Grady T. Kay, Maud. 

William R. King, Lower Peach Tree. 

Rebecca L. Lambert, Greensboro. 

Fred L. Law, Elba. 

Wallace G. Law, Elba. 

John D. Lowellen, Epes. 

W. E. Little, Gainesville. 

John C. Moore, Atmore. 

Marion T. Moore, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Charles H. McCann, Enterprise. 

William N. McClerkin, Caladonia, Wilcox County. 

J. G. McCullom, Greensboro. 

J. W. McCullom, Greensboro. 

Lucy McCreary, 503 Parkman Ave., Selma; Buhl in Winter. 

W. H. McDonald, Millport. 

Mike F. O'Brien, Greensboro. 

J. C. Parker, Birmingham . 

Dan B. Pardue, Elba. 

W. L. Perry. 

Clarence C. Randall, Marion Junction. 

L. C. Reynolds, Clanton. 

Thomas R. Roberts, Pineapple. 

Ludie A. Ryan, Greensboro. 

E. C. Siniard, Collinsville. 

John L. Skruggs, Coffeeville. 

M. L. Smith, Physician, Marion Junction. 

C. C. Smith, Slocomb. 

C. H. Stapleton, Greensboro. 

George M. Steed, Sunny South. 

J. T. Syring, Greensboro. 

Charles Terry, Geneva. 

Mrs. L. E. Williams, Woman's Colleerc, Montgomery. 

Vinton Ward, Millville. 

Emmett M. Whatley, Moundville. 

Alma Whitehead 'Mrs. J. F. Sparks), Atlanta. Ga. 

James T. Whittlesey, Dallas, Texas. 

R. A. Willie, Greensboro. 

Reynolds P. Williams, ' Chipley, 1 la. 

T. M. Wynn, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

Susie Yerby, Greensboro. 

Charles Edward Avinger, Teacher, Coffeeville. 
Mary Harnett (Mrs. Frank Chapman), Teacher, Birmingham. 
Howard Baxley, Lieut., \ . s. Army. 
Thomas Samuel Bugg, (B. C.)i Editor, Camp Mill. 

84 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Joseph Rufus Franklin, (B. C), Business, Powderly. 

Henry Leonard Kersh, B. S., Teacher, Daphne. 

Tupper Lightfoot, Banking, Brundidge. 

Milford McLeod Matthews. 

Wilbur Bernard Nolen, (B. C), President Farmers State Bank, 
Ashland . 

Bayless Milton Porter, (B. C), Minister, Tennessee Conference. 

Rosalind Octavia Rush (Mrs. Davison), Montgomery. 

Charles Wade Segrest, Business, Coffee Springs. 

Henry Lanford Tate, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Julia Strudwick Tutwiler, Teacher, Greensboro. 

Robert Banks Walston, (B. C), Business, 1709 N. 17th St., Bir- 

A. H. Brown. 
Tom Calhoun, Brundidge. 
J. L. Carmichael, Enterprise. 
J. A. Crew, Munson, Fla. 
S. A. Driver, Jr., Augustine. 
Howard Fenley, Charleston, Mo. 
H. I. Flinn, Luverne. 
E. S. Hunt, Linden. 
J. L. James, Minister. 
H. S. Klein, Birmingham. 
H. G. Logan, Lawyer, Anniston. 
L. L. Moore, Sellers. 

S. J. Morrow, 2021 Warrior Blvd., Birmingham. 
C. W. McConnell, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
A. M. McWhorter, Collinsville. 
E. E. Rushing,Pike Road. 
J. E. Skipper, Vernon, Fla. 
Joe Smith, El Paso, Tex. 
Sellers Stough, Red Level. 
Claude Trimble. 

Lonnie Gordon Alverson, (B. C), Principal Northwest Ala- 
bama High School, Haleyville, Minister, North Alabama 

Albert Edward Barnett, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Marvin Bennett Branscomb, B. S. (B. C), Business, Union 

Perler Hoskins Cook, (B. C), High School Teacher, Atlanta, Ga. 

Howard Gray Douglass, Principal High School, Sweet Water. 

Wayne Gilder. 

William Martin Hinton, Teacher, Lexington, Mo. 

Fred Bynum Joyner. 

Birmingham-Southern College 85 

Evelyn Lawson, (Mrs. Robertson), Greensboro. 

William Moore, (B. C), Principal Winfield High School, Win- 

Goodloe Fennell Morris, (B. C), Business, Toronto, Canada. 

Frank Kitchell Nesbitt, (B. C), (Moore-Handley Hdw. Co.), 

Heber Allen Newsom, Teacher, Berkeley, Cal. 

Clare Purcell, (B. C.) Minister, North Alabama Conference. 

George Hunter Randall, (B. C), Insurance, Birmingham. 

John Crawford Pobertson, (B. C), Teacher, Coach, High School, 

Dayton Robinson, B. S., Principal Central Park School, 4317 
Court, R, Central Park. 
*Henry Irby Savage, United States Army. 
*Maybelle Self, (B. C), Birmingham. 

Eugene Davis Thorpe. 

George Clarence W T arren, (B. C). 

J. C. Avant, Equality. 
Troy C. Brandon, Mobile. 
Vele A. Calhoun, Brundidge. 
Ira J. Canterberry, Jr., Linden. 
F. M. Coleman, Camp Hill. 
K. E. Cooper, Aberdeen, Miss. 
Vernon F. Cowan, Burnt Corn. 
S. J. Daniel, Birmingham. 
David L. DeRamus, Birmingham. 
Ernest M. Dunn, Linden. 
Wiley A. Eidson, Enterprise. 
James A. Eidson, Enterprise. 
A. C. Evans. Jr., Greensboro. 

H. L. Evans, Attorney, Greensboro, (Musician, Chicago). 
H. M. Fields, Ensley. 
Walter Flewelle, Jr., Eufaula. 
Sam Foshee, Cohassett. 
James E. Huffstuttler, Oneonta. 
E. B. Joyner, Missionary in India. 
Claude (). Lawrence, M. D., Deatsville. 
John I). Moore, Thompson. 
S. J. Morrow, Greensboro. 
L. A. Mullins, Newton. 
J. D. Myers. Langston. 
John W. McCann, Enterprise. 
C. C. McConnell, Townley. 
Robert J. Owens. Moundville. 

Walter o. Phillips, Minister, Emory University, <>k 
Dessco C. Phillips, Phoenix. 
Terry A. Proctor, Tuskeg< 

86 Register of Alumni axd Non-Graduates 

Fred D. Reynolds, Brundidge. 

Milton B. Roberts, Eutaw. 

W. Henry Robertson. Loachapoka. 
♦Clyde Shofner, Brewton. 
B. H. Smart, Five Point. 

J. W. Snowdon, Pineapple. 

William S. Straiton, Greensboro. 

S. T. Trotter, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Young Wall, Birmingham. 

L. H. West, 3109 Bessemer Road, Birmingham. 


Thomas Jefferson Anderson. 

Davis Parish Arnett, (B. C), Salesman Doster-Northington 
Drug Co., Birmingham. 

William Glenn Bartee, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama Con- 

John Burt Benson. 

Henry Curtis Blocker, B. S. (B. C), Teacher, Sylacauga. 

Harvey Chester Brown, (B. C), Minister, Maryland. 

Selman Adron Daniel, N. Y. Life Ins., Birmingham. 

Edgar McCarty Glenn, Jr., (B. C), Business, 930 47th St., Bir- 

Dan Wilson Godfrey, 2716 46th Place, Central Place. 

Bachman Gladstone Hodge, (B. C), Minister, North Alabama 

White Calhoun Hornsby, (B. C), 1415 4th Court, West. 

Frank Millard Jackson, B. S. * 

Henry Clemmie Laughinghouse, (B. C), Business, Birmingham. 
*Edward Henderson McGehee, A. B., B. S., U. S. Army. 

James Carey Pegues, (B. C), (M. D., Emory University), In- 
structor, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

William Henry Robertson, B. S. 

Alma Veal. 

Clifford Lewis Walton, B. S. (B. C), Business, Waverly. 

Osie Kyle Weldon, B. S., County Supt. Education, Rockford. 

John O. Adams, Gordon. 

W. L. Alison, Jr., King's Landing, Dallas Couny. 
H. H. Bailey, 2744 Pike Ave., Ensley. 
George E. Boyd, Jr., 414 Valley Road* Fairfield. 
L. A. Busbee, Kenefick, Okla. 
Beulah E. Calhoun, Greensboro. 
S. C. Calhoun, Grove Hill. 
Miss Clemens, Birmingham. 
Tom H. Cleveland, Centerville. 
R. F. Coker, Talladega. 


Louis B. Dean, Alexander City. 

Richard B. Dominick, Jr„ Clerk, B. R., L. P. Co., Y. M. C. A„ Birming- 
W. W. Echols, Little Rock, Ark. 
Robert L. Fisher, Hartford. 
G. A. Grille, Jr., Roanoke. 
J. L. Harris, Union Springs. 

Mrs. H. H. Hibbs (Jessie Persinger), 3130 Griffin Ave., Richmond, Va. 
William H. Hunt, Thomasville. 
P. L. Jones, Goodwater. 
Solomon S. King, Greensboro. 
Charles Marion Kirby, Marion Junction. 
W. P. Lavender, Moundville. 
R. Linwood Maxey, Suffolk, Va. 
M. Anderson Maxey, Suffolk, Va. 
Mary Frank Moody, Dothan. 

Jessie Persinger (Mrs. H. H. Hibbs), 8130 Griffin Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Harvey C. Porter (Emory University, Ga.), Minister, North Alabama 

Amey Russell (Mrs. D. K. Pegues), Louisville, Ky. 
Percy Spruell, Montgomery. 
Gilbert R. Thomas, Marianna, Fla. 
A. O. Tucker, 323 39th St., Birmingham. 
George Van Studdiford, Montgomery. 
J. B. Weaver, Birmingham. 
A. L. Wigington, Banker, Hackleburg. 
Maree vVilliams, Greensboro. 


Joel Lcontz Bates. 

Bettic Chapman, Teacher, Talladega. 

James Horace Coulliette, A. B., A. M. (1919), (Graduate \V 

Columbia University), Instructor. Emory University, 
Kenneth B. Edwards, Teacher, Guntersville. 
W. T. Deal, Charleston. S. C, 

Henry Bascom Garrett, B. S. (B. C), Business, Birmingham. 
Maude Garrett, Teacher, Greensboro. 
Marie Griffin, A. M., Moundville. 

Frederick Mitchell Jackson, B. S. (B. C), Business, Birmingl 
James Lamar Kelly, B. S., (LL. B., I". of A. , Lawyer, I 

Maftie Emily Malone (Mrs. M. I. Cleveland), B S B C), I I 

ington Place, Birmingham. 
II. T. Morgan, Planter, tlonoraville. 
Barton Morris, (B. C.)i Business, Birmingham. 
J. E. McCurdy, B. S., Century, Fla. 
Leila Mae Tale (Mrs. R. K. Jones), Pavo, Ga. 
S. U. Turnipseed, Mini ter, Alabama Conference. 

83 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Charles Robert Wolford, (B. C.)j Business, Birmingham. 

Ralph H. Allgood, Dadeville. 
Arthur L. Atkinson. 
Walter Bass, Brundidge. 
Quinton Blanton, Jasper. 
Warren A. Bonner, Greensboro. 

Frederick B. Buck, 1801 Arlington Ave., Bessemer. 
W. E. Calhoun, Greensboro. 
Will T. Chapman, Grove Hill. 
W. C. Chappell, Clerk, Postoffice, Fowderly. 
Howard Crawford, Tulane University, La. 
Aldrich Crowe, Montevallo. 
F. E. Day, Selma, Rt. 1. 
J. L. Evans, Clio. 
Carl J. Faulkner, Birmingham. 
R. B. Freeman, Fallatin, Tenn. 
James Gayle, Marion. 

John W. Graham, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
George M. Grant, Louisville. 
Merritt Greene, Tutwiler, Miss. 
W. S. Guice, Minister, Alabama Conference. 

Thomas A. Hanes, Sporting Editor, Norfolk Times, Norfolk, Va. 
William M. Hinton, Prattville. 
John W. Holmes, Fairfield. 
Phillip C. Jackson, 2800 Ave. H, Birmingham. 
W T ebb W. Jordan, Autaugaville. 
A. E. King, James. 
J. Frank Livingston, Notasulga. 
Murray H. Matthews, Florala. 
J. B. Nelson, Brundidge. 

Rembert Nesbitt, 908 S. 29th St., Birmingham. 
Golchman Palmer, Clanton. 
Weston V. Pierce, Millville, Fla. 
Albert L. Penn, Five Points. 
W. W, Pippin, Jr., Minister, Virginia. 
Elizabeth Rush, Opelika. 
Hollins Ryan, Greensboro. 
Williams Anthony Scott, Jasper. 
Mrs. Amanda Seed, Greensboro. 
Emmett C. Sharp, Forney. 
Jo« Walter Sledge, Tarrant City. 
J. R. Turnipseed, Montgomery. 

Robert Lomax Bates, B. S., Teacher, Jasper. 
Herbert Belton Byars, Teacher, Huntsville. 
Elly Eugene Daniel, N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Birmingham. 
Ashbury Hayne DeYampert, B. S. 

Thomas Leslie Hill, B. S., Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Ernest McCrary Hunt, B. S., Prattville. 

Birmingham-Southern College 89 

Laura Grace Jones, Teacher, Ensley High School, Birmingham. 
R. K. Jones, B. S., Business, Pavo, Ga. 
Louise McCormack (Mrs. Pogue), B. S., Birmingham. 
Ira Peagues, Principal High School, Clanton. 
Umsted Samuel Pitts, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
George Lazenby Reynolds, Teacher, University High School, 
Asst. Sporting Editor, Birmingham News, Birmingham. 
Hugh O'Neal Smith, B. S., Business, Alexander City. 
Jessie Anna Stead (Mrs. Ed Norton), Birmingham. 

H. C. Abbott, Jr., 1701 11th Ave., S., Birmingham. 
M. B. Ainsworth, Macon, Ga. 
W. P. Armstrong, Republic. 
Harvev Ardis, Fairfield. 
G. B. Bagley, Birmingham. 
R. E. Barnes, Greensboro. 
Charles R. Barksdale, Jr., Three Notch. 
Earl W. Burruss, Boaz. 
W. F. Calhoun, Emory University, Ga. 
Henry O. Cannon, Brantly. 
*F. C. Capps, Greenfield, Tenn. 
A. L. Carmichael, Enterprise. 
George E. Carter, Myrtlewood. 
Charles Cashion, Banker, Red Bay. 
Frances A. Castleman, Greensboro. 
Burt W. Chapman, Prattville. 
E. A. Childs, Girard. 
J. Floyd Collins, Jr. 
Edwin P. Cook, (Graduate work, Columbia University), Ewart-Brewer 

Motor Co. 
W. L. Culverson, Helena. 
Llllte Dale, Teacher, Greensboro. 
Martha Dale, Teacher, Greensboro. 
J. L. Daniel, Havana. 
Philip Davits. 

W. S. Dornian, Chemist, Ensley. 
T. M. Driskill, Principal, High Schol, Dora. 
W. 0. Findley, Sulligent. 
W. R. Fairer, St. Louis, Mo. 

K. C. Frazer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, M<1. 
Charles B. Galloway. Abbeville. 

J. R. Gardner. Jr., 102 Princeton Ave., Birmingham. 
J. C. Glenn, Atlanta, Ga. 
J. C. Hatcher, Lawyer, Birmingham. 
W. B. Holms, Brundidge. 
Thomas Elmer Hinton, Prattville. 
J. w. Horn, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Charles W. Horn. Brantly. 
Clint Jacobs, 820 N. 54th St., Birmingham. 
M. P. Jackson, Jr., Pineapple. 

E. N. Jones. Opelika. 

90 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Henry R. Jones, Sweetwater. 
George E. Jones. Standard Oil Co., Greensboro. 
M. H. Jones, Brewton. 
J. C. Kendriek, Greenville. 
J. F. Kearsh. Birmingham. 
George P. Ledyard, Letchatchee. 
G. E. Lester, Business, Gadsden. 

Robert G. Messer, Lawyer, 4028 5th Ave., S m Birmingham. 
Oscar J. Monneyham. Clyo. 
Thomas J. Morgan, Grossville. 
Claude Morris, Langdale. 
R. B. Malone, 930 Adams St., Birmingham. 
Charles R. Maxwell, Northport. 
Thomas M. Norton, Midway. 

Lelia M. Otts (Mrs. Thomas E. Knight, Jr.), Greensboro. 
Charles H. Owens. Montgomery. 
Yv. L. Paulk, Union Springs. 
A. S. Pugh, Jr., Grove Hill. 
N. Y. Quarrels, Fairfield. 
L. D. Ramigee. Brundidge. 
L. H. Reeder, Waverly. 

E. M. Robinson, Jr., Physician, 8 Idlewild Park, Birmingham. 
Alice C. Seed, Greensboro. 
Richard B. Shuptrine, Centrall Mills. 

H. E. Simpson, President Simpson-De Ramus Realty Co., Birmingham. 
J. B. Smith, Birmingham. 
S. G. Stephenson, Akron. 
A. M. Stovall. Jasper. 
William J. Terry, Greensboro. 
Henry Tucker, Sylcauga. 
J. G. Turner, Greensboro. 
Felix N. Turnipseed, Montgomery. 
Samuel G. Turnipseed. Pike Road. 
Annie Virgie Tate, Graceville, Fla. 
E. D. Veal, Tuscaloosa. 
L. D. Veal, Tuscaloosa. 
G. C. Wallace, Clyo. 
Henry L. Walstrum, Birmingham. 
Edward L. Warrick, Nullry. 
Frank A. Webb, M. D., Mobile. 
J. C. Weston, Isney. 
Charles E. Whitehead, Mobile. 
Richard M. Willis, Oak Grove. 
Roy Woody, Brownsboro. 

James Marvin Baty (Med. Student, Harvard Univ.), Bessemer. 
John Thomas Bradford, Business, Repton. 
Elizabeth Christenberry. 
Lawrence Vaughan Howard, Principal, Hale County High 

School, Mound ville. 
Osie Kyle Lamb, Minister, North Georgia Conference. 


Thomas Jones Levie, Teacher 5 Lanett. 

Eugene Courtney Malone, Alabama Power Co., Birmingham. 

William Roan Tipton, Principal, Jonesboro High School, Ark. 


Mabry M. Abercrombie, Loxley. 
J. M. Acton, 938 Ella St., Birmingham. 
Helen M. Armstrong, Ensley. 
Thomas C. Atkinson, Columbia. 
W. T. Cardwell, Wadley. 

Herman Cather, Prop., Walker County Drug Co., Dora. 
J. W. Chapman, Ariton. 
John B. Collier, Brundidge. 
Meridith P. Collins. 
Bertha E. Crawford, Greensboro. 
Fred A. Duran, Montevallo. 
George M. Dobson, Sylacauga. 
Freeman B. Easterling, Clio. 
William Graham Echols, Sec. N. A. C. Ep., 807 Eliza Ave., Birmingham. 

Sara P. Echols, 1747 30th St., Ensley. 
N. R. Elliott, Birmingham, Y. M. C. A. 
Charles L. Ellis, Minister, North Alabama Conference. 
Robert M. English, Akron. 
C. C. Garner, Wewahitchka, Fla. 
Charles Henry, Birmingham. 
N. L. Howard, Prattville. 
Velruce Huff, Brundidge. 
Edward Jernigan, Pigeon Creek. 
J. Y. Johnston, Clayton. 
J. C. Jones, Sweetwater. 
C. Elizabeth Kent, Birmingham. 
Frank Kay, Med. Student, Emory University, Ga. 
Evan N. Kelly, Prattville. 

Harold F. Kidd, 3711 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 111. 
Harry L. Lazenby, Monrocville. 
J. M. Metcalf, Minister, Bayou La Barte, La. 
Ottis Mixon, Dothan. 

James W. Moore, Traders National Bank. Birmingham, 
M. A. Myer, Acipco. 
M. E. Myer, Madison. 
C. M. McMillan, Planter, Gastonberg. 
Thomas L. McWaters, Chemist, 516 L7th St., Ensley. 
H. Naugher, Fayette. 
Guy M. Nation. Birmingham. 

F. K. Neill, Medical Student, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tonn. 
Howard P. Newsom, Fori Morgan. 
J. H. Owens, Hurtsboro. 
Bynum T. Parker, Gullman. 
Nannie M. Price, Teacher, 1182 Ith Ave. s.. Blrmii 

J. P. Radney, Jr., Business. Roanokr. 

William K. Kiddie. Talladega. 

92 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Daniel H. Riddle, Talladega. 

Joseph D. Rush, 518 1st Ave., N., Birmingham. 

Paul Sarvice, 1st Natl. Bank Bid?., Birmingham. 

Bartow Sargent. Anniston. 

Marion H. Scott, Business, Jasper. 

Clinton Seed, Greensboro. 

Beatrice Shadburn, Greensboro. 

Alma Smith, Y. W. C. A., Birmingham. 

Robert B. Somnerville, Tallassee. 

Leon W. Spiegner, Prattville. 

Olin W. Stagg, Dothan. 

O. L. Stanton, Brundidge. 

James W. Stewart, Yanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn 

C. P. Sons, Tallassee. 

Willie Veal, Tuscaloosa. 

Alma Veal, Tuscaloosa. 

Clyde Walker, Ball Player, Virginia League. 

Richard D. Wall, Forest Home. 

H. E. Waller, New York City. 

John W. Warren, Officer, U. S. Army. 

A. F. Ware, Farmer, Pinson. 

C. L. Walton, Business, Waverly. 

Herman S. Weatherley, Waverly. 

H. W. Williamson, Citronelle. 

M. S. Williams, Clopton. 

Mrs. Mary Cleaver Armstrong, Birmingham. 
Stewart Melvin Baker, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Wallace Grady Barnes, Minister, N. Alabama Conference. 
Albert Leon Branscomb, Student, Emory University, Ga. 
Harry Denman, First Methodist Church, Birmingham. 
Jesse Rush Duncan, Teacher, Flat Rock. 
Stanley Lewis Morgan, Teacher, Georgia. 
Joseph Maynard Neese, Instructor History, Simpson School, 

Susie Bouldin Rosamond, Birmingham. 

Weyman Preston Enuggs, Principal High School, Manrovia. 
J. Fred Sparks, Minister, North Alabam Conference. 
Annie Lee Warren, Teacher High School, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
David Dana White, Teacher, High School, Demopolis. 

Mrs. W. T. Cardwell, Wadley. 
John R. Carlton, Wadley. 
Paul Clarke, Jasper. 
Ernest Cleverdon, University, Ala. 
Daniel E. Dilbern, Fort Payne. 
Howard Draper. 
W. Lee Eliss, Atmore. 
Evan C. Evans, Minister, Alabama Conference. 


James M. Farley, Brighton. 
Henry E. Floyd. 

Henry J. Garrett, Bank Clerk, North Birmingham. 
Luther A. Horn, Minister, Alabama Conference. 
Charles M. Kelly, Repton. 
James E. Lawrence, Greensboro. 
Robert E. Lee, Bessemer. 
Edwin Lovelace, Brewton. 
Ormond 0. Mobley, Campbell. 
William A. McKay, Birmingham. 
Angus McDiarmid, Vanderbilt, Md. 
Neil McQuaig, Clanton. 
*Richard McCoy, Aviator, Died in Service. 
John T. Oliver, (Medical Student), Quinton. 
John O'Rouke, Bessemer. 
H. M. Osborne, Greensboro, 
E. B. Perdue, Furman. 
James C. Parr, Eutaw. 
L. D. Petrey, Petrey. 
Joseph C. Ralls, Piedmont. 
Albert C. Reed, Albertville. 
Henry W. Reddus, Vernon. 
Mentor D. Reddus, Vernon. 
John M. Reineke, Birmingham. 

Gladys Reynolds (Mrs. Ernest Herlong), Fairfield. 
James H. Roberts, Sylacauga. 
Thomas L. Robinson, Thorsby. 
Kate Rutledge, Ensley. 
Clifton C. Russell, Fayetteville. 

Leon B. Sledge, Elec. Engr., Alabama Power Co., Greensboro. 
R. E. Stafford, Dothan. 
William M. Stokes, Cordova. 
C. W. Thomas, Albertville. 
B. Frazer Tate, Graceville, Fla. 

R. G. Tate, Lawyer, 800 Handsome Ave., Birmingham. 
Kathleen Taylor, Greensboro. 
William T. Thompson, Greenville. 
J. T. Vann, New Market. 
A. K. Welch, Montgomery. 

Lula M. Wildsmith, tic, Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 
Miss Herbert Winn, Greensboro. 
Violet Wolford (Mrs. V. M. Jackson, Jr.), D16 S. 81st St., Birmingham. 

J 922 

William Franklin Ball, LL. B., Birmingham. 

Rnfus Beauregard Bagley, Instructor Science, Phillips High 

School, Birmingham. 
Mary Lucile Colvin, Teacher, Birmingham. 
Herston M ac A ger Cooper, A. I... \. M. (1923 . Birmingham. 
Edward K. Copeland, LL. B., Attorney, Birmingham. 
Arlic Barber Davidson, Studenl Emory University, 

94 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

John Webb deYampert, B. S., Teacher, High School. 

O. S. Finch, LL. B., Attorney, Birmingham. 

Janie Fermine Grace, Teacher, Johns. 

Gladys Elizabeth Green (Mrs. P. D. Scrivner), Birmingham. 

Carrie Helen Haggard, Birmingham. 

Frank Hammett, B. S., Business, Sylacauga. 

Demetrius Nestor lssos, (Med. Student), Birmingham. 

Alta L. King, LL. B., Adamsville. 

Joseph Kirk, LL. B., Birmingham. 

Eulin J. Laney, Principal Graymont School, Birmingham. 

William Walter Locke, B. S., (Med. Student, Tulane), Orrville. 

Carolyn Louise Martin, Teacher, Birmingham. 

Charlie D. Matthews (Graduate School, Johns Hopkins), Hack- 

Acton Elijah Middlebrooks, Dean, Marvin College, Fredericks- 
town, Mo. 

Gerwin Myer, High School Teacher, Pell City. 

Newton Hosmer Price, Principal Hemphill School, Birmingham. 

Albert A. Rosenthal, LL. B., Attorney, Leader and Ullman, 

Robert Justin Rowe, Teacher, High School, Roanoke. 

William Marvin Scott, LL. B., Attorney, Birmingham. 

Perry Dewey Scrivner, Teacher, Birmingham. 

William Sihon Traweek, Student, Garrett Bible Institute, 
Evanston, 111. 

E. E. Smith, A. M., Principal Ensley High School, Ensley. 

Wilmer Dickens Webb, B. S., Instructor Science and Coach, 
Simpson School, Birmingham. 

Moses Riley Weston, Teacher, Birmingham. 

Catherine Virginia Williams, Teacher, Birmingham. 

Howard Yielding, Business, Birmingham. 

Newman Manley Yielding, Business, Birmingham. 


Charles Adams, Bessemer. 

Ralph R. Adams, Bridgeport. 

John M. Aikin, 802 Eliza Ave., Birmingham. 

Luther T. Chesnut, 801 Ethel Ave., Birmingham. 

Harietta Chappelle (Mrs. F. L. Owsley), Nashville, Tenn. 

Leslie D. Cole, Bessemer. 

Bryan B. Cook, Lisman. 

O, M. Edwards, Eclectric. 

H. E. Entrekin, 2216 23rd St., Ensley. 

Charles D. Forte, Fort Davis. 

Charles D. Frazer, Birmingham. 

A. J. Frazer, Birmingham. 

Birmingham-Southern College 95 

J. B. Gibson, Birmingham. 

E. W. Godbee, Valley Head. 

John F. Gordon, Huntsville. 

Charles M. Greene, Tarrant City. 

John W. Grubbs, Enterprise. 

J. C. Harrison, Selma, R. F. D. 

Frank I. Haynes, Russellville. 

Curl Hellak, Gruaker, Norway,at present in Birmingham. 

Lyan Hogan, Birmingham. 

James L. Hughes, Warrington, Fla. 

Herbert L. Igou, Meridianville. 

Charles H. Johnson, Collinsville. 

Andrew B. Lemble, Ensley. 

E. Duvall Lile, Heflin. 

B. T. Linder, Talladega. 

Robert 0. Mabre, Birmingham. 

L. H. Mannnig, Talladega. 

Silas B. Martin, Equality. 

M. S. Mathis, Childersburg. 

James E. Meigs, University, Ala. 

William J. Mitchell, Ensley. 

J. Arthur McGee, Greenville. 

Diana McClesky, Woman's College. 

Lucie McClesky, Woman's College. 

Margaret McCoy, Nashville, Tenn. 

Tom D. McKown, Valley Head. 

W. T. Moore, Birmingham. 

Herbert M. Moore, Flat Rock. 

E. H. Morgan, Honoraville. 

John E. Montgomery. 

Otis Murphree, Birmingham. 

H. E. Neighbors, Good water. 

Robert B. Newton, Birmingham. 

John M. Price, Valley Head. 

H. G. Porter, Heflin. 

Sandefur, Birmingham. 

J. W. Scarborough, Dover, Tenn. 

R. M. Shores, Birmingham. 

R. V. Smith, Birmingham. 

Gilbert K. Smith, Elkmont. 

Herbert B. Strikland. 

Houston Terrell. Hamilton. 

J. (>. Thompson, Bessemer. 

Percival J. Thompson, Like Helen, Fla. 

Marion A. Thurman, Sycamore. 

k. Ellis Walker, Little Rock, Ark. 

Rosalee Walstrom, Teacher, T. C. I. Schools, Bi 

\v. H. Webb, LaFayette. 

J. I,. Wheeler, S\ la< 

w. W. White, I Medical Student, Emon , I 

Douglass William-. Marion Junction. 

fr. c. Williams, Fori Deposit. 

c. S. Winston, Randall, Misa 

96 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

Howard Wright, Florence. 
Charles W. Wright, Bessemer. 
Louise 0. Young, Vernon. 
Dorothy Youngblood, Ensley. 


Paul Lee Abernathy, Business, Birmingham. 

Hunter Armstrong, LL. B., Attorney, Registra in Chancery, 

John Keith Benton, (Graduate Student, Yale University), Bir- 

Floelle Y. Bonner, LL. B., Birmingham. 

Richard Edwin Branscomb, (Theology Student, Emory Uni- 
versity), Anniston. 

Eugene Hobson Clarke, Albany. 

William C. Dalrymple, LL. B., Birmingham. 

Henry Watterson Dark, High School Teacher, Haleyville. 

William Neal Dark, (Graduate Student, Vanderbilt), Alexan- 
der City. 

Rufus A. Duvall, Principal North Birmingham Public School, 

Edward Redding Emmens, B. S., (Medical Student, Emory Uni- 
vrsity), Trinity. 

Lerah Lillie Emerson, High School Teacher, Texas. 

J. Gaston Golson, B. S., High School Teacher, Winfield. 

Wyatt Walker Hale, B. S., Secretary, Birmingham-Southern 

John Lincoln Hall, Teacher, Birmingham. 

Percy Leonidas Howard, Jr., Instructor History, The Simpson 
School, Birmingham. 

Ervin Jackson, B. S. (Graduate Student, U. of Penn.), Birming- 

Mary Amelia Jackson, (Graduate Work, Columbia University), 
Instructor Spanish, Birmingham-Southern College. 

Harold Bray Johnson, Principal Fairview Public School, Bir- 

Reuben Aaron Jones (Graduate Student, Emory), Birmingham. 

Tracy Mitchell Kegley, Head Mathematics Department, Ensley 
High School, Birmingham. 

Waldemar Hiram Lefstead, High School Teacher, Thorsby. 

Allen George Loehr, (Graduate Work, Columbia University), 
Asst. Professor English, Birmingham-Southern College, 

Virginia Henry Mayfield, LL. B., Attorney, Birmingham. 

Grady Wilson Miller, New York Life Ins. Co., Birmingham. 


Miriam Milner, Teacher, Birmingham. 

Virginia Mixon, Teacher, City Schools, Birmingham. 

Annie Louise Moon, High School Teacher, Hayleyville. 

Robert Edwin Moore, Minister, Valley Head. 

Marvin Eugene Moorehead, Principal High School, Courtland, 

James Edgar Moreno, Business, Boothton. 
Catherine Harriet Newsom Teacher, Birmingham. 
Mrs. Anna Lappage Neese, Ensley. 
Ethelbert Brinkley Norton, Farmer, Birmingham. 
Lorena Norton, (Graduate work, Columbia University), In- 
structor, Birmingham-Southern College. 
W. A. Reagan, A. M., Birmingham. 

Ida Taylor Roberts, Teacher, City Schools, Birmingham. 
Pauline Sanders, Teacher, Ensley. 
Hubert Paul Smith, LL. B., Birmingham. 
Frances Alberta Taylor, Teacher, Bessemer. 
Nelle Waldrip, Teacher, Goodwater. 

William Marion Westbrook (Graduate Student, Emory Uni- 
versity), Birmingham. 
Frances Pope White, Business, Goodwater. 


Mabry Clayton Abercrombie. 

Frank Raymond Abbott. 

James Lucien Allgood. 

Eldridge Jewell Barnes. 

Manyard Eugene Baker. 

Otis Leroy Bellenger. 

D wight Clovis Bracken. 

Elijah Gary Birchfiel, Birmingham. 

John Eugene Burney. Birmingham. 

Jesse William Cornelius. 

Thomas Newton Crawford. 

John Randolph Dawson, Birmingham. 

Harris M. Forsyth. 

Clyde Freeman. 

William Cooper Green, Birmingham. 

Hazel Barton Hanes. 

Gladys Olivia Harlee. 

John Dixon Harris, Atlanta, Ga. 

John Casey Harrison. 

John Hicks Howell. 

Earl Clarence Hunter. 
Brevy Paul Hutto. 
Frank Katzenstine. 
George Samuel Kelly. 
William Joseph Mitch< II. 

98 Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

John Beverly Mabry. 

Enoch Carter Morris. 

Hugh Gallagher Mosely . 

Robert Morel Montgomery. 

Sara Lannom Newsom, Birmingham. 

Leo Lucile Price. 

Margaret Ward Smoot. 

William Howard Stansell. 

Felix Young Vann. 


Names preceded by a dash ( — ) are those of non-graduates. 
Others are graduates. 

'23--Abbott, F. R. 

'83— Allen, C. F. 

'19— Abbott, H. C, Jr. 

'08— Allen, C. L. 

'91 — Abercrombie, John W. 

'14— Allen, D. G. 

'23 — Abercrombie, Mary C. 

'96 Allen, Ellis S. 

'20 — Abercrombie, M. M. 

'12 Allen, Eric C. 

'12— Abernathy, F. L. 

'14 Allen, Eustice A. 

'11 — Abernathy, Jas. R. 

'89 — Allen, Gray. 

'10 — Abernathy, John S. 

'73 Allen, J. R. 

'09— Abernathy, N. H. 

'12— Allen, J. T. 

'23 Abernathy, P. L. 

'96— Allen, J. W. 

'97 Abernathy, T. P. 

'13— Allen, Ruth. 

'92— Abernathy, Waldron 

'75 Allen, W. H. 

'94 — Abney, E. 

'91— Allen, W. G. 

'09 Abrams, Alonzo 

'03— Allford, Bennett. 

'96— Acton, J. C. 

f 23— Allgood, J. L. 

'02— Acton, J. D. 

'18— Allsood, R. H. 

'20— Acton, J. M. 

'87 Allsood, R. V. 

'21— Acton, S. L. 

'12 Allgood, S. L. 

'05— Acuff, R. K. 

'11— Allgood, S. S. 

'91— Adair, R. S. 

'17— Allison, W. L. 

'04— Adams, B. F., Jr. 

'95— Alman, C. P. 

'07 — Adams, Charles, 

'02— Alston, R H 

'22— Adams, Charles. 

'11 — Alston, Woodie. 

'92— Adams, F. L. H. 

'16 Alverson, L. G. 

'06 — Adams, G. L. 

'13 — Anderson, Annie 

'91 Adams, J. B. 

'90— Anderson. E. W. 

*99— Adams, J. C. 

'92 — Anderson, II. L. 

'08 — Adams, J. H. 

'18 — Anderson. J. W. 

'17— Adams, J. O. 

'17 Anderson, T. J. 

'22— Adams, R. R. 

'86 Andrews, A. L. 

'91— Adams, R. S. 

'li — Andrews. Ethel. 

'93— Adams, T. L. 

'94 Andrews, J. H. 

'12— Adams, W. C. 

'92 Andrews, Leigh. 

'13— Adknis, E. C. 

'li — Andrews, Lillie R 

'96 — Apee, I. 

*95 Andrews, M. 

'89— Apee, R. L. 

'91 - Andrews. H. S. 

'91 — Agee, /. S., Jr. 

'p* Andrews, W, C. 

'22— Aiken. J. M. 

•*n Andrews, W, F, 

'19— Ainsworth, M. B. 

'pi Ansley, H. M. 

'08— Aldridge, H. L. 

'99 Arberry, W. W. 

'08— Aldridge, W. E. 

•98 Archibald, K. M. 

'02 — Alexander, H. L. 

'0(1 Archie, J. R. 

'17— Alison. \V. 1... Jr. 

•19 UdK H. 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'90 — Armstrong, B. S. 

'20 — Armstrong, Helen M. 

'23 Armstrong, H. 

'21 Armstrong, Mrs. Mary C. 

'89— Armstrong, P. A. 

'70 Armstrong, W. H. 

'19— Armstrong, W. P. 

'17 Arnett, D.P. 

'10— Arnold, F. M. 

'06 — Ashburn. 

'89 — Askew, A. H. 

'95— Askew, D. D. 

'92— Askew, V. B. 

'08— Atchison, F. M. 

'10— Atchison, H. L. 

'87 Atkins, Alex. H. 

'80— Atkins, Henry. 

'69— Atkins, J. H. 

'79— Atkins, R. 

'67— Atkins, Wm. T. 

'18 — Atkinson, A. L. 

'88 Atkinson, C. P. 

'92 -Atkinson, H. 0. 

'61 Atkinson, Joseph. 

'20— Atkinson, T. C. 

'11— Aubry, C. H. 

'93— Auxford, F. 0. 

'16— Avant, J. C. 

'77 — Avery, A. S. 

'12— Avery, C. H. 

'94— Avery, J. W. 

'99— Avery, J. Y. 

'95— Avery, P. H. 

'65 — Avery, R. W. 

'15 Avinger, C. E. 

'63— Aymey, A. F. 

'03— Babb, Anna. 

'97— Bacon, A. C. 

'07— Bagley, E. 

'19— Bagley, G. B. 

'22 Bagley, R. B. 

'12— Bagley, S. E. 

'99— Bailey, Clellie. 

'17— Bailey, H. H. 

'99 Bailey, L. R. 

'99— Bain, G. F. 

'03— Bain, Mrs. G. F. 

'91— Baird, Hugh. 

'23— Baker, M. E. 

'88— Baker, M. R. 

'21 Baker S. M. 

'02— Baker, S. W. 

'04— Baker, T. H. 

'78— Baldwin, B. 
'76— Baldwin, C. M. 
'08— Baldwin, E. O. 
'89 Ballard, G. C. 
'89— Ballard, G. C. 
'09 Balsam, A. S. 
'90— Bancroft, J. B. 
'80— Bancroft, W. 
'09 Banks, N. M. 
'63— Banks, R. W. 
'91— Banks, S. 
'10— Barber, 0. W. 
'13— Barber, 0. W. 
'13— Barbour, W. E. 
'12— Barcliff, C. S. 
'03— Barcliff, Rupert. 
'93— Barefield, T. K. 
'19— Barksdale, C. R., Jr. 
'11— Barnard, G. R. 
'85 Barnes, D. W. 
'23— Barnes, E. J. 
'10— Barnes, E. M. 
'09— Barnes, P. O. 
'19— Barnes, R. E. 
'11 — Barnes, W. A. 
'80— Barnes, W. C. 
'21 Barnes, W. G. 

'16 Barnett, A. E. 
'15 Barnett, M. 

'17 Bartee, W. G. 
'05 — Barton, James. 
'18— Bass, Walter. 
'11— Bassett, F. W. 
'92— Bates, Caleb. 
'18 Bates, J. L. 
'19 Bates, R. L. 
'13 Batson, Culver. 
'02 Batson, David C. 
12— Batson, H. G. 
'07— Battle, L. R. 
'73— Battle, R. A. 
'73— Battle, W. A. 
'20 Baty, J. M. 
'15 Baxley, Howard. 
'97 Baxley, J. A. 
'95— Bayles, W. L. 
'14— Beacley, W. M., Jr. 
'03— Beall, F. W. 
'13— Beall, J. H. 
'80— Beard, Ben. 
'97— Beard, C. A. 
'76— Beard, W. C. 
'88 Beavers, J. R. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


♦06— Bechman, T. F. 
'64— Bedford, G. M. 
'01—Beggs, W. P. 
'81— Bell, J. H, 
'03— Bell, J. T. 
•03— Bell, R. G. 
'90— Bell, S. H. 
•00— Bellah, L. P. 
'23— Bellenger, O. L. 
'12 Belser, M. S. 
'95— Belyen, J. W. 
'92 — Benners, A. 
'67 Benners, A. H. 
'90 Benners, Augustus. 
'74— Benners, E. G. 
'87 Benners, H. G. 
'80— Benners, W. H. 
'07— Bennett, H. D. 
'07— Benett, O. W. 
'64— Bensler, F. H. 
'17 Benson, J. B. 
'94 Benson, L. K. 
'93 Benson, W. W. 
'23 Benton, J. K. 
•07— Bergen, J. M. 
'02 — Bergin, James. 
'02— Bergln, Wilson. 
'08 Berry, B. E. 
'98 Berry, E. W. 
'91— Berry, F. L. 
'11— Berry, S. W. 
'11— Betts, H. E. 
'86— Betts, I. F. 
'90— Betts, W. F. 
'83— Beverly, N. W. 
'95— Beville, I). 
'08 Beville, D. L. 
'91 Bickerstaff, J. H. 
'95 Bickerstaff, W. R. 
'10— Bickley, G. W. 
'07- Bilbro, Howard. 
'78— Bilbro, I. F. 
'95 Bilbro, I. F., Jr. 
'07-Bilbro, J. F. 
'33— Birch field, E. G. 
'77 Bisscll, F. A. 
'94— Biven, W. V 
•76 Black, (,. S. 
'09— Black. W. T. 

•74— Blackshear, C. T. 

'92— Blair, B. F. 

•08 — Biaiork. Margaret C. 
'77— Blanton, I. M. 

'18— Blanton, Quinton. 
'94— Blanton, R. J. 
'17 Blocker, H. C. 
'11— Blythe, E. J. 
'12— Blythe, R. A. 
'66 — Boardman, Henry. 
'07— Boger, D. 
'76— Bolls, C. R. 
'80— Bondurant, E. 
'23 Bonner, F. Y. 
'09 — Bonner, O. A. 
'18— Bonner, W. A. 
'90— Booker, T. N. 
'11 — Borden, A. 
'04— Borden, C. B. 
'66 Borden, J. L. 
'74 Borden, J. P. 
'07— Borden, J. P. 
'90— Botts, W. F. 
'14— Bowden, W. F. 
'93 Bowen, A. C. 
'09 — Bowling, Frank. 
'84— Bowman, T. H. 
'09— Box, J. T. 
'17— Boyd, G. E., Jr. 
'06— Boyd, E. M. 
'09— Boyd, W. C. 
'23— Bracken, D. C. 
'73— Bradfield, G. H. 
'05— Bradford, J. A. 
'20 Bradford, J. T. 
'74 — Bradford, Thomas. 
'0G— Bradford, T. W. 
'72— Bradford. W. L. 
•12— Bradley, A. E. 



B. B. 



Mrs. U. B 



L. (. 



V. K. 



W. L. 



W. R. 


Brake, J 

. I.. 



Carrie 1 



Flank W 


Bra ndon, 

Fornej H 



I R 


Bi i ndon, 


'ia— Brandon, 

I. < . 


Brane, 1 

. u 



L. C. 



J. R. 



I . c. 


- Brannon, 

J. K 


Register op Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'21 Branscomb, A. L. 
'14 Branscomb, B. H. 
'83 — Branscomb, J. W. 
'85 Branscomb, L. C. 
'14 — Branscomb, L. M. 
'10 Branscomb, M. B. 
'23 Branscomb, R. E. 
'72— Bransford, W. L. 
'10— Braswell, B. E. 
'89— Braswell, J. H. 
'10— Braswell, L. A. 
'88— Braswell, W. I. 
'03 — Bregman, G. J. 
'94— Breland, E. T. 
'09— Bridges, W. L. 
'87— Briggs, A. J. 
'12— Briggs, A. J. 
'77— Briggs, R. J. 
'73 Briggs, W. G. 
'07— Brittain, E. M. 
'99— Britton, J. G. 
'07 — Briuster, Dorman. 
'81— Broadknox, J. S. B. 
'81— Broadknox, T. J. 
'94 Brock, J. A. J. 
'80— Brock, J. B. 
'07— Brooks, E. 
'09— Brooks, E. M. 
'97— Brook, K. K. 
'08— Brooks, V. F. 
'95— Brown, A. C. 
'15— Brown, A. H. 
'82— Brown, A. L. 
'01— Brown, C. E. 
'65— Brown, C. G. 
'94— Brown, C. L. 
'11— Brown, C. P. 
'89— Brown, C. S. 
'89 Brown, E. I. 
'88 Brown, E. L. 
'05— Brown, E. L. 
'05— Brown, Mrs. E. L. 
'00— Brown, E. P. 
'04— Brown, E. P. 
'77— Brown, E. T. 
'02— Brown, F. A. 
'95— Brown, F. C. 
*02 — Brown H. 
'17 Brown, H. C. 
'10— Brown, H. D. 
'92— Brown, J. A. 
'12— Brown, J. D. 
'03 Brown, J. E. 

'10 Brown, J. F. T. 

'03 — Brown, J. L. 

'80— Brown, J. M. 

'90— Brown, J. V. 

'99— Brown, M. H. 

'12 Brown, Mrs. Margaret K. 

'89 Brown, P. U. 

'07— Brown, T. S. 

'05— Brown, W. 

'12 Brown, W. E. 

'92— Brown, W. I. 

'07— Brust, W. M. 

'07— Bruster, D. 

'98 — Bryan, F. 

'13— Bryan, M. F. O. 

'78— Bryan, R. P. 

'85— Bryant, C. B. 

'04 Bryant, F. H. 

'08— Bryant, W. E. 

'13 Bryant, W. M. 

'06— Bryers, A. B. 

'06 Buchanan, T. F. 

'08 Buchanan, W. M. 

'03 — Buchanan, Wilber. 

'18— Buck, F. B. 

'03— Buckner, A. N. 

'94— Buffington, J. O. 

'15 Bugg, T. S. 

'07— Bull, I. 

'04— Bullard, H. C. 

'05— Bullard, K. C. 

'00— Bullard, R. C. 

'11— Bullock, J. A., Jr. 

'11 — Bumgardner, C. H. 

'04 Bumgardner, G. H. 

'08 Bumgardner, R. H. 

'90— Burchfield, E. G. 

'07— Burford, J. F. 

'02— Burford, S. 

'84— Burge, J. B. 

'02 — Burgin, J. 

'03— Burgin, J. B. 

'02— Burgin, W. 

'07— Burgin, W. A. 

'09— Burks, E. M. 

'90— Burne, W. J. 

'23— Burney, J. E. 

'07 Burns, O. R. 

'03 — Burns, Ruth. 

'91— Burnum, H. A. 

'64— Burpo, W. A. 

'73 — Burriss, W. A. 

'19— Burruss, E. W. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'10— Burruss, J. L. 
'96— Burt, W. L. 
'86 Burton, G. W. 
'89— Burton, J. H. 
'03— Burton, T. 
'09— Burwell, E. G. 
'98 Bush, C. F. 
'09— Bush, E. L. 
'88— Bush, H. B. 
'94— Butler, A. K. 
'88 Butler, C. H. 
'19 Byars, H. B. 
'92— Byars, H. H. 
'95— Bynum, B. C. 
'01— Bynum, E. B. 
'90 Bynum, J. L. 
'02— Bynum, W. R. 
'10— Byrd, A. B. 
'85— Byrne, S. J. 
'83— Byrne, T. M. 

'07— Cain, F. G. 
'87 — Cain, John. 
'08— Caldwell, E. L. 
'17— Calhoun, Beaulah E, 
'07— Calhoun, C. C. 
'14 Calhoun, E. B. 
'81— Calhoun, J. C. 
'99 Calhoun, 0. V. 
'17— Calhoun, S. C. 
'15 — Calhoun, Tom. 
'16— Calhoun, V. A. 
'18— Calhoun, W. E. 
'19— Calhoun, W. F. 
'25— Call, C. C. 
'66 Callaway, D. M. 
'01 Callaway, Eugene. 
'66— Callaway, J. W. 
'07— Callaway, Tom. 
'96 — Calvin, Harry. 
'93 — Cameron, J. D. 
'72— Cameron, J. H. 
'89 — Cameron, Mayo. 
'or Cammack, N. <>., Jr. 
'76— Camp, B. S. 
'97— Camp, F. K. 
'78— Camp J. P. 
'04 — Campbell, A. L. 
'94— Campbell, ('. N. 
•08— Campbell, I). W. 
'18— Campbell, E. A. 
'12 — Canfield, O. 
'84 Canning, F , S 
'li Cannon. H, 

'19— Cannon, H. 0. 
'08 — Cannon, J. B. 
'04 — Cannon, O. D. 
'63 — Cannon, T. E. 
'98— Cannon, W. A. 
'08 Cannon, W. J. 
'07 — Canterberry, George. 
'16 — Canterberry, ft J. 
'19— Capps, F. C. 
'94 — Cardwell, A. L. 
'20— Cardwell, W. T. 
'21— Cardwell. Mrs. W. T. 
'64— Carlisle, T. C. 
1 12— Carlton, A. B. 
'10 Carlton, I. C. 
'21— Carlton, J. R. 
'19 — Carmichael, A. L. 
'08 — Carmichael, C. C. 
'09— Carmichael. C. M. 
'81— Carmichael, C. W. 
'14— Carmichael. G. M. 
'05 — Carmichael. J. A. 
"15 — Carmichael, J. L. 
'98 Carmichael, M. S. 
'06 — Carmichael, Warner. 
'08 — Carnathan, Lillian. 
'08 — Carnathan. Minnie. 
'14— Carnathan. W. G. 
'11 Carnathan, W. J. 
'02— Carpenter, J. D., Jr. 
'02 — Carpenter. M. 
'88— Carr, C. W. 
'10— Carr, J. C. 
'12 Carr, R. B. 
'13 — Carroll, Marion. 
'80— Carrollton. VV. A. 
'63 — Carson, J. K. 
'70— Carson, P. K. 
T)4 — Carson, S. C. 
'95— ( \. L. 

'19— Carter, ('* !'.. 
,- ( arter, J. M. 
'06 — Cary, J. \. 
'] g Cashion, < hai les. 
'04 Cassady, II. W. 

i .i. B. I '.. Jr. 
. 2 ( asl U ma n, I >a> id, Jr. 
'19— I l. 1 V 

'20 Cather, Herman. 
:>\ Catron, B. I . 
J. II 
thorn, v. S 
64— Chj ■ ' 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'89 Chadwick, J. S. 

'64— Chadwick, R. A. 

'99— Chadwick, R. E. 

'63— Chadwick, S. W. 

"95 Chalker, I. W. 

'91 — Chambers, J. M. 

'91— Chandler, J. C. 

'18 Chapman, Bettie. 

'19— Chapman, B. W. 

'14 Chapman, E. V. 

"02 Chapman, F. E. 

'86 Chapman, G. C. 

'09— Chapman, J. C. 

'20— Chapman, J. W. 

^14 — Chapman, Mrs. Mary. 

^66— Chapman, M. B. 

'67 Chapman, M. B 

'66 Chapman. M. B. 

'99— Chapman, O. H. 

"18— Chapman, W. T. 

'18— Chapman, W. T. 

'18— Chappell, W. C. 

'9 4— Chappelle, C. A. 

'14 Chappelle, F. H. 

'04 Chappelle, J. D. 

'07— Chappelle, J. H. S., Jr. 

, 22~Chappelle, H. 

'78 Chappelle, L. H. S. 

'01— Chatfield, G. M. 

'93— Chatfield, W. N. 

'07— Cherry, V. P. 

'97— Chcsnut, E. J. 

'97— Chesnut, E. J. 

'01— Chesnut, G. M. 

'22— Chesnu,t L. T. 

'05 — Chesnut, Webb. 

'76— Chew, R. F. 

"01— Childers, G. F. 

'64— Childrep, H. R. 

'19— Chiles, E. A. 

'00— Chiles, H. S. 

'64— Chiles, W. L. 

'00 Chilton, C. L., Jr. 

'04— Chilton, J. T. 

'02 Chilton, W. P. 

'03— Chilton, Mrs. W. P. (Minnie). 

'97 Chisholm, W. C. 

'04— Chonteau, E. G. 

'87 Christenberry, D. P. 

'20 Christenberry, E. 

'07 — Christenberry, W. B. 

'05— Chritian, P. W. 

'94 Christian, J. J. 

'03 — Christian, Laura. 

'10— Christian, O. B. 

'60— Christian, W. C. 

'11— Christopher, O. B. 

'93— Chum, A. E. 

'77— Clark, D. H. 

'00 Clark, J. F. 

'94— C ! a-k, J. M., Jr. 

'21 — Clark, Paul. 

'00— Clark, R. C. 

To— Clark, W. W. 

v 23 Clarke, E. H. 

'12— Claud, W. M., Jr. 

'94— Clay, Willie. 

'02— Clegg, C. W. 

'17 — Clemens, Miss. 

•77— Clement, W. M. 

'04— Clendinen, James. 

'76— Cleurman, M. D. 

'02— Cleveland, H. C. 

'05— Cleveland, H. L. 

'11— Cleveland, J. W. 

'18 Cleveland, Mrs. M. I. (Mattie 

'17— Cleveland, T. H. 
'10 CI jveland, C. H. 
'21 — Cleverdon, Ernest. 
'63— Clopton, R. C. 
'92 Coale. H. W. 
'91— Coate, L. M. 
'82— Coats, J. R. 
'90— Cobb. E. H. 
'97— Cobbs. E. E. 
'90— Cobbs, H. S. 
'95— Cochran, J. W. 
'74 — Cochran, M. A. 
'09 Cochran, R. T. 
'03— Cochran. Thomas. 
'00— Cocke, H. T. 
'04 — Cocke, Justin. 
'96 Cocke, J. D. 
'01— Cocke, J. W. 
'96— Cocke, W. F. 
'99— Cocke, W. T. 
'90— Cockreil, W. L. 
'94— Coffman, A. B. 
'17— Coker, R. W. 
'11 — Cole, Jesse. 
'22— Cole, L. D. 
'10— Coleback, Mrs. E. L. (Mary Wi 

'00— Coleman, Mrs. Alice (Waller) 
'80— Coleman, A. A. 
'13 — Coleman, E. A. 
'93— Coleman, E. W. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'69— Coleman, F. 
'16 Coleman, F. M. 
'10 — Coleman, J. A. 
'70 Coleman, J. B. 
'90 — Coleman, J. E. 
'76— Coleman, J. F. 
'82 — Coleman, Phares. 
'69 — Coleman, Ruffin. 
'09— Coleman, W. 
'20— Collier, J. B. 
'02— Collins, H. 
'19— Collins, J. F., Jr. 
'96— Collins, J. H. 
'20— Collins, M. P. 
'22 Colvin, Mary Lucile. 
'99— Colvin, S. H. 
'19— Colvin, S. L. 
'61— Colvin, W. L. 
'63— Colvin, W. S. 
'75— Comer, E. T. 
75— Comer, J. T. 
94— Compton, H. C. 
'84 — Compton, R. M. 
'91— Connell, J. M. 
'03— Connell, W. J. 
'11— Connerly, A. W. 
'91 — Connerly, M. 
•84— Connerly, J. M. 
'84 — Connerly, J. R. 
'91— Connerly, M. 
'96 — Constantine, C. A. 
'22— Cook, B. B. 
'19— Cook, E. P. 
'14— Cook, F. K. 
'08— Cook, L. H. 
'93— Cook, M. F. 
'16 Cook, P. H. 
'11— Cook, P. K. 
'06— Cook, Willie. 
'95— Cooke, W. E. 
'92 Coole, II. W. 
'04— Cooper, F. II. 
'09 Cooper, (r. F, 
'22 Cooper. II. M. 
'16— Cooper. K. E. 
'92- Cooper, T. II. 
•11— Coor, II. P. 
'90 — Copeland, E. K. 
'07 — Copeland, Noah. 
'91 — Coleland, Theo. 
'06— Cordon, .1. N. 
'03— Corley. J. B. 
•11— Corley, \v. E. 
•09 — Cornelias. J. P, 

'23— Cornelius. J. W. 
'05 — Cosper, W. A. 

'02— Cottingham, W. L. 
'18 Coulliette, J. H. 
'10— Coulliette, J. T. 
'10 — Cousins, G. P. 
'09 — Cousins, E. M. 
'85 — Cousins, George. 
'10— Cousins, J. P. 

'93 — Cousins, J. L. 
'09— Cousins, R. M. 
'97 — Cousins, J. M. 
'10— Cowan, A. T. 
'09 — Cowan, B. 
'78— Cowan, E. H. 

'09— Cowan, 0. G. 
'16— Cowan, V. F. 
'11— Cowart, L. C. 
'10 Cowart, W. C. 
'08— Cowden, G. C. 
'08— Cowden, O. H. 
'11 Cox, C. S. 
'64— Cox, G. W. 
'94— Cox, H. W. 
'76— Cox, J. A. 
'70— Cox, L. M. 
'75 Cox, L. M. 
'93— Cox, L. W, 
'84— Cox, N. F. 

'84— Cox, R. P. 

'64— Cox. W. H. 

'77— Cox, W. M. 

'90— Craddock, E. P. 

'04— Craig, C. W. 

'87— Craig, E. M. 

'96 Craig, J. r. 

'04— Craig, W. V. 

'82— Crats. J. R. 

»20 Crawford, B ;rtha E. 

'91 Crawford. I. I 

'08 Crawford, Mrs. E I 

'i- Crawford, II. 

•...> (raw ford. II. S. 

'in) Crawford. J. 

'n Crawford, .1 
'94 Crawford. K. 

( raw fold 

'09 Crawford 

*23 Crawford 

'05 Crawford, 

'nn Creag, 

>9 Crenshaw, 

. J, 


. K. 


. K. 


. I. 

. T 

. T. 


. W 



. M. 


Register of Alumni and Non- Graduates 

'96— Crenshaw, R. V. 
*09 Crenshaw, T. H. 
'09 Crenshaw, Mrs. T. H. 

'15— Crew, J. A. 
'03— Cox, F. W. 
'03— Cox, G. M. 
'73 Crews, J. M. 
*06— Crews, J. M. 
'64— Crews, M. 
'03— Crim, H. F. 
'02— Crook, J. A. 
'90— Cross, F. S. 
'02— Cross, J. R. 
'96— Cross, T. C. 
'12 Cross, T. J. 
'75— Cross, W. J. 
'07— Crossley, J. R. 
'92— Crouch, R. L. 
'18 — Crowe, A. 
'00— Crum, J. C. 
'95— Crum, S. R. 
'07— Crumley, H. 
'93 Crumley, L. A. 
f 10— Crumley, W. A. 
'93 — Crump, R. L. 
'09— Crump, W. P 
'90— Crumpler, J. H. 
'00 Cruteher, T. P. 
'05 Cryer, W. H. 
'64— Crynes, A. L. 
'74 — Culpepper, A. 
'72 Culpepper, A. B. 
'05 — Culpepper, C. C. 
'74 — Culpepper, J. E. 
'14— Culver, F. B., Jr. 
'87 Culver, F. P. 
'84— Culver, R. M. 
'93— Culver, W. L. 
'19 — Culverson, W. L. 
'82— Gumming, J. B. 
'12— Cumming, J. P. 
'89 — Cunningham, E. H. 
•06 — Cunningham, G. G. 
'00— Cureton, J. U. 
'80— Curl, A. H. 
'91— Curl, R. W. 
'03— Curlel, W. H. 
'63— Curry, T. 
'82— Curtis. A. B. 
'92— Curtis, J. M. 
•98— Curtis, O. P. 
'Ofl Curtis, W. M. 
'08— Custred, F. B. 

'19— Dall, Lillie. 
'19 — Dall, Martha. 
(Miss Dc'03 — Dampier, A. M. 
'11— Dandrieh, W. L. 
'no— Daniel, A. D. 
'05 Daniel, C. C. 
'00 Daniel, C. D. 
'19 Daniel, E. E. 
'10 Daniel, F. D. 
'87— Daniel, I. W. 
'19— Daniel, J. L. 
'99— Daniel, O. L. 
'17 Daniel, S. A. 
'16— Daniel, S. J. 
'12 Dannelly, C. M. 
'90— Dannelly, E. A. 
"20 Dannelly, Mrs. J. M. (Elizabeth 

'91— Dannon. H. E. 
'73— Dantzler, A. F. 
'06 — Darby, Andrew. 
'23 Dark, H. W. 
'23 Dark, W. N. 
'03— Darlington, H. 
'87— Daugherty, C. P. 
'87— Daughtry, C. P. 
'11— Daughtry, J. P. 
'08 — Davenport, E. C. 
'13— Davenpoit, G. F. 
'11 Davenport, G. M. 
'0G— Davenport J. C. 
'11— Davenport, J. E. 
'13— Davenport, M. W. 
'10— Davenport, N. H., Jr. 
'1 — Davenport, W. L. 
'02 Davidson, A. F. 
'01 Davidson, M. M. 
"15 Davidson, Mrs. Rosalind 0. 

(Miss Rush). 
s 02 Davis, A. C. 
'13— Davis, C. 
'92— Davis, C. F. 
'10— Davis, D. V. 
'07 — Davis, Grover. 
'95— Davis, G. H. 
'87— Davis, H. G. 
'U9— Davis, H. H. 
02 — Davis, Samuel. 
'06— Davis, W. B. 
'94— Davis, W. F. 
'90— Davis ,W. H 
'94— Davis, W. T. 
'01 Davis, W. W. 
'23 — Dawson, J. R. 



'04— Davis, H. S. 

'04 Davis, J. A. 

'95— Davis, J. H. 

'10— Davis, J. L. 

'18— Davis, J. M. 

'1 3— Davis, Mrs. Joe (Maud 

'00— Davis, J. W. 

'19— Davis, Phillip. 

'06 — Davis, Sam. 

'18— Day, F. E. 

'00— Deak, J. I. 

'18 Deal, W. T. 

'92— Dean, J. K. 

'17— Dean, L. B. 

'91— Dean, R. M. 

'12 — Deavers, J. A, 

'10 DeBardeleben, C. A. 

'91— DeBardeleben, H. H. 

'99— DeBardeleben, W. J. 

'01— DeBardeleben, P. A. 

'10— DeBardeleben, R. F . 

'10— DeBardeleben, R. F. 

13— Deese, R. E. 
'80 deGraffenried, Edward. 
'93 deGraffenreid, F. M. 
'90— deGraffenreid, T. 
'98— deGraffenreid, T. S. 
'08— Delworth, F. 
'02—Dendy, T. W. 
'21 Denman, Harry. 
'90— Dennis, W. K. 
'81— Dent, E. Y. 
'93— Dent, G. H., Jr. 
'63 Dent, G. L. 
'90 Dent, H. A. 
'86 Dent, S. H. 
'91— Dent, W. (i. 
'16— DeRamus, R. L. 

05 — Desears, W. L. 

87— Devan, .1. B. 
'10 — Devann, A. W. 
'14 Dew, Julia Maud. 
'19 deYampert, A. H. 
'82 -deYampert, C. H. 
'22 deYampert. J. W. 
'77— deYampert, L. F. C. 
'03 — Dickinson, J. I,. 
"14— Dickinson, \V. H. 
'00 Dickinson, \V. p. 
'0u Dickson. W. I.. 
'12— Didlake, James. 
'21— Dilbern, D. E. 
'11 — Dill, W. S. 
•ii Dillard, A. D. 


•i 6 


'l 2 





Dinsmore, M. A 
-Dinsmore, W. L 
-Diseher, E. H., 
Dismukes, D. B. 
-Ditz, H. 
-Ditz, 0. 
Doak, J. I. 
Dobbs, H. M. 
-Dobson, G. M. 
-Dodd. M. L. 



F. M. 

G. J.. Jr 

M. C. 

-Dominick, R. B.. Jr. 
-Dominick. W. D. 
-Dominick. W. J. 
-Donaldson. E. 
-Donaldson. W. H. 
-Dorrah. L. H. 
-Dorserf. L. C. 
-Doss, Harvey. 

Douglas, H. G. 
—Douglass, R. M. 
—Douglass. W. 
-Doveman. S. R. 
-Dowdell. L. P. 
-Dowdell, Mr-. M. 
-Dowdell, R. X. 
-Dowdell. W. V. 

Dowling, H. D. 
-Dowling, X. T.. 
-Dowling, /. \. 
—Downey, Jesse. 
-Downey, W. \V. 
-Downing, W. \V. 

Doyle, G. 

Doyle (.. 

Dozier, M. F. 

Dozier, W. ('. 

Drake, A. B. 

Drake, C. 

J. E. 

Draper, H. 

Drennen, I ■'. M. 

Drinkard, J. M. 

Driskill, I 1 
r, J I 

Drivi i. S. V., Jr. 

DuBoise, I \ 

Du Boise. 11. H S. 

DuBoae, J, W, 

DuBoi8< . R I 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'81— DuBoise, W. W. 


-Elliott. N. R. 

'06— DuBose, B. W. 


-Elliott. C. B. 

'00— DuBose, M. B. 


-Elliott, O. W. 

'06 — Duggar, Florence. 


-Elliott, W. M. 

'77— Duggar, G. W. 


-Ellis. C. C. 

'76— Duggar, J. B. 


-Ellis, C. L. 

'96— Duke, R. E. 


-Ellis, C 0. 

'87— Dumus, C. P. 


Ellis, C. S. 

'11— Duncan, E. W. 


Ellis, G. C. 

'84— Dunkin, J. G. 


Ellis, J. D. 

'03 Dunlap, E. B. 


-Ellis, L. 

'03— Dunlap, Mrs. E. B. 


-Ellis, L. W. 

(Willie Walton) 


-Ellis, W. L. 

'14— Dunn, A. A. 


-Ellison, P. 

'16— Dunn, E. M. 


Ellison, R. R. 

'93— Dunn, W. S. 


-Ellisor, W. T. 

'08— Dupay, S. W. 


-Elrido. B. L. 

'96— Dupay, A. W. 


-Elrod, Will. 

'02— Dupay, C. 


-Elsworth. G. D. 

'20— Duran, F. A. 


-Ely, R. L. 

'89— Duran, W. H. 


-Emerson, E. E. 

'23 Duvall, R. A. 


Emerson, Lerah L 

'94— Dycess. E. F. 


Emmens. E. R. 

'67 Dyer, T. W. 


-English. R. M. 


-Entrekin. H. E. 

'93— Eads, W. W. 


-Eppes, B. L. 

'06— Earle, F. S. 


-Eppes, B. T. 

'06— East, Frits. 


-Eppes, J. H. 

'03 — East, Maggie. 


-Eppes, W. C. 

'OS—East. Terrell. 


-Erwin. Card. 

'20— Easterling, F. B. 


-Erwin, Margaret. 

'13- -Easterling, W. B. 


Esslinger, A. G. 

'03— Eberley, Charles. 


-Estanol, M. V. 

'98— Echols, D. A. 


-Estes, H. D. 

'02 Echols, Robert. 


-Etheridge. C. B. 

'20 — Echols, Sara Pauline. 


-Etheridge, W. J. 

'20— Echols, W. G. 


-Evans, A. C, Jr. 

•17- Echols, W. W. 


-Evans, E. C. 

'Oo-Eckford, J. C. 


-Evans, H. L. 

'93 Echford, J. W. 


-Evans, J. L. 

'ic— Edgar, W. G. 


-Evans, 0. C. 

'87 Edmundson, E. L. 


-Everett, W. H. 

'12 — Edmundson, Harry. 


-Ewing, C. C. 

'02— Edmundson. Lillie. 


-Ewing, W. S. 

'03— Edwaids, J. 

'18 Edwards, K. B. 


-Fagan, W. H. 

'22- -Edwards, O. M. 


-Faiker. W. R. 

'14— Edwards, R. A. 


-Farley. J. M. 

*lo— Eidson, J. A. 


-Farrish, A. C. 

'16— Eidson, W. A. 


Farrish, H. B. 

'S3— Elliott, C. A. 


-Farrior, H. 

'89 Elliott, E. M. 


-Farrior, H. S. 

'10 -Elliott, J. A. 


Farrior, J. B. 



'IS — Faulkner, C. J. 
'90— Faulkner. J. W. 
'07— Faust, F. B. 
'09— Faust, T. G. 
'60— Faust, W. E. 
'05— Favor, J. F. 
'83— Feagin, B. A. 
'83— Feagin, B. E. 
'14— Feagin, F. F. 
'93 Feagin, J. F. 
'09— Felton, J. P. 
'89 Felton, T. A. 
'94— Felton, T. L. 
'15 — Fen ley, Howard 
'89— Ferguson, W. S. 
'16— Fields, H. M. 
'05— Fields, J. E. 
'94— Fincher, J. E. 
'14— Fincher, J. W. 
'09— Fincher, O. M. 
'03— Fincher, W. 
'04— Findley, A. A. 
'09— Findley, A. W. 
'19— Findley, W. O. 
'98— Findley, H. M. 
'11— Findley, L. M. 
'03— Findley, J. Jr. 
'12 — Finney, J. A. 
'03 — Fiquett, Jewel 
'93— Fisher, C. C. 
'94— Fisher, E. H. 
'93— Fisher, E. M. 
'17— Fisher, R. L. 
'04— Fitch, A. G. 
'03— Fitch, B. J. 
'09 — Fitzpatrick, I. Louise 
'08— Fletcher, G. T. 
'05- Fletcher, Fred 
'78— Fletcher, W. L. 
'16— Flewelle, Walter, Jr. 
'15— Flin, H. I. 
'76— Flin, J. H. 
'09 — Flipping, S. L. 
'71 Florence, J. P. 
'71 Florence S. J. 
'10— Flourney, H. C. 
'95 — Flourney, W. W. 
'91 Flowers, K. P, 
'05 — Flowers, H. J. 
'98— Flowers, J. H. 
'11— Flowers. J. R. 
'7f> Flowers. T. E. 
'03— Flowers, W. H., Jr. 

'91— Flowers. W. R. 
'21— Floyd, H. E. 
'96— Floyd, W. E. 
'01— Folkes, J. Y. 
'98— Folkes, S. C. 
'92— Fontaine, W, E. 
'76— Foose, D. V. 
'88— Foote. T. W. 
'80— Forbes, C. W. 
'22— Forte, C. D. 
'23— Forsyth, H. M. 
'09— Fortner, J. S. 
'12— Foscue, S. E. 
'16— Foshee, Sam 
'13— Foster, G. S. 
'12— Foster, J. E. 
'78— Foster, P. 
'84— Foster, R. A. 
'14— Foster, R. M. 
'91— Fowlkes, C. G. 
'15 Franklin, J. R. 
'11 Franklin, W. M, 
'22— Frazer, A. J. 
'22— Frazer, C. D. 
'09— Frazer, G. S. 
'05 Frazer, J. W. 
'19— Frazer, K. C. 
'23 — Freeman, Clyde 
'89 Freeman. J. D. 
'93 Freeman. J. S. 
'01— Freeman, M. 
'18— Freeman, R. B. 
'76 — Frizzle. L. L. 
'83— Fryer. R. B. 
'00 Fuller. (. I\ 
'07— Fuller, William 
'07 — Furgeson, Rome 


Gaines, E. 



Gaines, E. 



Gaines, W 

i ■:. 


Gaines, W 







( .;i llagh "'. 

I . 










( ».l 11.! W .1 \ . 

( . 



Gallion, T 



Gamble, F 



Gamble, F 



Gamble, J. 



Gamble, J 



Gamble, T. 



Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'12— Gammon, W. L. 
'82— Garner, J. L. 
'19— Gardner, J. R., Jr. 
'05— Garner, B. W. 
'20 — Garner, C. C. 
'72 Garner, D. D. 
'06 — Garner, Edgar 
'07— Garner, Hattie 
'75— Garner, H. B. 
'07 — Garner, Wm. 
'80— Garrett, B. T. 
'18 Garrett, H. B. 
'21— Garrett, H. J. 
'18 Garrett, Maude 
'72— Garrett, W. C. 
'12— Gaston, L. C. 
'07— Gaston, W. G. 
'08— Gavin, C. A. 
'88 Gavin, C. W. 
'08— Gavin, E. H. 
'01 Gavin, R. S. 
'05— Gayden, I. G. 
'10— Gayle, C. H. 
'04 — Gayle, Emma. 
'92— Gayle, E. O. 
'18 — Gayle, James 
'04— Gayle, W. D. 
'11— Geibel, C. E. 
'89— Geisler, C. E. 
'89— Geisler, J. D. 
'92— Geisler, W. C. 
'89— Geisler, W. J. 
'94 — Gentry, A. A. 
'08— Gentry, O. L. 
'89— Gerald, J. D. 
'01— Gewin, A. 
'98— Gewin, B. 
'03— Gibson, H. C. 
'22— Gibson, J. S. 
'03— Gibson, J. W. 
'09— Gibson, N. B. 
'03— Gibson, Sid 
'02— Gibson, W. A. 
'03— Gibson, W. A. 
'88 Giddens, L. P. 
'97— Gilbert, O. T. 
'95— Gilder, E. J. 
'14— Gilder, H. G. 
'10 Gilder, W. 
'01— Gilder, W. F., Jr. 
•00— Gill, P. C. 
'91— Gillespie, F. M. 
'78— Gillespie, J. M. 

'08— Gillespie, R. J. 
'95— Gillis, A. H. 
'94— Gillis, H. W. 
'87 Gillis, J. F. 
'92— Gillis, N. A. 
'90— Gillis, N. M. 
'88— Gilmer, J. C. 
'69— Gilmer, J. F. 
'07— Gilmer, J. L. 
'11— Gilmer, L. S. 
'12— Gilmer, J. S. 
'66— Gilmer, M. S. 
'01— Gilmer, W. N., Ji 
'02 Glasco. B. B. 
'03— Glasgow, Claud 
'03— Glasgow, W. H. 
'64 Glass, J. C. 
'60— Glass, J. V. 
•03— Gledhill, Albert 
'08— Glenn, B. C. 
'14 Glenn, C. M. 
'01 Glenn, E. M. 
'17 Glenn, E. M., Jr. 
'02 — Glenn, George 
'19— Glenn, J. C. 
*84— Glenn, J. M. 
'88 Glenn, J. M. 
'02 — Glenn, Susie 
'84— Glenn, W. C. 
'22— Godbey, E. W. 
'11— Godbold, W. T. 
'17 Godfrey, D. W. 
'81— Godfrey, E. B. 
'88— Godfrey, J. W. 
'63— Godfrey, L. S. 
'01— Godfrey, M. 
'79— Godfrey, W. E. 
'99— Golson, E. C. 
'95— Golson, J. F. 
'23 Golson, J. G. 
'10 — Gonzalas, E. 
'77— Goode, W. E. 
'94— Goodfrey, C. R. 
'07— Goodloe, H. 
'88— Goodloe, J. R. 
'90— Goodloe, E. C. 
'04 — Goodman, J. I. 
'95 — Goodman, O. J. 
'03— Goodman, W. 
'06— Goodman, W. F. 
'70— Goodman, G. W. 
*03 Goodwin, J. I. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


"72— Gordon, C. F. 

'08 Grote, C. A., Jr. 

*71 Gordon, C. T. 

'08 — Grote, Ernestine 

'22— Gordon, J. F. 

'11— Grote, Flossie C. 

'12— Gordon, J. M. 

'08— Grote, Luther 

'74— Gordon, R. B. 

'04 Grote, Minna T. 

'99— Goree, J. S. 

'93— Groves, C. J. 

'99— Gosa, E. W. 

'95 — Groves, J. A. 

'05— Gosa, H. 

'22— Grubbs, J. W. 

'82— Gould, L. L. 

'90— Grumble, W. B. 

'77 — Gowin, J. H. 

'18— Guice. W. S. 

'78— Gowin, W. C. 

'89— Gulley, E. L. 

'09— Grace, G. J. 

'10 — Gunn, Alexander 

'09— Grace, H. L. 

'09— Gunn, J. H. 

'22 Grace, Janie E. 

'95— Gurley, A. W. 

'64 — Gragg, James. 

'08 — Guthrie, David 

1 93— Graham, G. R. 

'05 — Guthrie, Felix 

'18— Graham, J. W. 

'91— Guy, A. L. 

'18— Grant, G. M. 

'12— Guy, E. P. 

'It— Grant, H. 

'76 — Graves, C. L. 

'90— Haas, G. R. 

'00— Graves, W. L. 

'69— Hafner, A. A. 

'21 — Gravlee, Mrs. L. E. 

'69— Hafner, T. J. 

'90 — Green, A. A 

'22 Haggard, Helen 

'90— Green, C. M. 

'93— Hagood, J. C. 

'22— Green, C. M. 

'95— Haigler, J. R. 

'22 Green, Gladys 

'00— Hale, W. P. 

'93— Green, G. W. 

'23 Hale, W. W. 

'81— Green, J. E. 

'14— Haley, A. 

'81— Green, J. W. 

'94 Hall, D. M. 

'04— Green, J. W. 

'11— Hall, E. 

'02 Green, L. B. 

'99— Hall, G. M. 

'18 — Green, Merritt 

'98— Hall. G. N. 

'91— Green, T. E. 

'23 Hall. J. L. 

'96— Green, T. T. 

'03— Hall, Leonard 

'23— Green, W. C. 

'00 — Hall, Leslie 

'9 1 — Gregory, B. F, 

'11— Hall, L. J., Jr. 

'06 Gregory, C. C. 

'00— Hall. M. K. 

'03 — Gregory, Lawrence 

•00— Hall, K. E. 

'02— Gregory, O. S. 

•99— Hall, R. F., Jr. 

'0 1— Grest, T. Y. 

'91 -Hall, T. W., Jr. 

'02— Griffin. A. B. 

'90 — Hamberger, W. M 

'89— Ciriffin, J. D. 

'93— Hamiel, ('. F. 

'10— Griffin, L. M. 

'98 Hamiel, H. F. 

'18 Griffin, Marie 

"us Hamilton, A. P. 

'88 Griffin. R. J. 

'02 — Hamilton, George 

'87— Griffin, R. L. 

'o:i Hamilton, J. 

'03— Griffin, T. R. 

'64 Hamilton. J. D. 

'10— (iriffin, W. W. 

•80 Hamilton, K. P. 

'04— Griffith, H. H. 

'11 Hamilton. K. W. 

'13— Griggs, J. W. 

*02 Hamilton. > 

'10— Grimes, W. E. 

•n'j Hamilton, W. 

•87 Grlswold, J. T. 

'P9 Hamilton. W, C. 

'73 Grotc. C. A. 

'22 Hammett. Frank 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'00— Hand, L. M. 


Haskew, C. A. 

'02— Hand, L. M. 


-Haskew, D. W. 

'86 Hand, 0. C. 


-Haskew, G. W. 

'81— Hand, S. P. 


Haskew, R. J. 

'23 — Hanes, Hazel B. 


-Haskins, J. H. 

*02— Hanes, J. 0. 


-Hasting, F. G. 

'18— Hanes, T. A. 


-Hatch. P. P. 

'05— Hanna, C. K. 


-Hatcher, J. C. 

'05— Hanna. H. P. 


-Hatter, M. 

»10— Hanna, L. R. 


-Hawkins, C. H. 

'97— Hanna, T. A. 


-Hawkins, D. B. 

'80— Hanna, W. J. 


Hawkins, E. H. 


-Hawkins, G. L. 

'09— Hanner, H. B. 


Hawkins, I. F. 

'89— Hannon, E. C. 


-Hawkins, L. D. 

'08 — Hansbarger, E. S. 


-Hawkins, R. H. 

'90— Hansleau, A. S., Jr. 


-Hawkins, V. H. 

'91 — Hanson, L. A. 


-Hawkins, W. C. 

'73 Happell, H. H. 


Hawkins, W. H. 

'88— Happell, J. H. 


-Hayes, E. 

*88— Happelle, P. E. 


-Hayes, J. H. 

'60 Happelle, T. J. 


Hayes. R. B. 

'00— Harden, H. A. 


-Hayes, W. M. 

'03— Hardens,N. D. 


-Haygood, A. S. J. 

'03— Hardens, E. 


-Hay good, R. H. 

'07— Hardin, J. 


Haygood, W. L. 

'99— Hardin, W. F. 


-Haynes, F. L. 

'95— Hardwick. E. P. 


-Haynes, O. L. 

'91— Harkins, E. M. 


-Haynes. 0. L. 

'63 Harlan, J. W. 


-Haynie, H. O. 

'63 Harlan, W. J. 


-Head ley, B. N. 

'23— Harlee, Gladys 0. 


-Heard, F. C. 

'11— Harper, 0. R. 


-Hearin, C. T. 

*01— Harrell, C. L. 


-Hearon, D. S. 

'13— Harrell, S. V. 


— Hearon, J. H. 

'0 2 

Heflin, M. R. 

'66 — Harris, G. D. 

'77— Harris, J. C. C. 


-Heflin, T. J. 


-Hefner, W. F. 

'23 — Harris, J. D. 

'17 — Harris, J. L. 


-Heidleberg, G., Jr. 

'04 — Harris, L. M. 


-Heidleberg, I. A. 

"90 — Harris, R. J. 


-Heidleberg, J. E. 

'77 — Harris, W. G. 


-Heidleberg, S. C. 


-Hellack, Curl 

'11 — Harris, W. P. 


-Helms, W. B. 

'09 — Harrison, A. C. 


-Helton, R. C. 

'92— Harrison, E. L. 


-Hemphill, R. C. 

'91— Harrison, E. T. 


-Hendley, D. C. 

'23 — Harrison, J. C. 


-Hendricks, J. A. 

'02— Harrison, M. R. 


-Hendricks, W. B. 

'70— Harriss, B. M. 


-Hendricks, J. H. 

'93— Harswell, W. K, 


Hendrix, W. B. 

'93— Hart, J. C. 


-Henry, Charles 

'11— Harvey, C. 


-Henry, J. J. 



'99— Henry, J. L. 


'98 — Henry, Morris 


'97 Henry, T. H. 


'98— Henry, T. H. 


'03— Henry, W. 


'90— Henry, W. E. 


'00— Henry, W. G. 


'03— Hentz, H. L. 


'21— Herlong, Mrs. E. 


(Gladys Reynolds.) 


'04 — Herndon, A. A. 


'70— Herndon, T. I. 


'06 Herndon, V. C. 


'91— Herring, C. L. 


'70 — Herring, Robert 


'12 Hewlett, J. H. 


'05 — Hickman, C. 


'00— Hicks, W. C. 


'98 Hightower, J. H. 


'11— Hightower, O. E. 



'87 Hightower, R. G. 

'14— Hightower, R. R. 

'07— Hill, Charlie 

'75 Hill, G. W. 

'99— Hill, H. W. 

'87— Hill, J. C. H. 


'70— Hill, J. R. 


'09— Hill, J. R. 


'05— Hill, 0. 


'06— Hill, O. C. 


'14— Hill, R. O. 


'99— Hill, S. H., Jr. 


'19 Hill, T. L. 


'09— Hill W. M. 


'14— Hillman, C. D. 


'00 Hines, J. A. 


'02 — Hines, Wm. 


'94— Hinton, G. W. 


'94— Hinton, T. J. 


'16 Hinton, W. M. 


'18— Hinton, W. M. 


'14 Hinton, W. S. 


'97— Hinton. W. W. 


'02 Hobbins, Ottis 


'92 Hobbins, V. M. 


'09 — Hobson, Annie 


'90 Hobson, .1 M. 

'88 Hobson, R. P. 


'86 Hobson, S. A. 


'02— Hobson, W. H., .iv. 

'02— Hockensmith. K. C. 

'17 Hodge, B. G. 


'08— Hogan, E. ( 

—Hogan, Lyon 
-Hogan, W. B. 
-Holcroft, W. B. 

Holdridge, W. H. 

Holliday, W. H. 
-Hollinger, F. G. 
-Holliway, W. H. 

Holloman, T. A. 
-Holmes, E. E. 
—Holmes, J. W. 
—Holmes, L. A. 

Holmon, H. L. 
-Holt, A Chris. 
-Hood. W. H. 
-Hope, C. H. 
-Hope, J. C. 
-Hope, W. B. 
—Hopper, H. L., Jr. 
—Horn, F. C. 
— Hosmer, A. R. 
-Hosmer, Irene 
—Hosmer, L. B. 

Hosmer, S. M. 
—Hosmer. Wm. 
-Houch, J. W. 
-Houghton, O. R. 
—Houston, B. R. 
-Houston, IT. M. 
-Houston, M. F. 
—Howard, A. H. 

Howard, L. V. 
-Howard, C. C. 
—Howard. Emma 

Howard, F. M. 

Howard. H. C. 

-Howard, J. H. 

-Howard, J. W. 

-Howard, L. P. 

Howard, May 

Howard. M. H. 

Howard, N. L. 

Howard, P. J. 

Howard, P. L. 

Howard, P. I ... Jr. 

Howard, T. L. 

Howard, P. J. 
rd, \V. T. 

Howell. C. w. 

Howell. M I 
I i . 

Howell, G. H. 
. i i I , Hays 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'07— Howell, J. H. 
'23— Howell, J. H. 
'08 Howell, R. M. 
"07 Howell, W. H. 
'74— Hoyle, C. L. 
'80— Hubert, T. S. 
'13— Hudgins, J. R. 
"91— Hudgins, W. T. 
'02 Hudson, H. V. 
'95— Hudson, L. A. 
'60 Huey, B. M. 
'88— Huey, Fred 
'84— Huey, G. W. 
'70— Huey, T. W. 
'20— Huff, Velruce 
'90 Huffstuttler, J. A. 
'16— Huffstuttler, J. E. 
'90— Huffstuttler, J. T. 
'22— Hughes, H. L. 
'91— Hundley, L. C. 
'73— Hunnicutt, J. L. 
'67 Humphrey, D. G. 
'03 — Humphrey, E. 
'68 Humphrey, H. B. 
'69 — Humphreys, J). M. 
'69— Humphreys. M. T. 
'69— Humphrey, S. C. 
'19 Hunt, E. M. 
'15— Hunt, E. S. 
'17— Hunt, W. H. 
'95— Hunter, B. C, Jr. 
'91— Hunter, D. H. 
'28— Hunter, E. C. 
'08 Hunter, J. D. 
'75— Hunter, W. P. 
'08 — Hurt, Loula 
'79 Hurt, W. P. 
*0«— Hurt, W. P. 
'83— Husted, R. B. 
'02 Hutchinson, C. E. 
'65 — Hutchinson, E. H. 
'64— Hutchinson, E. T. 
'84— Hutchinson, J. E. 
'23— Hutto, B. P. 

*22— Igou, H. L. 

'80— Inge, H. T. 

'92 Inge, J. T. 

'97— Inge, L. 

'71— Inge, R. 

'97— Inge, R., Jr. 

'89— Inge, F. J., Jr. 

'67 Inge, W. B. 

'94 Inge. W. B. Jr. 
'75 Inge, M. P. 
'08 — Ingram, M. 
'79 — Irving, J. 
'94 — Isaac, J. A. 
'80— Isaac, W. G. 
'22 Issos, D. N. 

'89 Jack, E. S. 
'74— Jack, G. 
'92 Jack, H. C. 
'96— Jack. J. P. 
'78 Jack, T. H. 
'01— Jack, T. H. 
'90— Jack. W. T. 
'94 — Jackson, A. 
'23 Jackson, Amelia 
'00 Jackson, A. F. 
'12— Jackson, C. B., Jr. 
'23 Jackson, Ervin 
'17 Jackson, F. M., Jr. 
'19— Jackson, M. P., Jr. 
'97 — Jackson, J. 
'12— Jackson, J. F. 
'18— Jackson, P. C. 
'62 Jackson, R. E. 
'95— Jackson, T. A. 
'19— Jacob, C. 
'13— Jacob, E. 
'04— James, F. T. 
'00 James, J. C. 
'01 James, J. H. 
'15 — James J. L. 
'11— Jarman, P. B. 
'89— Jeffcoat, D. F. H. 
'88 Jenkins, G. L. 
'01 Jenkins. I. C. 
'76 — Jenkins, J. H. 
'92— Jernigan, J. H. 
'20 — Jernigan, E. 
'12 — Jernigan, H. C., Jr. 
'92 — Jernigan, J. H. 
'07 — Jernigan, J. L., Jr. 
'14 — Jernigan, J. W. 
'14 — Jernigan, W. C. 
'01— Jeter, F. L. 
'08— Joast A. W. 
'92 — Johnson, A. A. 
'72 — Johnson, A. B. 
'91 — Johnson, A. S. 
'02— Johnson, B. R. 
'76 — Johnson, C. B. 
'II — Johnson, C. H. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'22 — Johnson, C. H. 
'02 — Johnson, C. L. 
'90— Johnson, S. P. 
'91— Johnson, C. T. 
'90— Johnson, H. B. 
'23 — Johnson, H. B. 
'94 — Johnson, H. I. 
'83— Johnson, H. T. 
'77 — Johnson, J. H. 
'72 — Johnson, J. R. 
'99 — Johnson, L. C. 
'89 — Johnson, L. R. 
'92— Johnson, P. R. 
'03— Johnson, R. E. 
'14 Johnson, T. M. 
'93— Johnson, W. A. 
'93— Johnson, W. J. 
'09— Johnston, C. P. 
'74— Johnston, J. A. 
'20 — Johnston, J. Y. 
'96 — Johnston, L. S. 
'04 — Johnston, Mary 
'03— Johnston, M. H. 
'95 — Johnston, Sara 
'82 — Jones, A. 
'92 — Jones, A. W. 
'93— Jones, B. B. 
'90 — Jones, C. A. 
'96— Jones, E. C. 
'19 Jones, E. N. 
'19— Jones, E. N. 
'02— Jones, E. W., Jr. 
'08 — Jones, F. 
'07— Jones, F. C. 
'89— Jones, F. H. 
'17— Jones, F. L. 
'07— Jones, F. M. 
'08— Jones, F. B. 
'11— Jones, F. S. 
'19-Jones, G. E. 
'01 — Jones, H. 
'04— Jones, H. M. 
'19— Jones, H. R. 
'13 — Jones, Irdelle 
'07—Jones, J. C. 
'20— Jones, J. C. 
'93- Jones, J. L. 
'90— Jones, J. M. 
'09— Jones, J. P, 

'69- Jones, J. T. 
'06— Jones, J. T. 

'76- -Jours, J. \Y. 

'19 Jones, Laura Grace 

'84 — Jones, L. C. 

'83— Jones, L. H. 

'18 Jones, Mrs. Leila (Miss Tate) 

'14— Jones, L. R. 

'87 — Jones, M. 

'03 — Jones, Mary P. 

'02— Jones, M. C. 

'19— Jones, M. H. 

'88— Jones, N. F. 

'92— Jones, N. F. 

'70 Jones, N. M. 

'71 — Jones, N. M. 

'07 — Jones, Paul 

'89 — Jones, Pride 

'11 — Jones, R. A. 

'07—Jones, R. C. 

'05 — Jones, R. R. 

'03 — Jones, S. E. 

'13 — Jones, T. 

'12— Jones, T .B. 

'04— Jones, T. G. 

'09— Jones, T. K. 

'93— Jones, T. R. 

'90— Jones, W. 

'84— Jones, W. P. 

'03 — Jordan, Annie 

'09 — Jordan, Jane 

'67 Jordan, Junius 

'02— Jordan, T. 

'77— Jordan, T. T. 

'18— Jordan, W. F. 

'16— Joyner, E. B. 

'16 Joyner, F. B. 

'76 — Joyner. 0. J. 

'78— Joyner, P. H. 

'23 — Katzentine, Frank 
'20— Kay, F. 
'14— Kay, G. T. 
'93— Ready, J. K. 
'90— Ready, W. M. 
Y.7 Keener, Christian 
'71 Keener, J. 0. 
'19 Keersh, J. 1'. 
'_•:; Kegley, T. M. 
'06— Keith, A. S 
'i:\ Kelley. Bind 
'7i Kelley, C. H 
'77 Kelley, C. M. 
•21— Kelley, C, M. 
'20 Kelley, E. v 
'in Kelley, J. I , 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'12— Kelling, W. H. 

'93— Kelly, E. L. 
'23— Kelly, G. S. 
'81— Kendall, J. M. 
'89— Kendall. J. T. 
'97 Kendrick, B. M. 
'91— Kendrick, H. C. 
'19— Kendrick, J. C. 
'89— Kendrick. W. B. 
'77 — Kennedy, J. W. 
'69 — Kennedy, L. P. 
'01— Kenner, Ella 
'96 — Kennerd, J. L. 
'20— Kent, C. Elizabeth 
'95— Kerr, B. F. 
'98 Kerr. P. 1. 
'15 Kc.Vj.. H. L. 
'12 Kersh. L. C. 
'95- Kersh, M. C. 
'd ( 2— Kersh, W. C. 
'91— Kersh, W. L. 
'20— Kicid, H. F. 
■«o— X.dd, W. M. 
'03— Killough, G. 
'12- -Killough, C. B. G. 
'91— Rj?ough, J. W. 
'06— Kilpatiirk, L. A. 
'08— Kimbrough, E. P. 
'12 Kimbrough, S. O. 
'98 Kimbrough. T. A. 
'83- Kimbrough, Wm. 
'18— King, A. E. 
'10 — King, Carlton. 
'72— King, E. D. 
'95— King, E. H. 
'02— King, H. R. 
'72— King, I. W. 
'80— King, K. D. S. 
'17— King, S. S. 
'09— King, W. O., Jr. 
'12— Kinnett, R. S. 
'02— Kinney, E. C. 
'17— Kirby, C. M. 
'04— Kirkland, F. 
'02 — Kirkpatrick, C. 
'74 — Kirkpatrick, J. D. 
'88— Kirkpatrick, S. 
'94 Kittrell, B. H. 
f 15— Klein, H. S. 
'96— Knight, P. H. 
'87 Knight, T. E. 
'93— Knight, W. P. 
'87— Knight. Y. 

'05— Knowles, L. K. 
'95— Knox, J. B. 
'05— Knox, S. E. 
'71— Knox, W. J. 
'09— Kyle, W. 
'01— Kynard, R. E. 

'96 — Lacey, J. L. 

'96— Lacey, R. L. 

'20 Lamb, O. K. 

'10— Lambert, J. L. 

'14 — Lambert, Rebecca L. 

'99 — Lampley, J. J. 

'85— Land, H. F. 

'79 Landrum, L. D. 

'83— Landrum, Z. P. 

'02 — Lane, J. M. 

'03— Lane, J. W. 

'72— Lane, W. J. 

'90— Lanford, J. E. 

'97 — Largrove, K. A. 

'92— Largrove, W. F. 

'00— Larkin, J. H. 

'00— Latham, E. 

'12— Latham, W. 

'74— Latimer, C. E. 

'90— Latimer, R. S. 

'98 — Latimer, R. S. 

'17 Laughinghouse, H. C. 

'00— Lavender, B. M. 

'91 — Lavender, F. 

'95 — Lavender, J. P. 

'10 — Lavender, R. 

'17— Lavender, W. P. 

'03— Lavette, Edd 

'03— Lavette, Ellien 

'14— Law, F. L. 

'76— Law, H. A. 

'14— Law, W. G. 

'76 — Lawrence, B. R. 

'16 — Lawrence, C. O. 

'74 — Lawrence, D. N. 

'21 — Lawrence, J. E. 

'73 — Lawrence, W. C. 

'71 Lawson, A. 

'02 — Lawson, A., Jr. 

'06 — Lawson, Annie 

'16 Lawson, Evelyn 

'00 — Lawson, L. 

'08 — Lawson, Mrs. L. 

'08 — Lawson, Louise 

'00 Lawson, L. J., Jr. 

'02 Lawson, Mrs. L. J. (Miss Seay 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'12 — Lawson, Mary 
*02 Lawson, Reid 
'95— Laxon, T. W. 
'95— Laxon, W. C. 
'11 — Lazenby, G. 
'96— Lazenby, G. C. 
'77— Lazenby. G. S. 
'20— Lazenby, H. A. 
'96 — Lazenby, J. A. 
'07 Lazenby, M. E. 
'80 — Leahman, A. 
'90 Ledbetter, E. W. 
'02 Ledbetter, J. W. 
'01— Ledbetter, R. E. 
'09 Ledbetter, R. E. 
'19— Ledyard, G. P. 
'03— Lee, E. M. 
'09— Lee, G. C. 
'07— Lee, H. 
'21— Lee, R. E. 
'08— Lee, S. P. 
'93— Leech, R. E. 
'13— LeFavor, R. E. 
'23 Lefstead, W. H. 
'77— Leigh, Q. C. 
'76— Leigh, R. W. 
'22— Lemble, A. B. 
'05— Lent, C. E. 
'05— Lent, J. H. 
'97 Leonard, J. H. 

'13— Leslie, J. H. 

'12— Leslie, T. A. 

'05— Lester, E. G. 

'07— Lester, F. F. 

'06— Lester, F. L. 

'19— Lester, G. E. 

'08 Lester, R. M. 

'77— Leverett, C. R. 

'20 Levie, L. J. 

'11— Levie, W. W. 

'91— Lewis, E. L. 

'90 Lewis, E. S. 

'89— Lewis, H. 

'12 Lewis, H. J. 

'10 — Lewis, J. H. 

'93— Lewis, J. R. 

'95 — Lewis, J. R. 

'Ofl- Lewis, W. S. 

'02— Lidden, B. H. 

'12-Lieser, G. 

•lfl Lightfoot, T. 

'22— Lile, E. I). 
'10— Liles, J. L. 


-Liles, L. 



Liles, L. 



-Lilly, J. G. 


-Linder, B 



Lindsay, N. R. 


-Lindsey, N. R. 


-Linn, W. 




I. M. 


-Lisenby, H. 


-Lisle, J. B 

., Jr. 


-Little, W. 




Joseph B 



, D. 



A. E. 



J. T. 






O. E. 



W. F. 



, G. S. 



i, J. F. 


-Lloyd, D. 


-Lloyd, E. 



Lloyd, O. 



-Lloyd, W 



-Locke, Edith 


Locke, H. 



-Kocke, J. 



-Locke, R. 



-Locke, T. 



Locke, W 




J. D. 


— Lockwooii 

. E. 


Loehr, A. 



-Logan, C 



—Logan, II 

. (;. 


—Log ue. J. 



—Long, C. 



-Lon^', E. 


'y i- 

Long, T. 



I. on:;, II. 



Long, J. 



Long, Po 

pe M. 


Long, R. 



Long, I. 

1 . 


Long, W. 



I ,oonej . ( 

:. o. 


Love, B. 

% O.T 

I ore, c 



Love, ('. 



Lore, .'■ 



I oTelace, 




K. (.. 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'14 — Lowellen, J. D. 
'01 Lowery, B. N. 
'01 — Lowery, C. W. 
'00 — Lowery, D. M. 
'85 Lowery, W. H. 
'84 — Lowney, W. H. 
'06 — Lowry, G. A. 
'08 — Lumley, W. H. 
'75— Lumpkin, R. W. 
'93— Luther, W. W. 
'07— Lyder, M. L. 
'07— Lyder, N. J. 
'07— Lyon, W. L. 

'99— McCafferty, E. L. 
'04— McCafferty, H. C. 
'07— McCafferty, V. T. 
'04— McCafferty, W. R. 
'93— McCain, J. R. 

'10— McCain, M. W. 
'98— McCall, F. H. 
'89— McCanley, H. 
'14— McCann, C. H. 
'08 McCann, I. G. 
'77 McCann, J. E. 
'06 — McCann, J. E., Jr. 
'05— McCann, J. W. 
'16— McCann, J. W. 
'80— McCann, W. A. 
'12 McCarty, E. E. 
'93 McCarty, M. D. 
'83— McCarty, H. D. 
'12 — McCarty, Margaret 
'85 McCarty, T. R. 
'08— McCaskiil, 
'95— McCIain, J. N. 
'14— McCIarkin, W. N. 
'98— McClee, H. 
'11— McClenton, S. W. 
'99— McCleod,A. W. 
'98— McCleod, C. J. 
'09— McCleod, J. F. 
'83— McCleod, W. A. 
'92 McCleod, W. S. 
'22 — McCleskey, Diana 
'22 — McCleskey, Lucie 
'96— McClesky, J. M. 
'73— McCollom, A. C. 
'97— McConnell, A. M. 
'16— McConnell, C. C. 
'15— McConnell, C. W. 
'09— McConnell, E. E. 

'99 McConnell, R. M. 
'99— McCord, M. S. 
'99— McCowen, E. W. 
'88 McCoy, J. H. 
'98— McCoy, J. P. 
'22 — McCoy, Margaret 
'21— McCoy, R. 
'14 — McCreary, Lucy 
'14— McCullom, J. G. 
'14 McCullom, J. W. 
'64— McCune, H. S. 
'00-McCurdy, G. 
'is McCurdy, J. E. 
'07— McDaniel, A. 
'83— McDavid, W. C. 
'21 — McDiarmid, Angus 
'09— McDonald, J. T. 
'04 McDonald, T. L. 
'14— McDonald, W. H. 
'01 McDonald, W. M. 
'07— McDonell, Walter 
'78— McDowell, S. N. 
'03— McDuffie, J. 
'06— McElreath, S. G. 
'06— McFadden, A. C. 
'04— McFadden, H. 
'00— McFadden, W. W. 
'22-McGee, J. A. 
'05 McGehee, B. 
'17 McGehee, E. H. 
'98— McGehee, E. L. 
'71 McGehee, E. L. 
'94— McGehee, E. P. 
'75— McGehee, F. 
'85— McGehee, J. W. 
'98— McGehee, J. W. 
'06 McGehee, P. D. 
*70 McGehee, R. M. 
'72— McGehee, R. M. 
'75— MeGehee, T. B. 
'03 McGehee, W. W. 
'89— McGiffert, J. M. 
*06— McGinty, Rupert 
'94— McGlathery, J. E. 
'05— McGlathery, P. O. 
'88 McGlaun, J. R. 
'06— McGlawn, W. P. 
'90— McGraw, J. F. 
•21— McKay, W. A. 
*70— McKeithen, A. M. 
'08— McKelery,C. O. 
'64— McKibben, B. A. 
'64 — McKinney, J. A. 

Birmixg ham-Southern College 


'22— McKown, T. D. 
'79— McKraney, W. K. 
'89 McLaurin, D. 
'10— McLure, H. A. 
'20— McMillan, C. M. 
'11— McMillan, C. P. 
'83— McMillan, E. S. 
'01 McNeal, D. H. 
'05— McNeal, E. W. 
'03— McNeal, S. S. 
'00 McNeal, W. H. 
'06 McNut, D. C. 
'08— McNutt, J. N. 
'21— McQuaig, Neal 
'92— McRae, J. C. 
'9-1— McRae, L. 
'91— McRay, I. C. 
'91— McReynolds, W. J. 
'96— McSwain, D. L. 
'88 McVoy, A. D. 
'91— McVoy, A. D. 
'91 McVoy, E. C. 
'95— McVoy, J. A. 
'20— McWaters, T. L. 
'05— McVv T horter, A. B. 
'15— McWhorter, A. M. 
'89— McWhorter, E. H. 
'07— McWilliams, C. A. 
'22— Mabre, R. O. 
'23 Mabry, J. B. 
'05— Mackey, C. 
'03 — Mackey, O. S. 
'07— Maddox, G. W. 
'CI— Magruder, H. B. 
'GO Magrauder, H. B. 
'76— Major, J. M. 
'00— Makin, F. 
'89— Mallory, J. B. 
'20 Malone, E. C. 
•01— Malone, d. M. 
'14 Malone, II. M. 
'09 Malone, J. M. 
'99 Malone, J. W. 
'07— Malone, M. B. 
'19— Malone, R. B. 
•90— Mangum, .1. B. 
'95 Mangum, R. H. 
'87 Mangum, W. W. 
'22 Manning, P. II . 
'89— Manning, M. M. 
•08 Mansfield, <>. 

•08— Mai but. N. 

'07 Marks, Irma R. 

'07— Marley, J. 0. 
'95 Marshall, B. F. 
'93— Marshall, B. J. 

'22 Martin, Carolyn L. 
'06— Martin. C. F. 
'97 Martin, C. P. 
'08— Martin, F. H. 
'08— Martin, G. F. 
'09— Martin, Helen 
'03— Martin, J. E. 
'10— Martin, Jeff 
'12— Martin, J. S. 
'05— Martin. L. 
'01— Martin. R. E. 
'22— Martin, S. B. 
'74— Martin, W. E. 
'96 Martin, W. E. 
'11 — Mason. Ann;^ 
'69— Mason. B. W. 
'91— Mason, Ed 
'96— Mason. G. E. 
'06 Mason, I. P. 
'94 — Mason, J. M.. Jr. 
'07 — Mason. Willie 
'76— Ma--' ngale, C. I.. 
'90 — Massey, L. V. 
'94 M - ' . L. Y. 
'01— Matheson, J. 
'18— Mathews, M. H. 
'10— Mathews, P. P. 
'09— Mathis, J. G. 
'0G— Mathis, P K. 
'22— Mathis, M. S. 
'95— Mathison, A. I.. 
'12 Matthews, C 
»22 Mai h ••-. C. D. 
'99— Matth :\vs. P B. 
'99 Matthews. K. \. 
'15 Matthews, M. P. 
'05 Matth. ws, 1 . P. 
'84 — Mauldin, J. V 
•i: Maxey. M. \. 
'i: Maxey, R I , 
II v l> well. C. R. 

•fiT \ S. \. 

May. S M. 

Mayer I 
'or- Mayer, K ' 
op Mays, J. T. 
'01 Mayg, W. i. 
'06 V« adovi s, \ M 
'. : \ \ 


Register of Alumni axd Nox- Graduates 

" t 9— Means, F. M. 

'23— Mitchell, W. J. 

'92— Meek, R. 0. 

'09 — Mixon, A. 

'22— Meigs, J. E. 

'20 — Mixon, O. 

'10— Meigs, R. E. 

'23 Mixon, Virginia 

'97 Meigs, S. C. 

'21— Mobley, O. O. 

'90— Melton, W. F. 

'06 — Moncriel, M. 

'07— Menefee, E. W. 

'74— Monette, R. B. 

'92— Menefee, J. W. 

'90 Monette, R. F. 

'04 — Menefee, U. E. 

'08— Merrill, J. 

'22 — Montgomery, J. E. 
'23 — Montgomery, R. M. 

'94— Merritt, E. B. 

'96— Montgomery, W. N. 

'95— Merritt, H. P. 

'11 -Merritt, J. 

'97 — Montgomery, W. V. 

'75— Merritt, W. H. 

'78— Moody, C. B. 

'20— Mct-u'.f J. M. 

'76— Moody, J. A. 

'22 Middlebrooks, A. E. 

'17— Moody, Mary F. 

UO— Middleton, C. C. 

'23 Moon, Annie L. 

'90 — Middleton, J. M. 

'19 — Mooneyham, O. J. 

'95— Middleton, T. J. 

'78 — Moore, A. 

'10 Miles, E. P. 

'12— Moore, A. C. 

'10— Miles, Ira L. 

'74 Moore, A. H. 

'10— Miles, Otho 

'09 Moore, A. H., Jr. 

'83— Millagan, F. J. 

'82 — Moore, B. 

'09 Miller, B. F. 

'05 — Moore, B. L. 

'95— Miller, F. 

'77— Moore, C. B. 

'07— Miller, F. 

•93— Moore, C. F. 

'23 Miller, G. W. 

'08'— Moore, D. H. 

'05— Miller, J. A. 

'03— Moore, E. 

'02— Miller, J. K. 

•85— Moore, E. G. 

'88 Miller, J. M. 

'79— Moore, F. H. 

'91— Miller, J. M. 

'92— Moore, H. D. 

'94— Miller, J. P. 

'22— Moore, H. M. 

'94— Miller, L. B. 

'80 Moore, J. A. 

'04— Miller, W. E. 

'94 Moore, J. A. 

'01— Miller, W. G. 

'14— Moore, J. C. 

'78— Miller, W. O. 

'16— Moore, J. D. 

'90— Miller, z. W. 

'81— Moore, J. F. 

'95— Mills, J, A. 

'94— Moore, J. F., Jr. 

'07 Mills, R. J. 

'86 Moore, J. L. 

'05— Millsaps, J. W. 

'78 Moore, J. W. 

'70— Millsaps, R. W. 

'20— Moore, J. W. 

'89— Millstead, J. W. 

'01— Moore, L. H. 

'02— Milner, H. 

'15 — Moore, L. L. 

'23 Milner, Miriam 

'81 Moore, M. H. 

'13 Mimms, S. M. 

'14— Moore, M. T. 

'92— Mims, C. M. 

'93— Moore, P. J. 

'92— Minis, J. C. 

'83— Moore, R. D. 

'07— Minor, W. T. 

'23 Moore, R. E. 

'09— Missildine, D. H. 

'91— Moore, R. J. 

'95— Mitchell, D. 

'99— Moore, R. O. 

'23— Mitchell, O. P. 

'03— Moore, S. C. 

'12— Mitchell, L. D. 

'10— Moore, S. L. 

'74 Mitchell, T. D. 

'88— Moore, T. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'69— Moore, T. G. 
'16 Moore, W. 
'05 Moore, W. A. 
♦05— Moore, W. F. 
'79— Moore, W. H. 
'88 — Moore, W. H. 
'08— Moore, W. L. 
'13— Moore, W. L. 
'94— Moore, W. T. 
'22 — Moore, W. T. 
•85 Moore, W. W. 
'04— Moore, W. W. 
'76 — Mooreland, A. M. 
'95— Moorehead, M. E. 
'23 Moorehead, M. E. 
'91 — Moorer, J. C. 
'90— Mordesi, S. J. 
'03— Moreland, H. C. 
'10— Moreland, H. H. 
'05 — Moreland, J. W. 
'00 Moreland, M. E. 
'23 Moreno, J. E. 
'18 Morgan, H. T. 
'21 Morgan, S. L. 
•19— Morgan, T. J. 
'02— Morgan, T. W. 
'07— Morgan, Z. E. 
'18 Morris, B. 
'19— Morris, C. 
'06— Morris, D .H., Jr. 
'23— Morris, E. C. 
'03— Morris, E. D. 
'16 Morris, G. F. 
'02 Morris, H. R. 
'92 Morris, J. E. 
'89 Morris, J. L. 
'84— Morris, J. R. 
•74 Morris, M. N. 
'IS Morris, M. N. Jr. 
'71— Morris, P. M. 
'99— Morris, R. 
'75— Morris, T. E. 
'96— Morris, T. M. 
'90 Morris, W. E. 
'15 — Morrow, S. J. 
'Ifl Morrow, S. J. 
'06 — Morrow, Win. 

'02 Morrow, Willie 

'76— Morton, (). C. 

•08 — Morton, S. S. 
'10 — Morton, W. a. 
•13— Mosye, H, ('*. 
•Ofl Moslender, G. B. 

'02— Moss, E. L. 
•02— Moss, H. M. 
'75 Moss, Joshua 
'01 — Motley, Anne 
'92 Motley, C. H. 
'90— Motley, H. H. 
'99— Motley, J. R. 
'82— Motley, T. H. 
•76— Motley, W. R. 
'89— Motley, W. T. 
'12— Mullins, A. 
•16— Mullins, L. A. 
'22— Murphree, Otis 
'96 — Murphey, L. 
'96— Murphey, W. E. 
'74 Murrah, W. B. 
'20— Myer, M. A. 
'20— Myer, M. E. 
'22 Myers, G. 

'07— Nabors, D. 
'06— Nabors, I. 
'99— Nabors, J. W. 
'72 Nabors, R. T. 
'08— Nabors, W. W. 
'09 Nail, C. J. 
'74— Nance, A. B. 
'08 Nance, W. M. 
'11- Nash, J. P. 
'20— Nation, G. M. 
'20— Naugher, H. 
'23 Neese, Anna L. 
'21 Neese, J. M. 
'22— Neighbors, H. E. 
'20— Neill, F. K. 
'05— Neil 1, H. 
'70 Nelson, G. T. 
05— Nelson, J. 
'64 — Nelson, Jobez 
'03 — Nelson, .Tor 

'18— Nelson, J. B. 
'89 NrNon. T. <i. 
'74 Nelson, T. V. 
'16 Nesbitt, F. K. 
"l- Nesbitt, a. 
'04— Neville, (i N. 
'04— Neville, J. A. 
•ii Neville, VInk 
'05- Newberry, J. W, 
'06- Newborn, V. W. 
'08 — Newell, C. C. 
"oi Newell, V 0, 
•^ Newell, W, << 


Register of Alumni and Nox-GpAnrATES 

'99— Newman, J. C. 
'95 Newman, 0. B. 
'95— Newman, S. B. 
'91 — Newman, S. C. 

'23 Newsome, Catherine H. 
'16 Newsome, H. A. 
*20— Newsome, H. P. 
'23 — Newsome, Sarah L. 

'22— Newton, R. B. 
'07— Nichols, J. T. 
'11— Nicholson, F. B. 
'91— Nicholson, M. G. 
'74— Nivien, D. 
'69 Nix, W. F. 
'04— Nixon, G. C. 
'02— Nixon, H. G. 

'74— Noble, A. J. 
'98— Noble, E. S. 
'00— Noble, L. G. 

'13 Nolen, S. J. 
'15 Nolen, W. B. 

'02 Noojin, R. 0. 
'06 — Noojin, B. L. 

'10— N orris, T. B. 

'96 Northcut, J. E. 

'23 Norton, E. B. 

'13 Norton, E. L. 

'19 Norton, Mrs. E. L., (Jessie 

'06 Norton, E. M. 

'05 Norton, J. S. 

'23 Norton, Lorena 

'96— Norton, P.W. 

'19— Norton, T. M. 

'09 Norton, W. A. 

'74 — Norwood, Jas. 
'91— Norwood, J. E. 
'05 Norwood, T. S. 
'10— Nowlin, D. W. 
'69 Nugent, C. J. 
'95— Nunn, W. N. 
'88— Nutt, W. W. 
'05 — Oaks, Jonas 
'91— Oats, W. B. 
•03— O'Birne, Oliver. 
'05 — Obrien, Hugh 
'14— Obrien, M. F. 
'13— Odom, M. S. 
'07— Ogden, Frank 
'69 Oliver, H. L. 
'21— Oliver, J. T. 


'11— Oliver, H. B. 
*03— Oliver, H. E. 
'03 — Oliver, Richard 
'93 — Ormond, J. B. 
'98— Ormond, J. F. 
'02— Ormond, J. W. 
'89— Ormond, E. W. 
'93— Ormond, F. B. 
'00 Ormond, T. F. 
'63— Ormond, L. T. 
'98 Ormond, M. T. 
'02— Ormond. M. J. 
'02— Ormond, R. F. 
'84— Ormond, W. H. 
'93— Ormond, W. G. 
'21— O'Rouke, John 
'64 Orrick, J. C. 
'63 Osbern, Jas. 
'14 Osborn, C. M. 
'69 Osborn, T. H. 
'21— Osborne, H. M. 
'13— Oswalt, J. W. 
'90— Otis, N. D. 
'84— Otts, J. M. P. 
'19— Otts, L. M. 
'84— Otts, L. M. 
'88— Otts, R. F. 
'93— Otts, W. C. 
'99— Otts, E. V. 
01— Otts, O. M. 
'03— Otts, L. E. 
'07— Otwell, G. 
'13 Overstreet, L. A. 
'84 Overstreet, W. W. 
'11 — Owen, J. W. 
'06— Owen, Fred 
'00 Owen, C. A. 
'05 Owen, W. M. 
'10 Owen, J. B. 
'84— Owen, D. W. 
'02— Owen, C. H. 
'20— Owens, J. H. 
'16— Owens, R. J. 
'19— Owens, C. H. 
'18— Plamer, G. 
'11— Palmer, M. 1). 
'88— Palmer, B. D. 
'91— Palmer, J. S. 
'14— Pardue, D. S. 
'11— Park, Leoola T. 
'08— Park, H. R. 
'10— Park, H. R. 
'72— Parker, J. S. 



'12— Parker, J. 0. 

'10 Pennington, J, M. 

'14— Parker, J. C. 

'11 Pennington, Annie E. 


'20— Parker, B. T. 

'07— Penny, J. S. 

'21— Parr, J. C. 

'21— Perdue, E. B. 

'97— Parrish, S. J. 

'02— Perdue, J. E. 

'96— Parrish, W. D. 

'03 — Perkins, A. 

'02 Parrish, L. F. 

'09 Perkins, R. E. 

'68 Parrish, A. G. 

'05— Perkins, Tom 

'87 Parrish, A. C. 

'07— Perkinson, W. H. 

'06— Pattillo, J. E. 

'08— Perry, B. H. 

'05-— Pattillo, R. R. 

'07— Perry, C. 

'93— Pattillo, M. 

'01— Perry, C. N. 

'87 Pattillo, N. A. 

'08— Perry, O. S. 

'05 Patterson, L. D. 

'07 Perry, D. L. 

'91 Patterson, T. M. 

'06 Perry, W. S. 

'91 Patterson, J. D. 

'14— Perry, W. L. 

'07— Patterson, H. S. 

'05 Perry, W. D. 

'87— Patterson, C. W. 

'00— Perry, J. C. 

'84 — Patterson, J. J. 

'02 Perry, H. D. 

'91— Patterson, J. W. 

'04— Perry, H. D. 

'00 — Patterson, A. S. 

'64 Perry, B. 

'06 — Paterson, Leslie 

'11— Perry, F. E. 

'10 — Patterson, A. S. 

'01— Perryman, S. 

'83— Patterson, E. H. 

'79 Perryman, M. S. 

'85 Patton, E. L. 

'17 — Persinger, Jessie 

'93— Patton, J. E. 

'04 Petet. W. Y. 

'74— Patton, J. B. 

'21— Petrey, L. D. 

'74— Patton, D. U. 

'99 Peterson, E. A. 

'11— Patton, R. B. 

'96 Peterson, F. R. 

'96— Patton, H. H. 

'04 — Peterson. J. A. 

'89— Pasteur, J. E. 

'67 Peterson, J. J. 

'01 Paul, E. B. 

'98— Peterson, J. J. 

'10— Paul k, M. 

'70 Peterson. J. A. 

'19— Paulk, W. L. 

'73 Peterson, F. M. 

'12— Parson, G. W. 

'i i Peterson, F. M. 

'10— Pass, J. H. 

'64— Petigrew, W. IF 

'80— Peacock, T. J. 

'98— Pettus, W. IF 

'06— Peagler, W. W. 

•91 Phares, H. \V. 

'76 Tea ice, S. D. 

'91 Phares, W. W. 

01 Pearson, Nf. H. 

•76 Phillips, \. L. 

'06 Pearson, D. M. 

•di Phillips, D. D. 

'93— Peck, W. E. 

'90 Phillips, E. H. 

'81— Peebles, J. H. 

•88 Phillips, E. L. 

'H2 -Peebles, J. O. 

'no Phillips, C. 

'02— Peebles. K. E. 

Phillips, L. S. 

'76 Peebles. \V. P. 

'88 Phillip-. M. P. 

•»] Peek, A. H. 

'81 Phillips, W. IP 

'10 Pegues, I. F. 

'16 Phillips, W. 0. 

'17 Pegues, J. C. 

•lfl Phillips, ]). c. 

'14 Pegues, 1). K. 

•i - Phillips P. P. 

'17 Pegues, Mrs. I). K. 

(Amy RUftSe'09 Phillip-. 1 I 

•i i Pickard, W. m. 

'18— Penn, A. L. 

'91 Picken-. 1 5 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'01— Pickens, I. 
'02— Pickett, J. 
'98— Pickett, J. M. 
'98— Pickett, E. A. 
'01 Pickett, Pauline 
'18— Pierce, W. V. 
'90— Pierce, G. W. 
'92— Pierce, T. F. 
'90 Pierce, S. R. 
'03— Pill, J. S. 
'77— Pilley, C. B. 
'18— Pippin, W. W. 
'98 Pippin, M. M. 
'08— Pippin, P. S. 
'19 Pitts, U. S. 
'03— Plato, Hugo 
'74— Poe, Alex 
'08— Poellnitz, H. W. 
'98— Poelnitz, C. A. 
'00— Poellnitz, R. W. 
'99— Pointer, J. D. 
'06— Pointer, J. D. 
'22— Poncellor, D. J. 
'88 Poole, L. R. 
'96— Poole, F. E. 
'85— Poole, R. A. 
'90— Poole, S. R. 
'83— Poole, Thomas 
'75— Pope, J. C. 
'78— Pope, T. L. 
'95— Pope, W. H. 
'87 Porter, F. E. 
'17— Porter, H. C. 
'87 Porter, W. R. 
'22— Porter, H. G. 
'15 Porter, B. M. 
'63— Portis, C. A. 
*67 Portis, I. D. 
'85— Pou, F. R. 
'19 Poggs, Mrs. Louise, 

(Miss McCormack) 
'72 Powe, A. 
'00— Powell, C. M. 
'00— Powell, C. 
'02— Powell, E. 
*03— Powell, E. 
'69 Powell, E. F. 
'70— Powell, E. J. 
'02— Powell, H. 
'81— Powell, L. W. 
»90— Powell, H. S. 
'63— Powell, Smith, 

'98— Powell, W. W. 
'97— Powell, J. 
'10— Powers, L. D. 
'04 — Powers, A .J. 
'00— Powers, C. B. 
'98 — Powers, E. L. 
'06 — Powers, J. B. 
'88 Powers, J. N. 
'98 — Powers, J. E. 
'05 — Powers, Mabel 
'05— Powers, R. E. 
'12— Powers, W. I. 
'13 — Powers, Lucy 
'11 Preer, Mrs. Capitalla 
(Miss DeBardeleben) 
'11— Preer, Carl 
'09 Price, C. W. 
*10— Price, J. D. 
'22— Price, J. M. 
'22 Price, N. H. 
'20— Price, N. M. 
'08— Price, S. B. 
'81— Price, T. E. 
'00 Price, W. F. 
'09 Prickett, S. L. 
'76— Pride, G. W. 
'91— Prime, F. M. 
'76— Prince, F. M. 
'11— Pringle, F. L. 
'11— Pringle, H. 
'04— Proctor, C. E. 
16— Proctor, P. A. 
'11 Propst, T. C. 
'93— Praett, A. H. 
'89 Pruett, T. J. 
'13 — Pruett, Leon 
'73— Pruitt, R. M. 
'99— Puckett, A. K. 
'05 Puckett, H. W. 
'99— Pucket, W. 
'19— Pugh, A. S. 
'11— Pugh, R. 
'16 Pursell, Clare 
*03 Purcell, T. M. 
'92— Purnell, H. P. 

'19— Quarrels, N. Y. 
'03 — Quick, Edward 
'03— Quick, P. C. 
'05— Quinn, S. W. 
*95— Quinn, W. W. 

'20— Radney, J. P. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'87 Radney, J. W. 
'90— Ragsdale, C. R. 
'06— Ragsdale, S. B. 
'11— Raines, T. V. 
'72— Rainey, H. D. 
•23— -Ralls, J. C. 
'75— Ralls, J. T. 
'19 — Ramigee, L. D. 
'69 — Ramsey, C. A. 
'67 Ramsey, T. Y. 
'14— Randall, C. C. 
'16 Randall, G. H. 
'75— Randolph, J. 
'96— Randolph, S. C. 
*80— Randolph, W. B. 
'73 Rankin, C. Y. 
'03— Rarden, J. L. 
'11— Ratley, L. A. 
4 06 Ray, A. G. 
'11 Ray, Ben F. 
'00— Ray, E. L. 
'05— Ray, J. H. 
'76— Rayner, B. S. 
'82— Rea, E. E. R. 
'99 Read, G. W . 
'72— Record, W. D. L, 
'03— Redden, R. J. 
'99— Reddock, C. E. 
'11— Reddock, J. C. 
'21— Reddus, H. W. 
'21— Reddus, M. D. 
'92— Redfield, W. G. 
'21— Reed, A. C. 
'75 Reed, B. F. 
'01— Reed, T. W. 
'19— Reeder, L. H. 
'08— Reese, W. T. 
'11 Register, D. Y. 
'76— Reid, L. W. 
'21— Reinecke, J. M. 
•97— Reinhart, J. W. 
"63 — Rencher, D. W. 
'94— Rencher, E. H. 
'88— Rencher, J. A. 
'90— Renfro, J. L. 
'09— Reynolds, A. L. 
'21 -Reynolds, C. S. 
'06 — Reynolds, Frank 
'16 — Reynolds, F. D, 
% 10 Reynolds, (I. L. 

•02 Reynolds, J. C. 
'8fi Reynolds, J, T. 

'14 Reynolds. I,. C. 

'96 — Reynolds, L. T. 
'94— Rhodes, N. J. 
'11— Rice, A. T. 
'05 Rice, C. E. 
'10— Rice, J. B. 
'11— Rice, J. M. 
'06 Rice, H. W. 
'93— Rice, W. L. 
'96- Kich, C. E. 
'73— Richardson, J. C, 
'93- - Richardson, L. E. 
'05— Ricks, A. C. 
'12— Ricks, C. L. 
'20— Riddle, D. H. 
'20— Riddle, W. K. 
'09— Rigden, W. 
'23— Riggan, F. B. 
'23— Riggan, Mrs. F. B. 

(Elizabeth Woodall) 
'06— Riggan, T. 
'98- Rigsby, E. P. 
'94 Riley, A. E. 
'92 Riley, J. E. Z. 
'99— Riley, J. J. 
'92 Riley, H. C. 
'92 Riley, W. B. 
'91— Rippey, T. L. 
'05— Robbins, C. S. 
'82— Robbins, J. S. 
'11 Roberts, C. P. 
'13— Roberts, F. R. 
'98— Roberts, H. 
'01— Roberts, II. M. 
'23 Roberts, Ida T. 
'21— Roberts, J. II. 
'97— Roberts, J. 1'. 
'07— Roberts, .1. V. 
'16— Roberts, M. B. 
•87 Roberts, S. W. 
'14— Roberts, T. R. 
'03 Roberts, T. K. 
'07— Roberts, W. A. 
'lfl Robertson, I). 
'16 Robertson, J. C. 
'7i Robertson, J. P. 
'87 Robertson, J. S. 
Vj Robertson, J. T. 
'17 Robertson, W. H. 
'16 Robertson, W, H. 
'yi' Robinson, J. 
'li Robinson, J. B. 
'u.T Robinson, W, J. 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'03— Roebuck, J. S. 

'66 Sampey, J. W. 

'03— Rogers, B. 

'03 — Sandefur, Claude 

'80 Rogers, F. A. 

'03 — Sanders, Carl 

'OS— Rogers, G. E. 

'08— Sanders, Ernest 

'03 — Rogers, 0. 

'78— Sanders, J. W. 

'13— Rogers, R. A. 

'23 Sanders, Pauline 

'90— Rollins, J. W. 

'03— Sanders, R. H. 

'oc hook, E. M. 

'91 Sanders, F. T. 

'00 Roper, O. B. 

'02— Sandifur, I. J. 

'21 Rosamond, Susie B. 

'12— Sanson, T. H. 

'02 — Rosamond, E. C. 

'20— Sargent, B. 

'93— Rosamond, F. K. 

'20 — Sarvice, Paul 

'91 — Rosamond, W. L. 

'16 Savage, H. I. 

'12 — Rosser, Lewis 

'83— Scales, H. L. 

'02— Roulhae, T. R. 

'92— Scales, J. P. 

'80 — Rountree, J. G. 

'75— Scales, J. W. 

'08— Rountree, J. R. 

'88— Scales, L, W. 

'22 Rowe, R. J. 

'83— Scales, N. E. 

'07 — Rowe, William 

'85 Scales, W. F. 

'14 Rucks, Archie 

'22— Scraborough, J. W. 

'20— Ruff, R. R. 

'98 — Scarborough, L. L. 

'15 — Rumph, J. L. 

'04 — Scarborough, R. S. 

'86 Rush, C. A. 

'06~Scarborough, T. G. 

'14 Rush, C. W. 

'03— Schuessler, E. H. 

'72 Rush, D. M. 

'11 — Schuessler, L. F. 

'18 — Rush, Elizabeth 

'76— Rush, G. W. 

'10 — Schuessler, Zack 

'74— Rush, J. D. 

'83— Scott, J. A. 

'20— Rush, J. D. 

'20— Scott, M. H. 

'11— Rush, R. 

'99— Scott, J. H. 

'09 Rush, R. C, 

'02— Scott, R. 

'15— Rushing, E. E. 

'88 Scott, A. J. 

'23— Russell, C. C. 

'91— Scott, J. M. 

'94— Russell, G. W. 

'18— Scott, W. A. 

'94 Russell, H. A. 

'22 Scrivner, P. D. 

'10— Russell, W. P. 

'90— Seal, J. A. 

'97— Rutherford, J. R. 

'08— Seale, J. N. 

'90 Rutherford, J. W. 

'91— Seale, H. J. 

'31— Rutledge, Kate 

'10— Seay, E. W. 

'18— Ryan, H. 

'99— Seay, J. H. 

'14— Ryan, L. A. 

'11— Seay, N. 

'02— Ryan, R. E. 

'65— Seay, T. 

'03— Ryan, S. O. 

'04 — Seay, Anniee 

'76— Ryland, C. J. 

'66 Seay, T. J. 

'05— Ryland, T. 

'03— Seay, T. H. 

'99 Seay, F. 

'06 Saddler, W. H. 

'19— Seed, Alice C. 

'01— Sadler, F. H. 

'09— Seed, A. W. 

'00— Sadler, J. W. 

'20 — Seed, Clinton 

'03— Sadler, W. M. 

'08— Seed, H. W. 

'73— Safford, T. B. 

'03— Seed, M. W. 

'03 — Salmon, Irene 

'18— Seed, Mrs. Amanda 

'63 — Sampay, J. R. 

'93— Segrest, W. B. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'15 Segrest, C. W. 
'93— Selden, A. J. 
'00 Self, H. T. 
'08 Self, E. P. 
'16 Self, Maybelle 
'99— Self, J. H. 
'12— Sellers, A. H. 
'03— Sellers, C. C. 
'00— Sellers, C. S. 
'10— Sellers, G. B. 
'84 Sellers, G. M. 
'02— Sellers, I. 
'02— Sellers, O. W. 
'08 Sellers, W. M. 
'07— Sellors, T. W. 
'85— Sentell, J. O. 
'70 — Sessions, R. H. 
'02 Sessions, R. E. 
'94— Sessions, T. S. 
'91 — Seymore, A, 
'20— Shadburn, B. 
'10 Shafer, A. E. 
'10— Shamberger, B. R. 
*09 Shamberger, M. V. 
'13 — Shannon, L. N. 
'9:) — Shannon. W. 
'13— Shannon, W. M. 
'63— Shapora, E. 
'18— Sharp, E. C. 
'0.5 — Shaw, George 
'80— Sheldon, C. A. 
'75— Sheldon, L. B. 
'93 Sheppard, F. L. 
'90— Shepherd, J. T. 
'66— Shepherd, W. 
'05 Shepherd, J. C. 
'07 Shepherd, R. H. 
'02 Shepherd, Z. P. 
'00— Sherrell, T. C. 
'94— Shields, F. M. 
'66 — Shields, Sam 
'09— Shirley, A. M. 
'00 Shirley, C. C. 
'07— Shirley, F. W. 
'98 Shirley. J. V. 
•93 Shirley, V. 1). 
': ■ Shofner, Clyde 
'oi Shoff, I). E. 
Mo Shoaff, P. s 
'06— Snooks, K. A. 
'05— Shores, R, B. 
•22 Shores, R. M. 
'hi Shores, W. E. 

'09— Shropshire, K. B. 
'10— Shuggatt, F. W. 
'95— Shumaker, J. F. 
'94 Shuptrine, C, E. 
'19— Shuptrine, R, B. 
'09— Shuptrine, H\ L. 
'98 Siddon, W. A. 
'98 Sims, J. L. 
'07 — Sims, L. A. 
'11— Sims. S. C. 
'11— Sims, W. B. 
'96 — Simmons, L, S. 
'11 — Simmons, W. J. 
'04 — Simmons, W. J. 
'87 Simpson, J. D. 
'05 Simpson, J. P. 
'19— Simpson, H, E. 
'01 — Simpson, Mac 
'09— Simpson, T. H. 
'93 — Simpson, W. G. 
'04— Sindorf, H. 
'91— Sindorf, W. A. 
'07 — Singley, S. 
'14— Slnard, E. C. 
'09 — Sizemore, W. A. 
'04— Skinner, G. B. 
'76 Skinner, G. T. 
'05— Skinner, H. F. 
'76 Skinner. J. L. 
'84— Skinner. O. 
'15— Skipper, J. E. 
'92— Skipper. R. F. 
'14— Skrugg, J. L. 
'99 Slaughter, D. P. 
'95— Slaughter, H. J. 
'06— Sledge, J. \. 
'91 Sledge, F. P. 
'02— Sledge, I 
'18— Sledge, W. G. 
'63— Sledge, J. M 
'01— Sledge, L. 
'99- SleiUe. I eM-»; 

'91 Sledge, L. B. 

'21 Sledge, L. B. 

'10 Sledge, V 

'02 Sle ■. \ 

•] | 5i, a vv v 

•oa S 1 o u m b " ' 
'hi Sloss. I . 
• 1 fl S n ' ! H 

; Smart, R 

Sm i-A v 1 



Register of Alumni and Nox-Graduates 

^0— Smith, Alma. 

'97 Smith, A. C. 

'84 Smith, A. L. 

'78 Smith, A. W. 

'14— Smith, C. C. 

'02— Smith, C. E. 

'76— Smith, D. T. 

'04— Smith, E. B. 

'22 Smith, E. E. 

'08— Smith, E. K. 

'01— Smith, E. R. 

'94— Smith, F. E. 

'93— Smith, F. M. 

'78 Smith, F. W. 

'10— Smith, G. H. 

'03— Smith, G. H. 

'02— Smith, G. H. 

'22— Smith, G. R. 

'77— Smith, H. 0. 

'03— Smith, H. W. 

'15— Smith, Joe 

'03 — Smith, John 

'19— Smith, J. B. 

•70— Smith, J. B. 

'03— Smith, J. K. 

'06— Smith, J. R. 

'09— Smith, I. L. 

'12— Smith, L. 

'96— Smith, L. 

'04— Smith, L. G. 

'88 Smith, L. L. 

'99— Smith, M. 

'11— Smith, M. C. 

'14— Smith, M. L. 

'99— Smith, R. E. 

'12— Smith, R. H. 

'11 Smith, R. H. 

'10— Smith, R. T. 

'11— S:r<ith, R. T. 

'22— Smith, R. V. 

'03— Smith, S. L. 

'OS— Smith, S. L. 

'04— Smith, T. N. 

'08— Smith, T. G. 

'70— Smith, T. P. 

'13— Smith, W. 

'10— Smith, W. A. 

'89— Smith, W. D. 

'10— Smith, W. D. 

'91 Smithson, E. E. 

'23 — Smoot, Margaret W. 

'94— Smyey, C. M. 

'10— Smyey, T. W. 

'91— Smyey, W. S. 
'76— Smythe, W. A. 
'93— Sneed, A. J. 
'13— Snell, H. W. 
'05— Snow, J. W. 
'09— Snow, R. R. 
'06— Snow, S. O. 
'70— Snow, W. 
'09— Snow, W. H. 
'16— Snowdon, J. W. 
'21 Snuggs, W. P. 
'20 — Somnerville, R. B. 
'03— Sorrell, A. W. 
'03— Sorrell, J. W. 
'98— Soythall, J. 
'10 Spain, F. E. 
'94 — Sparkman, J. R. 
'93 — Sparkman, H. A. 
'21 Sparks, J. F. 
'14— Sparks, Mrs. J. F. 

(Alma Whitehead) 
'01 — Spencer, C. M. 
'07 Spencer, W. H. 
'13 — Spencer, James 
'10— Spencer, S. E. 
'20 — Spiegner, L. W. 
'61 Spillman, W. J. 
'69— Spivey, R. M. 
'02— Springfield, A. C. 
'17 — Spruell, Percy 
'80 Spurlock, J. M. 
'98— Stabler, B. D. 
'08— Stabler, C. E. 
'03— Stabler, M. L. 
'90 Stabler, S. P. 
'87— Stabler, S. P. 
'21— Stafford, R. E. 
'20— Stagg, O. W. 
'07 — Staggers, Bert 
'11— Stallings, R. L. 
'23— Stansell, W. H. 
'82— Stanton, J. U. 
'20— Stanton, O. L. 
'14— Stapleton, C. H. 
'12— Starkin, Pat 
'65— Starr, E. S. 
'14— Steed, G. M. 
'91— Steeger, J. C. W. 
'72— Steel, J. H. 
'03— Steel, L. C. 
'97— Steiner, J. H. 
'72— Steinhart, A. 
'79— Steinhart, J. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


'75— Steinhart, M. 
'92— Stephens, D. D. 
*93— Stephens, D. D. 
'00— Stephens, J. S. F. 
'13— Stephens, L. S. 
'80 Stevenson, L. M. 
'19— Stevenson, S. G. 
'93— Stevenson, W. W. 
'73 Stewart, A. 
'07— Stewart, C. 
'93— Stewart, J. E. 
•20— Stewart, J. W. 
'93— Stewart, J. T. 
'93— Stewart, W. L. 
'08— Stickney, J. 
'01— Still, M. D. 
'92— Stley, H. A. 
'81— Stuckney, S. T. 
'91 Stokes, F. E. 
'98 Stoves, George. 
'21— Stokes, W. M. 
'87 — Stolenwerck, B. L. 
'96— Stolenwerck, C. Y. 
'73— Stolenwerck, C. 
'85— Stolenwerck, E. W. 
'77 — Stollenwerck, A. 
'06— Stollenwerck, A. D. 
'77 — Stollenwerck, A. E. 
'76— Stollenwerck, G. D. 
'11 — Stollenwerck, J. 
'79— Stollenwerck, P. J. 
'63— Stone, H. C. 
'69— Stone, H. L. 
'06— Stone, S. P. 
'20— Storrs, C. P. 
'89 — Stough, R. L. 
'15— Stough, S. 
'07— Stough, S. T. 
'04— Stough, W. C. 
'12 Stout, Bessie 
'19— Stovall, A. M. 
'ni Stowers, G. A. 
'12 Straiton, Mary 
'16— Straiton, W. S. 
'09— Street, Lee 
'91 Street, S. A. 
'02— Street, W. S. 
'00— Strickland, E. 

•22 Strickland, H. H. 
"oi Strickland, J, J, 

"90 Strickland, K. B. 

'oo Striplan, C. F. 
'08 Strong, J. H. 

'63— Strong, J. O. A. 
'10— Strot, H. T. 
'10— Strouht, H. T. 
'10 Strout, S. B. 
'03— Stubbs, O. 
'12 Sturdivant, J. F. 
'10— Sturdivant, L. G. 
'03— Suite, G. 
'10— Sullivan, C. M. 
'06 Summer, C. L. 
'06— Summers, J. H. 
'66 Summers, T. O. 
'08— Suttle, W. A. 
'07— Sutton, H. S. 
'10 — Swain, J. L. 
'09— Swanberg, T. A. 
'88— Swanson, W. C. 
'07— Swartz, F. E. 
'09— Swindle, C. C. 
'78— Swofford, J. C. 
'14— Syring, J. T. 
'89— Syring, T. T. 
'09— Symer, R. F. 

*94— Talley, C. S. 
'87— Talley, L. R. 
'82— Talley, C. W. 
'91— Tarrant, E. C. 
'91— Tarrant, F. I. 
'82— Tarry, G. W. 
'19— Tate, Annie V. 
'21— Tate, B. F. 
'04— Tate, G. M. 
'10— Tate, G. W. 
'15 Tate, H. L. 
'88 Tate, J. B. 
'14 Tate, J. E. 
'21— Tate, R. G. 
'HI Tate, W. U. 
'12 -Tatum, ('. A. 
'18 'latum, Dorsey 
'95 latum. H. F. 
'06 latum. I. I. 
'<»!> lay lor. A. B. 
•94 Taylor, B. T. 
'99— Taylor, C. F. 
'77 raylor, D. W. 
'(mi raylor, E E 
'99 raylor, F. V. 
i i\ lor, J. l . 

'00 1 i\ lor. J. II. 

'oi Taylor, H. V. 
•ji raylor, Kathleen 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'«0— Taylor, Sid 
'78 Taylor, T. A. 
'95 Taylor, T. P. 
'95— Taylor, T. P. 
'93— Taylor, W. S. 
'00— Taylor, Z. O. 
'22— Terrell, H. 
'03— Terrell, P. 
'92 Terrell, S. H. 
'92— Terrell, S. H. 
'14— Terry, Charles 
'01— Terry, C. W. 
'99 Terry, J. E. 
'80— Terry, J. W. 
'19— Terry, W. J. 
'88— Terry, W. H. 
'10— Thacker, G. R. 
'99— Thames, C. S. 
'92 Thames, J. D. 
'89— Thames, J. M. 
'05— Thaxton, G. H. 
'02— Thaxton, W. L. 
'08— Thigpen, J. W. 
'21— Thomas, C. W. 
'04— Thomas, D. A. 
'07— Thomas, D. A. 
'09— Thomas, G. E. 
'17— Thomas, G. R. 
'02— Thomas, H. J. 
'70— Thomas, J. E. 
'91— Thomas, L. L. 
'76— Thomas, M. B. 
'00 Thomas, P. O. 
'74— Thomason, M. D. 
'94 — Thomason, M. H. 
'92— Thompson, D. R. 
'04— Thompson, G. U. 
'12— Thompson, H. W. 
'90 Thompson, J. E. 
'22— Thompson, J. G. 
'03 — Thompson, Mrs. Lizzie 

(Miss Williams) 
'98— Thompson, N. T. 
'22 — Thompson, P. J. 
'10 Thompson, Q. 
'09 Thompson, R. E. 
'12— Thompson, T. S. 
'21— Thompson, W. T. 
'16 Thorp, E. D. 
'02 Threadgill, B. C. 
'01— Threadgill, R. D. 
'08— Thurman, J. R. 
'22— Thurman, M. A. 

'05— Tidmore, J. C. 
'74— Tidwell, A. T. 
'77— Tierce, A. B. 
'77— Tierce, T. K. 
'07 Tiller, W. T. 
'06— Tillman, W. T. 
'13— Timberlake, F. O. 
'82— Timdale, A. M. 
'89— Timmons, J. E. 
'87— Tinnin, J. 
'20 Tipton, W. R. 
'82— Tisdale, S. L. 
'03- -Tollman, T. T. 
'76— Tompkins, .7. E. 
'75— Tompkins, J. T. 
'13— Tool, A. B. 
'03— Tolbert, E. C. 
'07— Torbert, R. E. 
'88 Trammell, E. H. 
'97— Trammell, E. M. 
'93— Trammell, J. V. 
'93— Trammell, L. J. 
'22 Traweek, W. S. 
'88 Trawick, H. 
'9t— Trawick, L. M. 
'92— Treadwell, J. H. 
'76— Trice, J. A. 
'94— Trice, R. W. 
'15— Trimble, C. 
'09— Trotter, J. K. 
'16— Trotter, S. T. 
'12— Truett, J. M. 
'93— Truman, J. S. 
'17— Tucker, A. O. 
'12— Tucker, B. H. 
'10— Tucker, F. U. 
'19— Tucker, Henry 
'98 Tucker, R. A. 
'80— Tucker, W. W. 
'80— Tullis, A. H. 
'87— Tunstall, W. C. 
'63— Turner, B. D. 
'93— Turner, E. B. 
'90 Turner, E. K. 
'88— Turner, G. A. 
'91 Turner, J. G. 
'19— Turner, J. G. 
'05— Turner, L. T. 
'03— Turner, T. W. 
'92— Turner, V. B. 
'93 Turner, W. 
'04— Turner, W. O. 
'00— Tucker, E. A, 

Birmingham-Southern College 


*98— Tucker, R. A. 

'74— Vaughan, G. S. 

'01— Tucker, W. B. 

'00— Vaughan, H. A. 

'01 Turnipseed, D. C. 

'04 Vaughan, H. P. 

'04— Turnipseed, D. W. 

'96— Vaughan, K. P. 

'19— Turnipseed, F. N. 

'04— Vaughn, P. T. 

'07 Turnipseed, F. T. 

'04— Vaughn, W. 

'18— Turnipseed, J. R. 

'09— Vaught, J. F. 

'19— Turnipseed, S. G. 

'20— Veal, A. 

'01 Turnipseed, S. U. 

'17 Veal, A. 

'93 Turnipseed, W. E. 

'19— Veal, E. D. 

'04 Turnipseed, Mrs. W. 0. 

'19— Veal, L. D. 

(Miss Walton) 

'20— Veal, W. 

'06 Turnpiseed, W. 0. 

'03— Vest, Ross 

'08 Tutwiler, A. M. 

'77 Vick, N. J. 

'07— Tutwiler, E. W. 

'90— Vidmer, R. H. 

'07— Tutwiler, G. T. 

'03 — Vincent, Claude 

'15 Tutwiler, Julia S. 

'03— Vincent, Charley, 

'06 Tutwiler, Rosalie 

'03 — Vincent, Joe 

'03— Tyler, G. E. 

'03 — Vincent, Nettie 

'03— Tyler, J. G. 

'06— Vincent, U. 

'93 Tyler, R. E. 

'06— Vines, B. 

'02 Tyler, R. T. 

'05— Vines, W. B. 

'01— Tyner, W. A. 

'01— Vinson, W. 

'81— Tyson, J. A. 

'08— Wade, A. C. 

'90— Uquhart, W. E. 

'94— Wade, W. M. 

'97 — Urquhart, A. 

'95— Wadsworth, J. A. 

'61 Urquhart, Henry 

'13— Wadsworth, J. E. 

'02 — Ussry, J. C. 

'88 Wadsworth, W. A. 

'97— Waldrop, L. G. 

'78— Vail, A. C. 

'23 Waldrop, Nelle. 

'02— Vance, E. N. 

'12— Waldrop, B. W. 

'02— Vance, M. C. 

'07— Walker, A. J. 

'06 Vann, C. II. 

'03— Walker, A. J. 

'05— Vann, E. O. 

'03— Walker, B. B. 

'02 Vann, E. E. 

'89 Walker, B. W. 

'03- Vann, F. 

'20 Walker, ('. 

'10— Vann, F. L. 

'82 Walker, (.. B. 

'11 Vann, F. M. 

'(»:{ Walker. Mrs. Frances 

'23— Vann, F. Y. 

(Miss Threefoot) 

'11— Vann, II. G. 

'72 Walker, (i. \ . 

'03— Vann, J. 

'li Walker, Josie A. 

'11— Vann, J. F. 

'63 Walker. .1. <;. 

'21- Vann, J. T. 

'72 Walker, P. 11. 

'03 Vann, J. V. 

•22 Walker, H. E. 

'03— Vann, M. 

•03 Walker, K. W. 

'03— Vann, P. D. 

'66 Walker, w . 

'03 — Vann, Ruth. 

''IT Wall. E. C 

'17 — Va nst n< Id i foul, George 

'89 Wall, K. \. 

•02 Varner, S. E. 

'20 Wall. K. 1) 

'os Varnor, u. 

'in Wall. ^ oung 

•12— Vasser, w. i>. 

'VA Will. W |) 

'uo Vaugban, C. w. 

•08 Waller, \. B. 


Register of Alumni and Non-Gradttates 

'01 Waller, C. E. 

'66— Watson, G. H. 

•68 Waller, C. E. 

'08 Watson, G. M. 

'03 Waller, Kathleen 

'75— Watson, II. II. 

'20— Waller, H. E. 

'95— Watson, J. A. 

'70 Waller, P. H. 

'01 Watson, J. W. 

'63— Waller, R. B. 

'00— Watson, W. C. 

•64— Waller, R. B. 

'20— Weatherly, H. S. 

'03— Waller, S. M. 

'07— Weathers, W. 

'15 Walston, R. B. 

'09 Weaver, O. C. 

'01— Walston, R. I. 

'17— Weaver, J. B. 

'22 — Walstum, Rosalee 

'91— Weaver, J. T. 

'69— Walthall, K. A. 

'09 Weber, L. J. 

'98— Walthall, T. A. 

'93 Webb, A. P. 

'17 Walton, C. L. 

'86— Webb, E. S. 

'79— Walton, R. F. 

'80— Webb, F. A. 

'12— Walton, W. A. 

'19— Webb, F. A. 

'14 Walton, W. O. 

'82 Webb, J. H. 

'03 — Wamock, Bessie. 

'79— Webb, J. W. 

'75— Ward, B. 

'73— Webb, L. C. 

'05— Ward, B. 

'67 Webb, L. D. 

•70 Wadr, E. B. 

'70 Webb, S. L. 

•08— Ward, J. H. 

'74— Webb, S. P. 

'00— Ward, J. H. 

'74— Webb, W. F. 

'04 Ward, J. R. 

'22 Webb, W. D. 

•11 Ward, M. E, 

'22— Webb. W. H. 

•11— Ward, M. E. 

'04 Webster, C. H. 

'00 Ward, T. B. 

'12— Webster, J. W. 

'11— Ward, T. E. 

'91— Weedon, E. B. 

'80— Ward, T. R. 

'00 Weems, C. S. 

•14— Ward, V. 

'04— Weems, W. L. 

'01 Ward, William 

'07 — Weissenger, 0. E. 

'20— Ware, A. F. 

'21— Welch, A. K. 

'21 Warren, Annie Lee 

'06— Welch, C. H. 

'10— Warren, G. C. 

'03 Welch, S. H. 

•20— Warren, J. W. 

'17 Weldon, O. K. 

'10— Warrick, E. L. 

'94— Wells, A. E. 

'10— Washington, H. 

'88— Wesley, L. A. 

'08— Watford, C. 

'88— Wesley, W. H. 

'81— Watkins, H. S. 

'89— West, Lee 

'93 Watkins, J. K. 

'16— West, L. H. 

'90 Watkins, J. P. 

'10— Westbrook, L. W. 

'88— Watkins, J. P. 

'23 Westbrook, W. M. 

'88 Watkins, J. R. 

'65— Westmoreland, C. W, 

'03 Watkins, L. H. 

'19— Weston, J. C. 

'03— Watkins, M. M. 

'22 Weston, M. R. 

'93— Watkins, R. E. 

'92— Westscott, E. P. 

'95 Watkins, T. H. 

'76— Wetherly, H. 

'94— Watkins, W. H. 

'14— Whatley, E. M. 

'11— Watley, F. S. 

'94— Wheat, E. E. 

'00— Watley, John 

'93— Wheedon, W. R. 

*80— Watts, J. E. 

'00— Wheeler, J. A. 

'05— Wats, L. 

'05— Wheeler, J. O. 

'20— Watson, C. L. 

'22— Wheeler, J. L. 

Birmingham-Southern College 


•07 Wheeler, W, W. 
'96— Whitaker, W. C. 
•03— White, Car! 
'21 White, D. D. 
'09 White, C. F. 
•82— White, F. M. 
'23 White, F. P. 
'69— White, G. T. 
'03— White, H. 
•76— White, J. F. 
'13— White, L. 
•10 White, M. 
'03— White, R. A. 
'06— White, W. M. T. 
'22— White, W. W. 
'12 Whitehead, Mable 
'81— Whitehurst, A. A. 
'79— Whitfield, S. T. 
'19— Whithead, C. E. 
'91 Whitman, S. B. 
'10 Whitmire, Lizzie C. 
•94— Whittle, F. F. 
•04— Whiggins, J. H. 
•66 Wightman, W. S. 
'17— Wiginston, A. L. 
'05— Wikle, W. C. 
'10 Wilburn, W. 
'07— Wilcox, E. C. 
•06 Wilcoxon, A. B. 
'91— Wilcoxon, E. L. 
'89— Wild, A. E. 
'95— Wild, W. L. 
'03— Wildsmith ,Amy 
'03— Wildsmith, Ida 
'21— Wildsmith, Lula 
•06— Wilkerson, C. C. 
'87 Wilkerson, J. H. 
'07— Wilkerson, O. A. 
'06 Wilkes, A. E. 
'06— Wilkes, J. H. 
'11— Wilkinson, A. B. 
'82— Wilkinson, C. L. 
'04— Wilkinson, I). G. 
'92 Wilkinson, I). L. 
'09— Wilkinson, F, E. 
'07 Wilkinson, II. II. 
'82— Wilkinson, II. Z. 
'96 Wilkinson, J. E. 
"OH Williams. A. G. 

•04— Williams, A. I\ 

'1L> Williams, ('. 
'i)7 Williams, (\ A. 
'mi Williams. C. A. 



C. H. 



Catherine V 


-William, s 




D. B. 



D. H. 



D. H. 



E. W. 



G. C. 



G. C. 



G. H. 



G. N. 



H. J. 



H. H. 



H. W. 






J. A. 



J. B. 



J. E. 



J. H. 



J. C. 



L. E. 



Mrs. L. E. 






Mabel H. 



M. J. 



M. S. 



M. W. 



P. G. 



R. C. 



R. P. 



R. S. 



S. W. H. 



W. C. 



W. J. 



W. M. 



W. M. 


—Williamson, D. L. 



i, D. H. 


Williamson, II. W. 


-Williamson, J. I). 

'1 1 

Willie. R. 



-Willingham, P. 


Willingham, I- E. 


Willis. E. 



Willis. II. 



Willis, K. 



Willis, S. 



Willis. W 

. I). 


Wilson, D. \. 


Wilson, E 

. H. 

7 7 

Wilson, f 

\ F. 


Wilson, H. 


Wilson, H. r. 


Register of Alumni and Non-Graduates 

'92— Wilson, J. J. 

'06— Wright, B. 

'89— Wilson, J. J. 

'22— Wright, C. W. 

'00 Wilson, J. W. 

'22— Wright, H. 

'08— Wilson, L. M. 

'03— Wright, H. 

'89— Wilson, M. J. 

'07— Wright, J. D. 

'91— Wilson, T. A. 

'03— Wright, Mattie 

'04— Wilson, W. B. 

'11— Wright, R. E. 

'09— Wilson, W. E. 

'97 Wright, Mrs. T. H. 

'64— Wilson, W. P. 

(Miss Pickett) 

'90— Wilson, W. V. 

'81— Wyatt, J. M. 

'03— Winfield, Charles 

'14— Wynn, R. M. 

'21— Winn, H. 

'76— Winn, H. H. 

'96 — Yarborough, J. F. 

'08 — Winn, Lee 

'07— Yarbrough, W. E. 

'93— Winslett, R. L. 

'95— Yearby, M. H. 

'22— Winston, C. S. 

'98— Yearger, J. M. 

'76— Winston, J. M. 

'22 Yeilding, H. 

'10— Withers, May. 

'22 Yeilding, N. M. 

'11— Withers, W. R. 

'78 Yearby, J. D. 

'96— Wittioh, B. D. 

'14 — Yerby, Susie 

'94— Witty, W. H. 

'03— Yesseck, Edd 

'18 Wolford, C. R. 

'02— Yielding, E. C. 

'05— Womble, L. 

'12— Yoe, J. H. 

'08— Wood, C. C. 

'96— Young, C. H. 

'07 Wood, C. H. 

'13— Young, Dolly 

'05— Wood, Mrs. Claudia H. 

'00— Young, E. 

'86 Wood, F. M. 

'07— Young, G. 

'90— Wood, J. B. 

'86— Young, G. L. 

'02— Wood, J. W. 

'94— Young, F. M. 

'84 Wood, P. G. 

'94— Young, F. M. 

'87— Wood, S. 

'81 Young, H. A. 

'79— Wood, W. 

'22— Young, Louise C. 

'90— Wood, W. W. 

'05 — Young, Marion 

•07 Woodall, W. M. 

'12— Young, R. A. 

'10— Woodruff, R. E. 

'94— Young, T. B. 

'01 — Woodward, Rice 

'75— Young T. R. 

'19— Woody, Roy 

'22— Youngblood, Dorothy 

'07— Wooley, N. L. 

'07— Wooley, W. G. 

'89— Zeigler, W. C. 

'73 Woolsey, G. L. 

'64— Zeigler, W. H. 

'03— Worthington, C. 

'02— Zuber, Claude 

'91 — Wright, James. 

'02— Zuber, Nannie 

'94— Wright, A. E. D. 

'05— Zula, C. H. 

'65— Wright, A. O. 

PRESS. Inc. 
Birmingha m 

This book should be returned to 
the Library on or before the last date 
stamped below. 

A fine of five cents a day is incurred 
by retaining it beyond the specified 

Please return promptly. 

■ ' 



A %•—